Zindzi Mandela Foundation Calls For Black Reconciliation

THE Zindzi Mandela Foundation will celebrate this year’s African New Year on 23 September under the theme of Black Reconciliation.

“On 24 May 1963, 32 (thirty-two) independent Afrikan countries met in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to find ways to unite the continent. Ghana’s then president, Kwame Nkrumah, made one of his most rousing speeches: ‘The People Of Africa Are Crying For Unity’ but sadly this cry has been forever elusive,” says the Foundation’s Managing Director Mkhulu Nsingiza. 

“This important celebration not only calls for Afrikans to unite but it highlights the importance of re-establishing our calendar as it was before colonisers imposed their northern-based calendar. Our calendar is the calendar of the southern hemisphere. Astronomy calculates the beginning of the year in the southern hemisphere from the spring equinox, which falls on the 23 uMandulo/September which we call our New Year’s day – when the Sun makes one degree south of the equator,” he adds. 

Mama Winnie Nomzamo Mandela re-launched the Afrikan calendar almost twenty years ago and the Zindzi Mandela Foundation recently resuscitated her efforts in a collaboration with the University of South Africa University last month. https://wp.me/p7OMJc-2HC

Nsingiza bemoans government’s recognition and celebration of events “of the northern hemisphere like Easter and Christmas while it does nothing to acknowledge festivities that resonate with the southern hemisphere such as the Heru’s day, 21 Nhlangulana/June winter solstice, our christmas in the southern hemisphere (the day of hope) and Asar’s day 23 Mandulo/September Spring Equinox New Year’s day (Day of renewal)”. 

“This Year’s theme for the celebration of our New Year is ‘BLACK RECONCILIATION’. Afrikans have been at each other for too long. It is time that we recognise the need for unity in breaking the colonial chains that are holding us back and fuelling conflicts across the continent and the world. We have always been stronger as a collective and that is how we managed to reach the kind of milestones that are being recognised today as being Afrika’s inventions and the role of Afrika as the birthplace of civilisation. We believe that the national social cohesion can only be achieved after black social cohesion and this initiative would be the first towards achieving that goal”. 

Nsingiza says the Foundation has already sent out invitations to political parties and the broader community of Africans locally and will be extending the same to all Africans on the continent and the diaspora. “We call on everyone to participate as a starting point towards dismantling colonial domination both psychologically and on the socio-economic front. For us to overcome white domination, we must first overcome the destructive impact colonialism and apartheid have had on the self-image of Africans. We must begin to restore our dignity and self reliance. We can’t do it in isolated pockets as is currently happening. It is the Great Kwame Nkrumah who said: We either sink or Unite”. 

The details of the venue will be communicated early next week. 

For your invitation and more details email: info@zindzimandelafoundation.co.za or zindzimandelafoundation@gmail.com. 



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