What a WikiLeaks report said about Thabo Mbeki

Historical events do not happen in isolation. This excerpt and attached document called High Treason, an Intelligence report on South Africa, by Gunter Schickelgruber, offers insight from which we can draw an explanation for the many events in  our country in the past few years which intensified into regime change campaigns in the past year including the sudden National Dialogue between Former Presidents Thabo Mbeki and F W De Klerk. Full document here


“The ANC will be disintegrated through Thabo MBEKI with internal conflict, scandals and bad management. This already started taking place during August 2000 through apparent “leaked” information on the performance of certain Ministers who were going to be ‘re-deployed.’ Also taking place is the conflict between government and the labour unions. There is also a marked increase in issue-based groups voicing their opinions. Already within the ANC, senior Ministers are starting to voice their disapproval of Thabo MBEKI. Thabo MBEKI is playing a very dangerous game with the Enightened Action Group (EAG) and according to sources lives in fear of his life bordering on paranoia, but it can also be attributed to his drug use, as it is a known symptom of prolonged cocaine use. It is rumoured in the Intelligence circles that Thabo needs a glucose drip in the mornings to start his day because of excessive drinking.

He is also under a lot of pressure from all the different secret groups, who each subscribe to him to act in a way that benefits themselves and threaten to expose him if he doesn’t comply. With so many people to please, it is the view of the author that he will not see through his term in office. In certain educated circles, it is already an almost conclusive fact that he will be replaced shortly by Cyril RAMAPHOSA (Annexure 10). There are just too many agendas between the role players (EAG, Wise Men and Islamic Extremists) together with the foreign influence.

The most recent information indicates that the EAG plan is much more complicated than described above. It doesn’t limit itself to just South Africa but the whole region of SADC. The final idea by the EAG is to have the SADC region to be a United States of Southern Africa. It wants USSA to be a Super power/region. If you combine the present SADC countries’ minerals together it can be done – all strategic resources can be found in the area. It can also explain the reason why it is important to have MBEKI to replace Kofi ANAN.

The plan fits in with the Globalisation/New World Order process. Also very significant is the speech that CLEARY (See Annexure 3 regarding CLEARY involvement with EAG) had made to members of the SUPER LEAGUE (Annexure 4) regarding Globalisation.

Recent information indicates that especially MI/CCB had been able to successfully infiltrate most of the top structure of SADC countries’ political figures. The author knows certain of these syndicate leaders personally. A leader in SADC that doesn’t want to co-operate is simply overthrown. It therefore can explain the destabilising of the region since 1994; all SADC countries since 1994 experienced some form of destabilising and in most cases it can be linked back to the South African Intelligence Services. It is important to note that part of the Wise Men’s plan also includes destabilising SADC for the same reason as the EAG. The EAG is at this moment very active in neighbouring countries to South Africa forming alliances with politicians and settling into the economies.

A recent article in a French newspaper mentioned that Thabo MBEKI had made a secret deal with the Americans to support him to be the follower of Kofi ANAN as Secretary General of the United Nations after his second term.

The newspapers already speak of Cyril RAMAPHOSA (Annexure 10) as the next President as soon as 2003 and the author had reported it already in 1996. However this plan is very flexible. At this stage Thabo MBEKI is doing such a great job in distracting the ANC that it might be decided to let him continue doing so. If RAMAPHOSA comes into power, it will be for about a maximum of four years before the next phase of the plan will evolve, namely the repeating of the European history of the 1940’s, but only in the form of an USSA. Herewith Figure 1 showing the EAG structure. The same model can be applied to all SADC countries.

Who are the EAG

There are three major groupings in South Africa that can be regarded as being very influential. Each of these groups represents a different ideology and tries to manipulate the South African government who, in essence, is the African National Congress (ANC) and its alliances, the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the labour movement Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). Each of these groups has a strong support base from different countries abroad, officially as well as unofficially. The different groups will subsequently be surgically dissected, and very important, without any bias.


The first group the author had discovered is the Enlightened Action Group (EAG). The author had given the name to the group because there is no specific name for them, although they base their plans on Joseph’s plan from the BIBLE (The MOSSAD is using the same principle in recruiting agents). The EAG meet on a regular basis and the association in essence is economic. It is not limited to South Africa but the whole region of SADC. The Enlightened Action Group (EAG) is also called the Old Boys Club, Third Force, Action 2000, the Brotherhood and the Inner Circle. For practical purposes the abbreviation EAG will be used throughout. The EAG was established during middle to late eighties when it became apparent that apartheid’s days were numbered. With British power still in the back of their minds the so called Super Afrikaner (EAG) started formulating a plan to again get into power by the year 2004 (The Afrikaner had decided after British rule that they would never be ruled by somebody else). Important to mention is the fact that the EAG know that whites will never rule the country again, well, not directly anyway. General Tienie GROENEWALD had mentioned to the author that they (referring to the Freedom Front) accepted the fact that whites would not rule South Africa again.

The EAG consists of about 38 white South Africans who come out of the apartheid era. They are former Politicians/Government officials, Economists, Generals (Police and Defence Force) and Intelligence operatives.

Politicians/Government officials that are involved are Pik BOTHA, Neil van HEERDEN, Roelf MEYER,      F W DE KLERK and Rusty EVANS. Economists that are involved are Barend DU PLESSIS, Chris STALS, Chris BALL, Anton RUPERT, Meyer KHAN and Danie CRONJE – see relationship (Annexure 7). Generals that are involved are Magnus MALAN, Tienie GROENEWALD, Basie SMIT and Mike GELDENHUIS and Intelligence operatives involved are Dr. Neil BARNARD and Sean CLEARY.

The names mentioned here are those of EAG members and don’t include the people that co-operate with them.

The plan has different dimensions and includes:

  1. The identifying of ANC leaders as well as the ANC alliance leaders for recruitment and/or contamination for manipulation purposes by the EAG (Chapter 2) (The actual work was done by the apartheid Intelligence apparatus);
  2. gaining control over the economy. If you control the economy you control the government (Chapter 3);
  3. manipulation of Intelligence (Chapter 4) (Police, Military, South African Secret Service [SASS] (external) and National Intelligence Agency (NIA), (internal);
  4. destabilising actions through escalation of crime, creating chaos in public works (Chapter 5) and;
  5. finding international partners to help execute the plan and destabilisation of African  countries (Chapter 6) together with their international partners for the purpose of  establishing the so-called globalisation process.

The EAG methodological process in achieving their goals is very complex. They make extensive use of compartmentalisation. For example, in the economic compartment they have different projects like SUNROCK and CODESA and the people involved with SUNROCK only know about SUNROCK. So there are a lot of names within the group, and even within these groups the people don’t know the bigger picture. The name EAG was given to this group by the author and is not its official name, because nobody outside the group knows the real name. General Tienie GROENEWALD had mentioned, when the author showed him the illustration (Figure 1) that he can agree with the total illustration, except the name EAG.

There should be no doubt that the group exists. Die AFRIKANER, the official newspaper of the political rightwing group, the HERSTIGTE NASIONALE PARTY (HNP), published three articles. The first publication was on 7-13 February 1998 (Revealing of EAG a hoax?) (Annexure 1). It is significant that this article was leaked by SASS because of the same mistakes made as in the STAR article (Canary Islands-SASS and Cayman Islands-Internal Security). The second article appeared in the 13-19 February 1998 issue with the heading: Tienie GROENEWALD and Pik BOTHA together with Roelf MEYER (with under-writing of shocking revelations of secret meetings)   (Annexure 2). The third article appeared in the publication of 20-26 February 1998 with the heading, names of other attendees revealed (with the under-writing of a secret meeting in Lyttleton) (Annexure 3). The article refers to the meeting as an EAG meeting and the following names were mentioned in the article: Pik BOTHA, Rusty EVANS, Magnus MALAN, Roelf MEYER, Dr. Corné MULDER, Sean CLEARY (see Annexure 4 in regard to Globalisation), Quinten COETZEE, F. DU RANDT, George (The butcher) DARMANOVITCH, Johan SMIT and Johan LEHMAN or LEEMAN.

Because the author invented the name EAG, and the name EAG was only known in the Intelligence services, it is quite obvious that the Intelligence services did observation on these people and then made use of its informers in the media to publish the articles. Bantu HOLOMISA was also present but his role will be explained later (he is not a member of the EAG, as the EAG consists of only white people). There was also an article in THE STAR newspaper on 5 February 1997 with the heading: “Shadowy group “seeks to seize power by 2004”. CHRIS STEYN (who is now married to EBEN BARLOW of Executive Outcomes [EO]) (Annexure 5) published this article (The article was leaked at the same time as the first article in “DIE AFRIKANER” with the same mistake-Canary Islands).

The author was a member of the South African Police Services Internal Security branch. All reports were also channelled to SASS with the knowledge of President Nelson MANDELA, Dullah OMAR and Barry GILDER (the then deputy director general of SASS whom the author had met personally at the old SASS building). In the STAR article the author had changed the name Cayman Islands that was in the police report, to Canary Islands in the SASS report. The name, Canary Islands was used, so it was SASS who leaked the report.

Also further evidence of the existence of the EAG was given to the author in person when he was asked to appear before a panel of the National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee (NICOC) at Embassy House during August 1997. Before the meeting Bertie JACKSON of SASS had told him that they (SASS) do have evidence now of the existence of the EAG. The author’s report that he had to sign, refers to him as the “Head source on the EAG”, The summary of this report of the NICOC meeting was given to the author to sign by Ivan PILLAY of SASS. Ivan PILLAY is married to Evalyn GRUNDLING who had written the book on the apartheid assassins and it was she who made the links of the assassins to Jean-Ives OLIVIER and Alian GUENON.

Afterwards various newspaper articles were published referring to a secret group trying to destabilise the country. For example, the Rapport newspaper published an article on 30-11-1997 with the heading “Mandela se Spioene” (Mandela’s Spies). Nelson MANDELA also referred to a secret group of people trying to destabilise the country together with former ANC spies (Annexure 6). Tienie GROENEWALD also mentioned to the author that President Nelson MANDELA had called him into his office and showed him the STAR article and mentioned they have evidence that a secret organisation exists and who wanted to overthrow the ANC. What Nelson MANDELA wanted to achieve goes beyond comprehension, because surely he could not have thought that Tienie GROENEWALD would have admitted to him of their activities.

According to Bertie JACKSON, SASS on various occasions had the same problem with Nelson MANDELA confronting people with sensitive information given to the President in good faith. This behaviour hampered various secret investigations and prevented the Intelligence community to successfully complete their investigations, because for all practical purposes he had warned the people.

The term Globalisation is just another version of the expression New World Order, both with the same meaning. According to former President PW BOTHA, various attempts had been made by different people while he was President to make South Africa part of the New World Order. He bluntly refused because he would not sell out the Afrikaner people. According to him he was approached three times. The first time Anton RUPERT approached him, the second time by Meyer KHAN and the last time by Henry KISSINGER. After he refused the third attempt and just after his heart attack, as he put it ” I was betrayed by my own people”. PW BOTHA confronted FW DE KLERK afterwards and told FW that he had sold out the Afrikaner and that he (FW) had received money from Anton RUPERT. FW reply was: “Yes but I did not keep all the money for myself. I had given a lot of the money to the Potchefstroom University”.

In exchange the EAG have the silent support of the major players in the globalisation process. The major players don’t want the ANC into power, the reason being their relationship with the SACP and all the ‘black sheep’ in international politics like China and Libya.

The result that the EAG want to achieve is a new political movement (controlled by the EAG) in power, as well as control over the economy. The initial plan to achieve this goal was to recruit as many high ranking ANC, COSATU and SACP officials as possible, establish a new political movement, and let all of them walk over to the new movement. Also part of this process is to destabilise the country to the point of anarchy, blaming the ANC for it and alienating the people against the ANC. When the leaders walk over to the new movement with the people following, the process would have been completed.

Eight of the top ten leaders of the ANC national list before both elections were directly or indirectly, part of the EAG plan. (Former President Nelson MANDELA had mentioned at an ANC NEC meeting that he has files on all of them regarding the NEC members’ involvement/co-operation with the apartheid Intelligence.) The reason for also including people indirectly is because some people are used through the direct people without their knowledge. A resent example is the investigation into the arms deal where “clean” people where used to cover up for the “criminals” within the ANC, so the “clean” people became contaminated in the process.

Above mentioned was the initial plan, but as explained earlier, the plan is very flexible and has evolved into different scenarios. The present plan consists of different outcomes depending on the various outside influences from say the ‘Wise Men.’ Politically the idea is to establish alliances and concentrate on issues, moving away from ideologies. The second part of the plan is to create a split within the ANC, COSATU and SACP alliance. It is foreseen that COSATU and the SACP will break away and form a party to the left of the present ANC that will be called something like the SOCIALIST PARTY or LABOUR PARTY. During August 2000 the media also started speculating on a split in the alliance, confirming the author’s stance since 1996 (Annexure 8). In Thabo MBEKI’s opening speech during the COSATU 2000 congress on 18 September 2000, MBEKI acknowledged the fact that there is a group of people in South Africa that pretend to be the protectors of democracy and human rights but in fact want to destroy the alliance. He called them the capital protector’s -in other words, the people who control the economy


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  1. Very deep stuff Sis’ PK, this is a very very serious revelation. We still have a long way to go with the current ANC and its alliance. It will do us a big favour to fully comprehend the global geopolitics at play. There are Luciferians, Illuminati, Free Masons, Knights of Malta etc; and to top it all, the Jesuits, and other groupings further down the value chain. All these entities have but one purpose, world domination. But few of them, as insiders, fully understand that the most key objective is purely ecclesiastic.

  2. This article confirms the events happening in this country. We have white criminal elements playing puppet master in all spheres of the South African state….economy and politics mainly. The gullible and naive black African leaders in business and politics have a snowball’s chance in hell. There’s no way of defeating this powerful force. I have always suspected that there has been something sinister about all the events happening in this country. Secret societies are the ones determining the destiny of this country

  3. Dear Pinky,

    Very important article, it had been . When the ‘ my president’ as he was addressed during the 2016 Sunday Times Top 100 , gave a speech ,I could not help but draw parrallels to what is in this book. His presence and his role did not make any headlines.

    Also present in the same event were others that were the ‘usual suspects’. During the save SA March we saw the same People consistently present and behaving as the book predicted . Whoever wrote it knew very well of the system.
    The book clearly exposed the ussual suspects, I have never look through this system the same again.
    This is a very important document which ,although you don’t have to believe everything you read ,will make you to see through all this contradiction that seem to exist within the ruling party. The document has been on the wiki leaks since 2008. There are other similar important documents which upon being exposed will be called fake news, for obvious reason.

    1. Dear Bongani

      This book sends shivers down one’s spine. It gives us a distinct understanding into what is going on in our country. It is scary to say the least.



      1. Perfect timing Pk!.
        This article helps those that do not understand what’s really going on in this country.

  4. Dear Team
    To this path….

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free indeed! I must attest that ever since I joined this platform I have been truly enlightened always. In due coarse you shall receive your great reward. The strong foundation comes from such as these revelations in order to have people who will carry this load with the greatest understanding.

    The energy is still there keep pushing because the light is still shinning.

    1. Dear Mthobisi

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I will pass-on the words of encouragement to the Team.

      WE are always look for contributors so if you have views that you want published, please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts.



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