What Must Be Done – Tasks for South Africa’s Leadership

By Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

As leader of the LaRouche Movement in South Africa, it is my task to rise above the current, mostly banal political ‘debate’ leading into our national election and a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures.

Rather than offer a discussion of personalities, I will provide some direction by which our citizens can judge for themselves what constitutes competent leadership and what does not.

I therefore will focus on what I see as the tasks that must be undertaken by whatever government emerges from the election process. Some of these tasks have not been addressed by the current government, and have a certain urgency because of that; others, while essential for the well-being of our nation, have not been adequately pursued by any government.

1.0 Commit to the Belt & Road Initiative

 South Africa must openly commit itself to the new global economic paradigm coming from the East, headlined by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which is being discussed at a major conference in Beijing 25-27 April. South Africa should, as many nations have, sign a Memorandum of Understanding with China that commits us to the Initiative, spelling out various projects to be undertaken in our country, as well as South African participation in other projects on the African continent.

I stress that this is not merely of economic benefit to us in terms of jobs and improvement in infrastructure, but that it is a new approach to physical economic development that has long been championed by the greatest economist of our time, the recently deceased Lyndon LaRouche.

It involves the investment of social profit in the improvement of human existence, whereas under the dying British imperial system, such profit is looted for the financial profit of a wealthy oligarchy.

South Africa has a critical role in pushing this new paradigm forward as we have the only full-set economy on the African continent that can produce the machine tools needed for BRI projects and related development. We can improve the life of all Africans, including our own people, if we follow through on this.

2.0 Break with the British Empire

As I have been saying for some time, we cannot stand with one foot inside the British imperial system and its so-called Commonwealth, and with our other in this new paradigm. We must finally make our choice clear and leave the British Empire now and forever. Why continue to side, even in pretense, with a dying, decadent Empire, whose policies of exploitation and underdevelopment, along with divisive warfare, have only left death and destruction in their wake? It is the British and their minions who have organised the anti-China claptrap against the Belt and Road. I say, ‘Break with the lies and evil now!’

3.0 Give Full Support to Nuclear and Fusion Power

Our government must give its full support to our nuclear industry, one of our greatest assets. We must fully commit to safe nuclear energy, eliminate unnecessary environmentalist roadblocks and provide directed, low-interest credit to make nuclear projects financially feasible.

We should reject the fake science of ‘Climate Change’. Those sincerely interested in moving away from carbon-based fuel offer no sensible or sane objection to nuclear power.

At the same time, in collaboration with other nations, South Africa must commit its scientific cadre to work for the development of fusion energy, moving towards a hydrogen-based economic platform.

Our government must make these commitments now, and organise the deployment of resources to make this possible. 

4.0 Engage in a Robust Space Programme

South Africa must join with other nations in a space programme that will once again send men to the Moon, and then to Mars and beyond. This effort should be global and cooperative, and we should be willing to partner with all nations so committed, with a global division of labour to make it happen. These is no reason that South Africans should not be among the first on Mars. Why not?

These programmes and initiatives are in the best interests of our people and all peoples. I admit that, given the lack of real political dialogue, some of what I say will conflict with what you have been told is ‘important’. Yet these are the matters of the most urgency and most potency for improving the chances for our people to survive in the turbulent period ahead. Demand that they be discussed and placed on our immediate political agenda. Those who would ignore what I put before you are incompetent to lead us.

If you have comments or questions, send them my way, and I will try to answer them.

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