What A Year 2017 Has Been….

fSm4QFB__normalMy Dear Comrade Reader

THIS was a year in which the battle for the soul of South Africa’s economy reached a crescendo. The displeasure with the slow pace of transformation which had been building-up since the advent of democracy became palpable as both sides of the economic forces came out full force to convince anybody who cared to listen that their case was the best for the country. The lot who believe in maintaining the status quo of white privilege in South Africa and the US/UK financial hegemony came head to head with the new kids on the block who’ve decided to break away from Western economic and political control and go with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa ) nations.

That the African National Congress (ANC )was electing a new president who will lead this country in 2019 (of course Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say it won’t happen) just fuelled the battle even more.

What unfolded was a propaganda machinery so ferocious that comrades we respected and who had over the years known and accepted the existence of words such as white monopoly capital (WMC) found themselves mumbling and lying on national television about the existence of such words.

On one side, President Jacob Zuma and his son’s business partners, the Guptas became the point of attack and perhaps in part rightly so but there’s no doubt that the attack was unbalanced. State capture as premised on Gupta’s business operations with government is not a true reflection of state capture.

The story on the money supposedly used for Gupta wedding from a Free State farming project has been my greatest anger and I’ve tried to ascertain its veracity. On the other, we focused on the the existence of WMC and the fact that two white families owned 50% of the country’s wealth. Here at UnCensored, we focused on Johann Rupert, giving WMC a face. We decided we would give a face to all the stories of price fixing, corporate corruption and WMC – this in contrast to how the WMC media perpetually protect corporate thugs.

I didn’t know what Johann Rupert, Christo Wiese, Jannie Mouton looked like until I started publishing UnCensored. We didn’t know their black friends whom they’ve put into big positions in the corporate world and whose silence has now been bought with seats on boards, shares, and some whose weddings like that of Trevor Manuel was hosted by the Stellenbosch King himself.

In our efforts to expose corporate corruption, we looked into corporations like South African Airways (SAA) to scrutinise the much reported corruption there. It turned out that of the R24bn procurement, Blacks only got 1.7%. We appealed to Head of SCOPA Themba Godi to call on SAA to account. He obliged. And much was exposed about the rot at SAA and the evergreen contracts which go on forever and operate without contracts. These are stories that WMC media will not publish. I was told SCOPA went so far as to visit SAA and see for themselves the rot that was going on there.

At the same time we appealed to SCOPA to attend to SAA, we also alerted them to massive mismanagement of funds at Treasury. We also wrote to Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane to probe SAA when the spokesperson Tladi Tladi refused to divulge information about the contracts and runaway corruption at SAA. Both obliged.

We may have not been the catalyst to these three probes but we are certainly not simply writing, we are activists.

In the battle for SA’s economy, the courts have played a major role. The judgements have clearly shown that some judgements are seemingly personal. It was not only in cases involving the President but it is clear that cases involving rich people were simply corrupt. The Braakspear farm next to Rupert’s which he bought through a contrived (fake) auction and trial fixing are enough to show you how corrupt the judiciary is. We followed and published the story of the Black low cost housing clients ripped off by First National Bank (FNB). We showed you the faces of the corrupt. Then we also showed you the reverse. How the same bank will deal with a white man who owed them money. DA Councillor Lapping had FNB pay him to close his credit card and overdraft facility. They also paid his bond off to shut his mouth for what is happening once again, unauthorised debit orders.

We’ve published simply moving stories such as those by Comrade Greg Mashaba about his life in exile. He’s done what we haven’t read in short stories. The deception among comrades, the human recollection of how a friend and comrade is blown to pieces by apartheid forces and so forth.

I was moved to a point of tears when Comrade Greg told me how ill he was as he was writing the tribute to his friend Comrade Shadrack Msizeni Maphumolo. He went through the counselling that he and other soldiers of this movement ought to have gone through. His family was worried about him. UnCensored offered him the psychological chair which the liberation struggle didn’t.

Having written the piece, the Comrade to whom Comrade Greg’s friend was chained until he eventually died, has now had nightmares. It is sad but points to the need to help these Comrades. They need some form of counselling to assist them deal with their experiences.

Comrade Maphumolo’s grand child wrote into UnCensored seeking to meet Comrade Greg for better knowledge into the grandfather. This gesture moved me to a point of tears.

This is what we do here. We’ve become a community. When we have our computers hacked and we ask for help, some among you rush to assist. We are eternally grateful.

When we ask for young aspiring writers or people who have opinions about one thing or the other, there’s a helping hand eagerly raised. Im eternally grateful.

Ultimately the battle for soul of SA’s economy has come to one thing. The ANC chose a billionaire as president and asked him to implement the poor people’s needs. Free education, expropriation of land without compensation, and the  nationalisation of the reserve bank. These are issues we have fought for here at UnCensored. Ultimately both sides have won….for now at least.

Our stance didn’t come without pain and smear campaigns. We’ve been called everything. I must thank all the supporters and contributors to this platform who’ve put their names and their good work to UnCensored. Much later one of the contributors thanked me for highlighting the fact that I was adamant that he writes anonymously for the price he might pay if he’s known to write for this platform.  It can cost people their jobs.

This is the first of a series of how I and others see 2017…..

Thank you for your support this year and let’s build on successive years.

Happy New Year



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  1. As much as they are not aware but South Africans need Uncensoredopinion.co.za very much. I just saw a tweet from a very famous and respected SA celeb about some of things that we discuss here and I was like if this guy didn’t know about these things what about the rest of ordinary South Africans. Yinde le ndlela members!!!

    1. Thank you Nkosi. We keep educating and educating – making the circle bigger. I have a friend who says most sustainable campaigns were started small and grew. We will do the same here.

  2. The penetration of this site should not be judged by the number of comments on the various articles. Rest assured that many of us access this site multiple times on a daily basis. Some do not comment because of the fear of falling out of favor with their current and prospective employers. This is the very point that the mainstream media just cannot get. For example, they would conclude that “South Africans say this or that” based on the number and content of comments on their ‘news’ sites. But I digress. My message to you Ausi is that your efforts are contributing massively towards uncovering the truth behind the ‘truth’. O seke wa fela moa. We are reading and we are being enlightened but at the same time confirming our long held suspicions.

    Being unemployed, I find that I have a lot of time in my hands. Please let me know how I can contribute towards growing this noble initiative. My apologies for the long essay.

    1. Dear Muthusi

      Thanks for the kind words. We dont judge by the number of people who comment but on the hits made on the site. But you know what they say, you read and pass on the truth to others.

      Thanks for your offer. We need a lot of research work and writing. If you’re able to assist in those areas, we would be grateful.



  3. Thanks, and a great year Sisi Pinky. While you say everybody won, I am afraid. I think as usual,the poor South Africans, and the rest of Africa, has lost. Just finished reading the ANC Stalwarts new year’s message. It doesn’t give me confidence.What is your take on their statement.

    1. Hahaha, Lungile, I read very little actually, just to keep my sanity, so I dont know what statement they’ve issued. I agree with you that not everybody one – I meant the ANC faithful who had literally torn themselves apart to between these two divergent economic forces.
      Can I challenge you and ask you elaborate further on what you are thinking having read the ANC Stalwarts & your reservations for a better country & continent. It need not be more than 500 words but if you wish, take it further than that.

      Happy New Year

  4. Thanks immensely Aus Pinky and the Uncensored Team for having opened our eyes…words can’t explain the gratitude for this national course. I was was watching a documentary on the rebuilding of New York City and how its pushing the blacks out of their traditional neighbourhoods like Harlem and Brooklyn via market forces. I couldn’t help but draw the same parallels with how the SA economy is also pushing the majority of blacks into a future state where they no longer belong in their own country. Lack of of financial resources just like the Australian Aborigins will confine the natives to the outskirts of the country being destitute and even poorer. The govt must arrest this future state and change course via RET.

    1. Oh my Brother Klaas, Im so appreciate of all the donations you made to us. Ke leboha haholo. This year, I’m going to be pushing all of you a little harder as we build a site for Buy Black. Re tshwanetse ho ikaha. I honestly have no faith in the ANC & RET or the policies that have been approved. As I’ve always said, there are many programmes with good intentions that are sabotaged by ANC government itself. I have no doubt you will continue to support as.

      Kindest and much love


      1. We up to the challenge. The Dec17 conference left me hopeless. “Black man you on your own indeed.” We cannot wait another 10 years of empty promises whilst the rich get beyond richer and the poor get poorer – something drastic has to change and we need a coordinated approach outside of the governing party.

        1. What distresses me more is the lack of ideology in the ANC of today. Comrades only want to talk about positions and slates. You dont hear robust debate on the matter of the policies that were adopted. The analysis is shallow borrowed from media articles. Free education is suddenly seen as political grandstanding when it was an ANC policy since yonkers. RET is an NDZ strategy which must be boycotted when it was adopted some years back. It is completely disheartening.

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