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THE greatest confusion regarding Who and What is an African stems from the fact that many people really do not understand the origin of nations. This includes many scholars who largely depend on European history to try to dig deeper into the origin of the nations. We should remember that European history was written with a sole purpose of upholding the so called supremacy of the white man/European vis-à-vis other nations, particularly the so called Black people. One simply needs to understand that white people are the youngest nation on this earth. There were no masses of white people before Noah’s flood and for a long period after the flood.
If we start right after the great deluge (Noah’s flood), we will notice that the first Kingdom that was ever established post flood was the Kingdom of Babylon by Nimrod, the son of Cush, the son of Ham, the son of Noah. We should note that there were only 8 people that survived the great deluge namely: Noah and his wife, their 3 sons Ham, Shem and Japeth and their wives. 8 people in all.
Nimrod ruled from the land of Shinar which is present day Iraq (which was called Mesopotamia in those days) where the tower of Babel was ultimately erected by Nimrod and his people in order to fight the Most High, the creator of the universe. The major cities of Shinar (Mesopotamia: Iraq) at that time were Babel, Erech, Accad and Calneh. Please note that Babel and Babylon are the same name.
All the 3 sons of Noah were subsequently given an inheritance of land by the Creator, the Most High. The descendants of Ham namely Mizraim (Egyptians), Cush (Ethiopians), Phut (Libyans) and Canaan (present day Israel) were allocated their land. If you notice, the sons of Ham were allocated Northern Africa namely: Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Canaan (Israel). The Canaanites were however exterminated and the land of Israel was subsequently allotted to the chosen nation of the Most High Israel.
The reason why Canaanites were exterminated was because they were a hybrid people. A mixture of humans and fallen angels who bear the Giants or Nephilim after the sexual encounter with the fallen angels. The Canaanites were therefore not humans but the off-spring of the fallen angels and therefore, not the original creation of the Most High. That is why the Most High gave an order to Joshua first and then King David to exterminate the Canaanites from the face of this earth.
Another secondary reason why Canaanites had to be destroyed is that they went against the Most High by occupying the land of Israel despite the Most High’s command that they should not do that and therefore the Most High cursed them to their own destruction. Similar to the curse that has been placed on Edom /Esau (so called Europeans of today).
So now, from the aforementioned discussion, one will readily notice that North Africa pre-dominantly belongs to the sons of Ham, who were Black people and whom we call Africans todays. Remember Africa encompasses not only North Africa but the so called Middle East too. The name Middle East is a creation of the so called Europeans in an attempt to separate it from Africa as it was formerly known. They even attempted to cut off the so called Middle East by digging a canal, the Suez Canal in order to separate the 2 land masses, Africa and North East Africa (Middle East). Middle East was what was initially referred to as North East Africa.
There is however another peculiar nation in the so called Africa called the Bantu. The Bantu are not Hamites and they do not originate in Africa. The Bantu are shemites, who are the direct descendants of Adam, Methuselah, Noah, Shem, Terah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel). We should note that up to Abraham, there were no white (Europeans) people on this earth. Yes you could find albino’s but not the Europeans as you see them today.
The appearance of white people begins with Jacob whom his name was subsequently changed by the Most High to Israel. Jacob and Rebecca his wife, after a long struggle to conceive, were ultimately blessed with twins, Jacob and Esau. Genesis 25 verse 25 tells us how Esau looked: an the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment, and they called his name Esau. Here it tells us that Esau had no pigmentation, no melanin. His name also, was subsequently changed to Edom. He was red because blood showed through his skin and also, he was like a hairy garment. This is the beginning of a whole new race of people on earth. The race of Edomites/Europeans of today. Genesis does not mention the colour of Jacob as Jacob was like any other person that existed on earth at that time, Black.
Fast forward to 70 AD. From 66 AD there was a build up towards the destruction of the chosen people of the Most High by the Romans/Edomites (the descendants of Esau) and as Esau has promised after he sold his birth right to his brother Jacob, to destroy Jacob and his seed because he felt that as the first born, he was entitled to the promises made to Abraham. This is where the war between the Bantu and the Edomites began. As a pre-text to destroy Israel, Nero burnt about 5 cities of Rome and blamed it on the Bantu. Consequently, in 70 AD, the Romans attacked Jerusalem and conquered it.
A lot of the Bantus were destroyed in the destruction of Jerusalem, however a lot of the Bantus that listened to Yashaya (Christ) who prophesized about this destruction about 40 years before it happened left Jerusalem before it was destroyed. Some of the Bantu ran into neighbouring countries like Egypt, Spain etc etc. But the majority of the Bantu ran into West Africa to escape Roman persecution. That is why in the African maps of around the 15-1600’s you find what is called the Kingdom of Judah in West Africa around the Mali area. The capital city at that time called Timbuktu. In the nutshell, this is how the Bantu, the chosen people of the Most High, found themselves in Africa after they ran away from their original home Israel. For close to 1260 years, the Bantu enjoyed prosperity and self-rulership as well as an opportunity to practice their customs and follow the law of their God, the Most High Ahaya, the Creator of the universe.
After close to 1260 years of self-rule and prosperity, the Arabs found the Bantu in West Africa and began to collude with the Africans (Hamites) to destroy us the Bantu. The Hamites were the trappers who then sold us to the Arabs who subsequently sold us to the Edomites as slaves. History from the perspective of the Edomites will tell you that Africans were selling their own people to the Edomites. This is very far from the truth. Africans were selling Bantu to the Edomites, not their own people. Mind you, amongst the first nations that made us the Bantu their slaves, 700 years before the Trans-Atlantic slave trade were the Arabs.
The Bantu have been slaves to all the other nations throughout history including in Egypt, where the Hamites (Africans) made us their slaves. Remember Mizraim (Egypt) the son of Ham made us their slaves in Egypt and we were subsequently delivered out of that land of bondage by Moses, the servant of our Most High Ahaya. After the Egyptian slavery followed the Babylonian slavery. At this time, Babylon was ruled by the sons of Cush (Ethiopians). Yet another race of Africans that enslaved us. Then followed the Medo-Persian empire that made us slaves too. The Persians are the present day Iranians and the Medes are the present day East Indians. They all made us their slaves.
Then followed the Greek empire after the Medo-Persian empire. The Greeks made us their slaves too. After the Greek empire followed the Roman empire. The empire of the Edomites. They made us the Bantu their slaves too. Even today, we are still slaves in the Roman empire. Remember the empire that is ruling us today is the Roman empire. The empire of the Edomites.
One would ask why the Bantu have always been slaves to the other nations. The simple answer is that because we turned our backs on our Power, the Most High Ahaya. Even after he selectively bred us to be his own chosen people, we went whoring after the idols (gods) of the other nations like Yahweh, who is satan in the nutshell. The prophesy of the Bantu, going into slavery with ships and being sold as bondmen and bondwomen, happened during the Trans-Atlantic slavery when our people were taken captive and sold into slavery. This is a prophesy by Moses in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28, where the blessings and the curses for obeying or disobeying the Most High’s commandments and statutes were pronounced at Mount Sinai. Remember this was pronounced to the nation of the Bantu, just after they left Egypt.
The book of Deuteronomy also tells us that the enemy will put a yoke of iron around the necks of the Bantu. If you google this, you will notice that the only people that were ever put a yoke of iron around our necks is the so called Blacks, the Bantu. Not Africans. The Book also tells us that all these curses will be a sign upon us that we are the chosen people but we refused to obey our Power’s statutes and commandments, hence the punishment with slavery. Therefore, one can notice that the only nation that was ever punished by their God with slavery for their disobedience are the Bantu. This has never happened to any of the nations that you find on this earth.
In the nutshell therefore, the confusion of who is African, was a deliberate creation of the Edomites predominantly in cohorts with all the other nations firstly to discontinue us from our heritage as the prophesy stated. This is the reason why in South Africa particularly, our history starts in 1652, when Jan van Riebeek landed at the Cape. That’s all that we know about ourselves and mind you, this was written from the perspective of the Edomites in the first place. Most Bantu people do not know their history and heritage and most Bantu people do not know why they are in a position that they are in today. They do not know why they are at the bottom of all the nations. But the Bible gives us all the answers to such questions. The first thing that the Edomites did to destroy us, was to first separate us from the Word of our God Ahaya in order to discontinue us from our heritage. They did this because they noticed that it was our God, the Most High Ahaya that was protecting us. They could only take us down after separating us from our Power.
Therefore, the Bantu are not Africans. Yes they live in Africa today after running away from their fatherland because of the destruction and persecution by the Romans/Edomites. That is why today, you find our land being occupied by the same Edomites that destroyed us in Jerusalem in 70 AD. Yes, the whole world including Africa was created by our Power Ahaya for us to rule it and be over all the other nations and subject them to our power and rulership. This is what the Book refers to as the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the rulership of this world by God’s chosen people, the Bantu, the children of Israel, with all the other nations including the Edomites being subject to our power and rulership. For now, the only man that is ordained to deliver the Bantu from our bondage is Yashaya (Christ). After all, the only people that need to be saved from their bondage are the slaves themselves, the Bantu. All the other nations are living and enjoying their heaven at our expense.
However, when our Saviour Yashaya comes, the tables will be overturned and the governments of these heathens/nations will be overturned. And as we have served them diligently over the centuries, it will now be their turn to serve us forever to eternity as the Book prophesised.

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  1. Before responding to the article that premised historical accounts on the Bible, who is the author of that article? There is no name or have I missed it?

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