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I’ve been mulling over this column for almost a month because I know that sometime in August last year, UnCensored went live. Anybody who knows me knows I struggle with dates. Such is my disability that I once lost a job opportunity at FNB years ago when I couldn’t remember when I matriculated. It was in my CV & I kept asking the interviewer to just look it up. He refused. In retrospect, I’m happy I didn’t get to work there.

And so given that I couldn’t quite figure-out the exact date this platform became officially live, I thought I would leave it to the last day of August.

I conceived the idea for an alternative news platform which I decided I would call UnCensored some four years ago. I approached a former editor and sub editor of white monopoly controlled and owned media to join. They were sick and tired of spewing news that they didn’t believe in and were quite happy to be part of the project. I also approached a computer scientist who built the site. He’s a brilliant young man who had great dreams for the site. He wanted people who couldn’t see  and those who couldn’t read to have an option to press a button which could read back the stories for them. We were excited. A young man designed the logo. And all of this work was done through sheer volunteerism. And as we were working on the site, an email dropped with the subject: Look at What Vodacom is doing to a black man. It was the story of Nkosana Makate and his invention which was stolen by Vodacom. I  initially thought it was one of those online scams. It turned out to be true and we had one of the biggest stories with which to start our publication.

In the days leading upto the launch, everything unravelled and we had to shelve UnCensored until last year in August.

I approached two Tweeps (The Maytrix and Mxolisi ka Nkomonde) to be part of the project. I’d noticed their thinking and I thought we could deliver educational and enlightening articles. I was completely right. Im eternally indebted to these two young and exceptionally talented individuals. Their research skills and thinking ability (and this is outside the confines of what society tells us we should be thinking) are at another level.

In time we had readers who contributed articles. And this has been extremely heartwarming. Sean Goss, Jeff Koornabally, Khotso Molekane, Devine Hadebe, Adil Nchabeleng, Magatshana Ntuli, Tiisetso Makhele, Greg Mashaba, Kim Heller, Carl Niehaus, Les-Ma-Ada, Zamo Madlala and Mlungisi Myeso. We’ve had progressive economists like Redge Nkosi and Stephen Goodson giving us an alternative view to the world of economics.

For a long time I approached women on Twitter who I thought could be part of the team and they always promised to submit but never did. And in the last two weeks, a young woman Shandu Ka Ndaba came through and wrote two brilliant pieces. I’m excited to have another woman on the team – not for purposes of  political correctness that everybody is so obsessed with these day – but because women are generally socialised to not have an opinion.

In the past year we’ve built a community of readers who also write in the comments section. You make me wake up in the morning knowing there are people who will read….and respond. Siyabonga.

It hasn’t been easy for all of us. White Monopoly Capital owned and controlled media have hunted us down in unsubstantiated smear campaigns and going as far as to hack the site, our emails and computers. Some of you have responded by way of lending and buying us computers. I think of Jeff Koornabally, one of our explosive contributors who we had to mute for fear of litigation – sending me money for data. A small contribution to ensure we continued to work – thank you Jeff.

Many of the contributors who are also on Twitter have stopped writing because they suddenly were “followed” by what we call Trolls on social media. They also fear losing jobs if they are discovered. One of them told me how difficult it is to pretend he wasn’t part of UnCensored every time his colleagues excitedly came to him with one of the articles – sometimes his own. He uses an alias you see.

It’s not all of us in the world who can stand up in the face of these racists and bullies. One of the readers sent me an email explaining why he wanted to help in anonymity and told me it was because the price of associating with an alternative media platform like UnCensored was too high. I explained that I know the price – I lost everything for challenging the anti-black media narrative in this country and trying to expose white corruption.

I absolutely understand and respect those who dont want to be seen to support what is termed “radical” and “controversial” in South African terms. I always wish I had never put my children through what I did and continue to do.

It’s a path I’ve chosen. Our ancestors did the same for us.

I applaud all the people who contribute to this platform by way of reading, giving us tip-offs and the monetary support they’ve given us. I’ve in the past year met very brave human beings – who fight daily to expose the big corporations – and do this out of their own pocket. People like Emerald Van Zyl who represents almost 23000 black people who were ripped off by FNB. Niel Esterhyse whose brother committed suicide having tried to have a book on SA’s children’s views of former President Nelson Mandela published. His former live-in lover stole the manuscript and published it under her name supported by Nedbank. For over two years I followed this story and poor Neil has lost everything in the quest to expose how the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and everybody around that project pretend they dont know his brother and his manuscript. Sheer corruption.

One of the key things was putting a face to white monopoly capital and white corruption. We have successfully ensured all of you now know Africa’s richest man and what he owns – Johann Rupert. We’ve given you the facts – hard research which cannot be debunked.

We’ve isolated Rupert’s stooges – in media and in the most influential part of government – Treasury.

We’ve shown you corruption which would otherwise go unreported because it’s done by white companies – SAA, Eskom and Treasury. Our work has impacted on Parliamentary oversight structures like Scopa. We pleaded – call these people to account and our calls were heeded and South Africa got to hear about corruption which had been hidden.

We’ve tried to show you what the real state capture probe is about – closing financial taps to the Gupta family so they couldn’t fund Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and upstage Cyril Ramaphosa in the ANC presidential race. This is not to say Guptas have no case to answer – Im particularly concerned about allegations of that Free State farm project which supposedly ended up funding the Gupta wedding. All of us at UnCensored wish for the Commission into the emails, state capture in the broad scope suggested by the ANC to commence as soon as possible so that we expose all those corrupt.

We ask those who read this platform and can afford to donate to keep it going to please help us.

Aluta Continua

Re leboha haholo

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  1. Waw! Waw! Waw!
    Sis Pinky, I am speechless about your boldness, courage and being fearless,

    Indeed! Enough is enough!

    I always follow your articles and I am amazed about great and valuable information it carries!

    Continue a wonderful work that you have started.

    I wish, we could meet when I land back in my motherland! The land of milk and honey! That is now being ruined by white monopoly capitalist!

    Few months ago, I decided to leave the country to the land where I will have a peace of mind and where I fully support their top policies and principles, I.e. The beautiful land of Moscow, Russia.

    It’s a bit cold, but I will rather tolerate it than the nonsense happening at home.

    I pray that God will open the eyes of many blind folded African Leaders.

    We are truly tired!

    Bagagesho bare, sehlare said Mushi ke go o shiroga.

    Mma me shirogile samma!

  2. Hi dear Sister,
    It would have pained me very dearly to have missed this opportunity of congratulating Uncensored Opinion for its first anniversary.
    Sis, you are marvellous, you are our hero, you are a real compatriot.
    You are a real representative of the voiceless masses of this country
    You are unlike the Kangaroo Court Parliamentary Commission which is hellbend in making sure that, just like ENCA, SABC is as lily white as they come.
    Nowadays, the SABC doesn’t tell us that Billions have been stolen from the South African Reserve Bank by the Banks, it doesn’t tell us about the corruption (not corruption but collusion when it is about Whites), they don’t tell us about who has forty years contracts in Eskom but only about the Guptas who got a very small contract whose duration don’t amount to forty years like those of Anglo Gold Ashanti (Sipho Pityana’s) and De-Beers (Johaan Rupert’s).
    The list is endless my sister and we are going to defeat this monster which is the WMC
    Today I have seen it’s weakness when Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President of this Country tried to stop the real people of this country from finding out that he is not in fact as holly as he would like us to believe because he has multiple polygamous relationships.
    Keep it up Sis,
    I am want to volunteer in contributing to the growth of Uncensored Opinion.
    Sis Pinky, contact us poor, smart, progressive, democratic, educated, academic and highly emotional and intelligent people of South Africa to contribute in all means possible to the growth of his initiative.

  3. Congratulations to Uncensored team. You guys had opened my eyes in terms of how corruption is deeply rooted in the private sector and corrupt relationships with such companies and high rank officials in goverment.
    All the best for the future.

  4. Thanks ausi for the platform to express a different view, we are all rubbished to be Zupta and are proud to be associated with this publication. Keep up the good work and Modimo a re bolokele wena,

  5. Aus Pinky, thank you for continiously enlightening me. I have not forgot my promise to help Uncensored financially. So glad to see that Jeff (someone i know and respect for the last 8 yrs) have been and still is outstanding in his support to this platform. I will do my bit in due time.

  6. Modimo O re babalele wena le team ya hao le rona bohle ba fumana tsebo mo dipatlisiso tse kgatheng le bohle thusa ka tsela tse fapaneng. Kgotso, Kgotso. Pele le ya pele MMe PK le team ya hao.

  7. South Africa owes women like you a lot! Thank you for your unshakable strength and free mind. You have unchained your mind my sister! We are behind you.

    1. Thank You Sean. I would never have known you were it not for this platform. You are now my brother, friend, writer. Whenever someone thinks of harassing me I know I can call on you to sort them out – for real.

  8. In fact I thank you for givng us an alternative source of news. In fact, when I shared your articles for the first time some comrades said “Comrade Stalin have you stooped so low to believing an GUPTA sponsored online fake news peddler”.

    Quite surprisingly I see many of them are now your subscribers.

    Once again, thank you and your team, kee on doing the good work.

    1. Dear Njabulo

      Thanks for “stooping so low” and spreading the message wider. The idea of the white monopoly capital owned and controlled media was to ensure that this voice is squashed. When the Sunday Times fired me one Saturday evening, it was to ensure I never wrote again. At the time all the editors who praised me silently would not give me a job after the ST fired him. They work in packs these WMC media agents. I thought I would never write for mass media because I didn’t think ownership would change and suddenly there was a man called Iqbal Surve who bought the Independent group. And I was back in the game as he instructed one of the deputy editors who had vilified me in a Facebook page to appoint me – for the voice I bring. I have never met Iqbal but my work had obviously touched him and many others. This deputy editor would willy-nilly refuse to publish columns and I left.
      I then worked for the New Age under Moegsien Williams – it was the most independent space I’ve worked for in mass media- even some close to the Guptas complained that he refused to cover the Gupta story. It was liberating to write what I wanted without worrying that it would be canned. I went after the Ruperts and their surrogates and was able to write freely against WMC media. In the media war that ensured I became a Zupta – these are labels meant to demonise others and scare people away from reading the truth. Im back in the news in an effort to tarnish me ahead of the ANC conference in December. I dont wish to engage in the factions of the ANC but I will, unlike the rest of the WMC media, give Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma space. Im already being targeted as a NDZ supporter, Bell Pottinger and all the nonsense. I will not be silenced.
      I’m thankful and grateful you continued to see through the lies and sent UnCensored to the blind and opened their eyes.
      Thanks a lot.


  9. What a beautiful column, Pinky. I am so glad you wrote. You are truly an unsung heroine and I am in awe of your strength and courage. It has been an honour to have been published in UNCENSORED and I thank you so much for this opportunity. You are going to leave a vital legacy as an authentic and uncaptured voice for true liberation in both the media sector and nation more broadly. Aluta Continua.

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