Your Ancestry Had It’s Own Book

By Vuyi Qubeka

Your Ancestry Had It’s Own Book
It just wasn’t written down, and given a name, sold, and expressed as the ultimate and only truth.
Your ancestors had their own wisdom. it expressed itself in song, in dance, in storytelling and drumming, in the mbira and in the sacred dialogue between you and the universe.
You needed no clock, because the clouds reflection on the LAND and the dancing shadows over the savannahs spoke to you of the pace of the day, bird song harkened to danger, and the sounds of the returning cattle told you to get dinner prepared.
You did not have to read about truth, because you were born into it as a way of life.
A way of coexisting with all that is. a sacred religion – this word has been perverted. Yet, Afrikans are a deeply religious people; the religion of the sun, of the soil, and of the God force in all things.
If you feel like the earth is dying and that we’ve gone insane that’s because it is.
And that’s because we have.
But with death comes renewal. The fire brings ash, and ash renews us.
Maybe the ash will replenish our memories and clear us of our amnesia.
And we will remember the words of our ancestry, dancing within our DNA.
your ancestry had it’s own book…
YOU, are the latest edition of the sacred text,
divine being.
Vuyi Qubeka is a multidimensional storyteller, healer and creator. Witness her creations on Instagram and Twitter @vuyiroamsfree 
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