Where Could Manyi Be Going?

By Akuba Mokoena

MZWANELE MANYI, the owner of the now defunct Afro Worldview which owned ANN7 and The New Age announced on Saturday that he would be announcing his new “political home” on Wednesday, sparking speculation that he may be starting his own party or joining one of several recently-established political parties headed by former President Jacob Zuma’s allies.

Manyi is spoilt for choice, if he isn’t starting his own party.

  • Black First Land First (BLF)
    BLF’s Andile Mngxitama

Speculation was rife on Twitter that Manyi could be joining BLF but it is highly unlikely given that part of his tweet was that he would be announcing the national leadership of his new “political home”. BLF, led by Andile Mngxitama already has a national leadership.

  • The African Transformation Movement (ATM)
ATM’s Leadership. On the left is Party President Vuyolwethu Zungula

The ATM was established by the South African Council of Messianic Churches in Christ (SACMCC). According to its website, “SACMCC is a congregation of African Independent Churches (AIC) of which majority of its members are not represented in the governance of the country; but are mostly negatively affected by lack of service delivery, and for that reason are still lingering in abject poverty”. The group is said to have a membership of over 6million. These church leaders have organised several prayer events for the former president.

  • Mazibuye African Congress (MAC)
Mazibuye logo

A Facebook page reads: “Mazibuye African Congress its a movement for natives that supports all natives that are oppressed by the colonial norms. Mazibuye African Congress supports former President J Gedlehlekisa Zuma against the corruption charges as a native child whom (sic) fought to liberate South Africa, we are not Zuma’s party..”.

  • African Content Movement (ACM) 
Hlaudi Motsoeneng

The ACM was launched by former South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng in December on the same day that former President Jacob Zuma appeared in court and lost his bid to have the state pay for his legal fees. It was no coincidence that the ANC reportedly swiftly announced it would assist Zuma with his legal fees. The former President launched his Twitter account the following day.

Detractors say the parties have been established to weaken the ANC at the next elections but supporters of these newly formed parties say the ANC under President Cyril Ramaphosa will scupper radical economic transformation (RET) policies passed at the party’s national conference in Nasrec a year ago.

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