Zapiro needs to be raped to understand rape

By Pinky Khoabane


Cartoonist Zapiro whose real name is Jonathan Shapiro needs to be raped, hopefully by a gang, to be able to understand the horror of rape and to get it into his skull that rape is not funny and not an act to be used as humour. Rape is not a joke, it isn’t satire and it is not to be used as a metaphor for anything. It is real.

He also needs to understand that black people – both men and women – are sick and tired of the white man’s animalistic obsession with the black body. We are fed up with being depicted as sexual deviant objects whose only role in life is to either rape, if we are men, and the women being for the gratification of others.

In his latest cartoon, Zapiro manages to converge the sexist racist thinking about the black body which has since slavery being depicted as hypersexual. He uses a black woman being gang-raped as a representation of how President Jacob Zuma is treating the country, Shapiro explained. And the big question is why in his vulgar cartoon he would use a black woman as a representation of the country. I didn’t hear him explain this bit but neither was the question posed to him.

Zapiro needs to live and experience the harrowing ordeal of rape victims; being pinned down, fondled for hours by strangers, raped over-and-over. Hopefully his rapists will not have condoms and so on top of his agony he should have the added trauma of praying that he doesn’t get infected with HIV.

Once the physical rape is over, he must then relive it at a police station where he will be reporting the rape and again through the courts.  He must get to experience what it’s like facing his rapists in court and then he must face the ineptitude of the judicial system.

Zapiro needs to go through the trauma raped women endure as they go through counselling. He must get to understand how rape changes one’s life forever. For those victims who are kept as sex slaves for days on end, the  anti-retroviral therapy administered to rape survivors comes too late.

Rape is the most costly crime to its victims. The education of sexually abused children is negatively impacted and this goes on until adulthood. Rape affects the ability of women to go to work. Fifty percent of sexual violence victims had to quit or were forced to leave their jobs in the year following their assaults due to the severity of their reactions (Ellis, Atkeson, & Calhoun, 1981).

The privilege of whiteness protects Zapiro from the real impact of rape. He will never, due to his white privilege get to experience being a poor black woman who has to face the secondary trauma and re-victimisation of the medical and legal systems. He will never have to go to the police station, hospital and court without the assistance of an advocate.

What he will experience however, will hopefully give him context, when he next thinks of using rape as a metaphor for anything.

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  1. How about a depiction of how the private sector, mostly in the hands of the minority, has been, and is still raping the a majority of black people today?

    How about a depiction of how the media, also mostly owned by the minority, is raping the intellect of south Africans, by biased, one sided reporting which is convenient to them?

    1. Hi Thobeka

      We will have to draw it ourselves. Zapiro is doing a good job to depict us as the beast, rapits, etc. Where are our African drawers to do the same?



  2. PK, you have nothing to be ashamed of, we are sick and tired of racists like Zapiro insulting our intelligence.

  3. Why do you wish it(gang rape) upon him (Zapiro) when you know it is an aweful experience? Does anyone deserve it (rape) regardless of how you differ with their view/ approach on any matter?

  4. @ Lungile: No, actually I prefer not to be raped at all, not physically nor metaphorically. I wish the same for all South Africans, and also for Zapiro. Pinky should be ashamed for advocating such unacceptabe violence.
    Kind Regrds

    1. Im not in the least ashamed Sipho. I have made my point – that when Zapiro uses rape to make his point, your likes will protect him but when I use exactly the same to him, you will defend him. I wrote a piece before this one castigating Zapiro for using rape, you were nowhere to add your voice. We see you….

      1. Hi, Pinkey – you see what you want to see.
        You did not use rape as a metaphor or in its recognized second meaning, when you said Zapiro needs to be raped to bring him to his senses. You should be ashamed, but it is clear from your response it is not in your make-up to be ashamed. But shame is something others see in you, very few people can experience it in themselves, so I do not expect you to experience it. Not because you are a bad person, but because you are human, like most of us. And you show you deserve it. So by all means carry on with your denial of inter alia the Constitution, by advocating violence. One difference between you and Zapiro is that in his metaphor he is describing what he sees is happening to South Africa. You are advocating the most vile of retributions against someone who reports something that many tens of thousands of South Africans are protesting against: “Taking without permission.” Look it up. You are entitled to your opinion, but not to change the English language.

        1. I have no shame & will never accept it from two-faced people like you. Hyprocrites in other words. If you had ever thought Zapiro’s cartoon was shameful, I could have taken you seriously.

          You are a shame to humanity – house negroes or faking whites – whichever bit you are.

  5. Dear Sipho. If you are infering that Jacob Zuma is raping all South Africans right now then you are surely mistaken. Zuma is hell bend on ensuring the programme of radical economic transformation steams ahead. In the process he is stomping on some white people’s vested interest. They are unhappy, pissed off would be a better word. Whites through their greed would do everything under the sun to own everything in this country of ours (read colonialism and apartheid). Aus Pinky is right when se says that Zapiro needs to be raped in order for him to understand the agony,trauma,pain and shame of being raped. She at one time worked in that field. Zapiro is a racist. He should not be allowed to get away with this. We are sick to our stomachs having to see our leaders being depicted as characters of barbarism. He would never have done that to PW Botha and De Klerk. Only in this country will he be allowed to get away with that. The mainstream media will protect him. Things however might get tough for him in future. Time will tell.

  6. This incorrigible racist is at it again; sies! I have no further words to express my abhorrence at his sadistic behaviour.

    1. He cannot continue to go unchallenged. His racism knows no bounds & has gone completely unchallenged in the name of freedom of expression. It can’t be!



  7. Pinky, it seems as if Zapiro got every one of your reasons right in his metaphor! All of this is happening to all South Africans right now.

    1. Dear Sipho

      Could you elaborate further….Im not quite grasping what you mean.



    2. Taking it metaphorically,I guess you prefer being raped by whites, and they’ve been doing it all your life.

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