If You’re Filthy Rich, Are The Oppenheimers, You Can Do Anything – Even Capture A Country’s Borders

By Pinky Khoabane

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The Oppenheimers are South Africa’s wealthiest family having made their ill-gotten money off the blood of Africans here and surrounding countries in diamond mines….But they want more…a porous international entry point into South Africa for the rich that puts this country at risk of illicit diamonds, human trafficking, armaments, drugs and much more…And guess what? They are operating on a National Key Point but they are  Oppenheimers you see, they can capture a country’s borders and there’s no uproar from the media or any of

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  1. I really do not understand what the brouhaha is about. That is what money and power is supposed to do. It should buy you influence. The secret is to learn this very simple lesson. Money and wealth are supposed to be subtle. That is unfortunately what people like the Guptas of this world have not learnt from the Anglo Saxon world. Essentially there is no difference between the Guptas and the Oppenheimers. Its one and the same thing. The difference is the Guptas operate like street thugs.

    They are about to find out what the power of old money means

    1. The Brouhaha is the double standards essentially from loud noises from the anti-state capture people and moralists. Why does capturing a National Key Point by the Oppenheimers not an issue?
      You’ve completely misdiagnosed what is happening. Nothing to do with operating like street thugs. You only have to follow some of the stories here from these white monopoly capitalists to see they operate like thugs themselves. Read the illicit Tobacco trade, FNB and its racist policy on low cost housing clients, FNB bribing the DA Councillor, Regime Change around the world, George Soros – it is crass and vile. It is all to do with owning the media that feeds you one side of the story to suit its masters and you are buying and worse, regurgitating the rubbish.

      1. Hey Suster, some will just comment to seek attention nje…….dont worry about this guy but anyway Thanks for ukumubeka right where he/she belongs…..endaweni yakhe!!!!

        1. I dont believe Fish Monger’s comment is based on simply “seeking attention”. His or anybody’s views need not be dismissed simply because they dont align with those of ours. He must be free to say what he wants as long as its not hateful and demeaning of others and we much challenge him – that is how we can all grow and empower each other in knowledge.

        2. I already know where I belong. I think maybe if you addressed what I had written instead of labelling me maybe you would add more value to the discussion. I think there is a lot we still have to learn about the nexus between power and wealth. I still still say there is really no difference between them Guptas and the Oppenheimers. They are just 2 sides of the same coin. I don’t even understand what the issue with the Guptas is because that is how the world functions.

  2. its quite interesting to see the Oppenheimer’s getting their own VVIP section and the likes of DA and EFF are not saying anything. if it was the Gupta’s they would be making a lot of the way i am not vouching for Gupta’s but observing the hypocrisy of one race over another

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