Zille’s praise of colonialism akin to praising a rapist

By Khotso Molekane


An acquaintance during a group talk about Helen Zille and her views on colonialism, said Zille’s logic was like a supporter of rape asking the victims of rape to accept that something good can come out of rape. This was a neat summary of Madam Zille’s views. There has been a false argument about whether her statements were racist. Indeed, they are racist. Zille would never dare argue that Jews must accept the holocaust because of the scientific advances made by Germany at the time of the holocaust which humanity may have benefited from.  

Racism is driven by ignorance. Zille would never concede that when her ancestors still lived in caves, Africans had already established renowned centers of learning in Timbuktu and Alexandria where Greek fathers of modern Western governance models and thought went to study…Plato, Thales of Miletus and Pythagoras. King Moshoeshoe of the Basotho practiced reconciliation and nation building in the 1700s when Europe was in the throes of barbarism. The last witch was burned in Portugal in 1905.

Zille describes herself as a daughter of German immigrants. She then refers to indigenous South Africans from the Eastern Cape as Refugees. She as a white person can never be a refugee even though her parents were refugees from Germany. This is because whites can never be refugees, even if they were from Germany which was in complete devastation. My point is that Zille reserves her insults for black people, which is racist. That is my rebuttal to all her racist apologists. Incidentally, she has never mentioned whether her parents were Nazis or Nazi sympathisers.

In her country of origin holocaust denialism is a crime. In our country denialism of slavery, colonialism and apartheid earns one a celebrity status. This is something that black South Africans have only themselves to blame for. A number of Universities have holocaust studies, and some holocaust and genocide studies. Genocide is meant to accommodate the Genocide of slavery, colonialism and apartheid which are too trivial to mention, unlike the holocaust.

During the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, there were so many sick and “excess” Africans thrown overboard the slave ships that the natural migration pattern of sharks and other sea predators changed because of the abundant dead and dying human beings they could feed-off. That is the legacy Helen Zille wants us to embrace.

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  1. I don’t think she was defending colonialism at all, but merely pointing out the obvious: that there were aspects of it which were beneficial to the world, western education, for example. Even boko haram has western education to thank for the technology behind their equipment. There were aspects of the North African colonization of the Iberian peninsular which were beneficial to Spain, Portugal and Italy! What many people too easily overlook is the fact that oppression and injustice were there long before European colonialism, and still exist even today, under brutal dictatorial regimes like the one up north. Even the African slave trade was already thriving while countries like Spain and Portugal were still enduring African colonial domination. It’s reckless comments like: foreigners must go back to their countries, or dubula e bhunu, that should concern us more than someone sharing their opinions online.

  2. We were slaves not by choice in the Colonial era, continued to be slaves in the Apartheid era.
    When we became liberated we became too obsessed with political control, we allowed ourselves to be convinced that “TRC” was going to lead us to Salvation.

    Zero attempt were made to deal with correcting the injustices against humanity (disposition of our fore fathers land) & inequalities (in work places) gender inequalities, race inequalities which all originated from slavery of both Colonial and Apartheid era, which lives on to date.

    The oppressors & all their generations will continue see us as fools & say things like Helen Zille`s tweets.
    The long overdue Radical Transformation that we’ve been calling for needs to be put into “Action”now! otherwise it will remain a “SLOGAN”
    as Pravin Gordhan describes it….

    The danger of Helen Zille’s praise of “colonialism” is that it could lead to Racial War in this country, it was responsible for her as the leader to utter such words. She should do the honorable thing and ”Step Down”

  3. I wish to place on record that i concur with the writer. Thank you brother. Racism should indeed be a punishable offence. Just last night i were in a blue collar “white” area waiting for my client. A youngster no older than my youngest son wanted to know from me why i am standing in the road. I told him that him as a child have no right to ask me such a question. He then told me that is “their” area and that he will report me to the authorities. Who raised this child? What is he to become? Nothing is gonna change, as long as racists like the Western Cape Premier can remind us of our subjucation,humiliation and enslavement by the colonial bastards. I hope all racists become very famous, so famous indeed that they name a disease after them.

    1. Dear Jannie

      Im terribly sorry to hear what happened to you. Horrified to hear the story of “their area”. This is how so many African Americans are killed! White people who think certain areas belong to them and feel justified calling authorities who are left to do dispense any form of intervention including death.

      The writer often says we should never accept intimidation, bullying and wrongdoing as a way of life. He often berates me for taking life a little too lackadaisically. I would imagine you can report such an incident to the police. I think we must actually report these incidents – if nothing else, to put it on record.

      I received an SMS at 3am after writing the Grindrod/Rupert connection story. The SMS said I should be careful as Im tempering with dangerous story. When I told the writer about it he said I should report it to the police to investigate as it was some form of intimidation. I had taken it quite lightly.

      Keep well and next time, lets not be bullied – let alone by kids – just because they think their shade of skin colour reserves certain spots in our country.



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