If Whites Had A Moral Compass Land Would Have Been Given Back Already

By Kim Heller


“For a colonized people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land which will bring them bread and, above all, dignity.” – Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth
I am a foreigner. A settler on stolen land.
I don’t understand whites who claim that they are Africans. For we have robbed Africa and its people.
Like every white South African, past, present or future, I am a child of privilege. The beneficiary of a loyalty club dating back to 1652, which still rewards us daily, at the expense of our “fellow” black South Africans.
Last week, in my column, I wrote of the vast expanse of white wealth and the unrelenting sweep of black poverty that stains our post-democracy horizon. The after-birth of colonialism and apartheid which mother-nature, even at her most devilish, could not have delivered.
Yet the looking glass of white South Africa is never casts upon its own creation – black poverty and inequality – which is birthed on the back of forced, brutal extraction of land, cattle and labour, in the advancement of white power, accumulation and dominance.
If white people in South Africa had any moral compass, we would have returned stolen land by now.
I wrote last week about how the ‘apartheid after-party of plenty for whites’ must end.
In the President’s State of The Nation Address (SONA) on Thursday evening, he stressed the need to work together as fellow South Africans to “transform this country into the land of plenty for all, where the nightmare of apartheid will just be a faint memory of the past”.
He quoted the words of former President of the ANC, Walter Sisulu, who in 1981 said, “it is inconceivable for liberation to have meaning without a return of the wealth of the country to the people as a whole”.
What is inconceivable to me is that 23 years into our democracy, white privilege still remains king in a stolen land where less than 10% of arable land has been returned to black South Africans.
The ANC government has been far too timid on the land issue and whether the ruling party is able to move South Africa out of the shadow of “racial supremacy and exploitation” is still to be tested in the ordinary plains of our country.
What is inconceivable too, is that white South Africans have shown little resolve to end their economic feasting. They have failed to move beyond rasps of punctuated outrage on Penny Sparrow-style racism, or crumb offerings towards restitution.
White South Africans must now boldly admit culpability for atrocities committed under colonialism and apartheid by their forefathers, reparations must begin in full force and land must be returned. It is not only a transformation imperative – it is a moral obligation.
The Rainbow Nation has long gone into extra time. This is a storm warning. I will shed no white tears for you if one day your land is forcefully taken back from you.

Article was first published in Expose

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  1. If we can have many white South Africans who believe in correction of the past boldly speak up and act on this, then I’ll be convinced that few are racists.

  2. The issue is not necessarily a moral one as whites are morally bound to feed themselves first, the issue is more around Black people building up Black power and using it to get their land back and ensuring they keep it. But the issue is that Black folks are divided on the issue mostly because of a lack of a proper perception of reality due to amongst others the wrong education which is not African centric. Many Black people also believe its the natural order that whites own and control their resources on their land, and many who see that it is wrong are waiting on a messiah or Jesus to come and change things, that is why they look at politicians and hope on them for a new tomorrow, which we know won’t happen because white money influence on politics.

  3. I wish to comment Kim on her article and hope white people will heed her warning timeously. As a people we went from herdowner to herdsman because of white greed. 400 years on and whites continue to be greedy. This will end, one day. I am sure. The land will be back with those that were dispossed.

  4. This article is showing me love on this Valentines Day, inspirational to be reminded that there are still those out there striving towards this ideal.

  5. Kim Heller
    I commend your courage
    & your strong moral compass,of being able to speak out the truth,on matters which majority of white people avoid or fear to speak out.

    We continue to call on all fellow south african irrespective of Race or calture, young and old to stand together against these long overdue outstanding imbalamnce iniqualities,that creates racial hatred that we don’t need in this country.

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