Zwane puts breaks on SA’s Mining Slaughter Houses

The New Mining Charter Simplified –


Myekelwa Mkenyane (49) from Amadiba in the Eastern Cape is sick with silicosis and an applicant in the case. He worked in mines for 25 years. He received R36,000 compensation. “I am at home now and my wife died. My neighbours and my children take care of me,” he says. Picture and link to full story below via GroundUp

We are are not surprised that white monopoly capitalists with the help of their stooges have come out to attack the new mining charter. As usual, there has been much obfuscation when we all know that this sector remains in the hands of white capitalists while the workers remain the worst exploited. Read this article on the the miners killed at South African mines. http://www.sahistory.org.za/archive/modern-slaughter-houses-south-african-mines. The death rate in South Africa’s mines went up to 77 last year following several years of an improvement.

Let’s cut the facts from the noise:

  • All new prospecting must have a minimum of 50 plus 1 black person shareholding, and that this must also include voting rights
  • 50% of all board members to be black and 25% to be women
  • All new mining rights must have a minimum of 30% black shareholding between employees, communities and entrepreneurs
  • Any historical BEE transaction must be scaled upto 30% within 12 months
  • 1% turnover to be distributed among 30% BEE partner before any distribution to shareholders
  • 60% of all senior management to be black and 25% to be women
  • 88% of all junior management to be black and 44% to be women
  • 75% of all middle management to be black and 38% to be women
  • 70% of all the mining goods, 80% of all services will be procured from BEE entities
  • Foreign suppliers to pay 1% of their annual turnover to the mining transformation and development agency
  • The holders of mining rights are being required to submit plans for housing and acceptable living conditions that must cater for the human dignity and the privacy of workers. They must provide housing with ownership and proper nutrition

Here’s the full statement from Minister Mosebenzi Zwane http://www.gov.za/speeches/minister-mosebenzi-zwane-occasion-release-mining-charter-15-jun-2017-0000

More reading on the South Africa’s mining killing fields. 

Miners with silicosis and tuberculosis are dying at an “alarming” rate, warn their lawyers in a 181-page document asking the Gauteng High Court for permission to proceed with a class action to sue 32 gold mining companies. http://www.groundup.org.za/media/features/silicosis/silicosis_0022.html


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  1. This is a very bold step that has been taken by the Minister; the first of its kind under “an uneducated and corrupt” President. Our learned Presidents had other serious business to take care of, hence they left this ‘unpopular’ task to the current one. WMC and London together with their surrogates in the opposition, in and outside the ruling party are reeling with shock. We expect more shock to come. Well done Minister. Now it’s up to cmrd Gigaba to follow suit at Treasury lest he later be put in a dustbin of history as an anti transformation.

    1. I must confess I get mixed messages from Gigaba but its understandable. They’ve whipped him shape with a heavy dose of character assassinations. But he must understand is that his enemy won’t stop as he pulls back. They will want to finish him off. He must just be bold and forge ahead.

  2. This charter needs all South Africans support. It is a step forward addressing the malign business practise in mining. Whites cannot have it all.

    1. It is exceptionally exciting. Blacks must now go out, form groups and find investors in their businesses to supply the goods and services in the sector.

  3. wonder why Chamber of Mines is opposed to these….anyway Minister Zwane must expect a barrage of accusations..the first is the link with Guptas cause that never fails…

    1. The point is notwithstanding his Gupta link, this charter is a radical step forward towards economic emancipation but my favourite is forcing mining houses to give workers decent homes with dignity and privacy. Just love it.

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