A week of intensified regime-change campaigning could not deliver Zuma’s head

By Pinky Khoabane


President Jacob Zuma has once again defeated the attempt to oust him as the democratically elected president of South Africa. In a well orchestrated week that ended with the call for the vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma at the ANC NEC meeting held this past weekend, he emerged as the leader of the ANC this morning, giving a clear indication that he remains in control within the party.

The vote, sources say, was 18 for and 54 against.

The intensified campaign for regime change started last year, but this latest, meant to coincide with the NEC meeting, started off with the SACC so-called state capture report. It stated allegations from current and former government employees who mentioned how certain individuals had gained control over state-owned-entities. I personally know of a person named in that SACC report who has been wrongfully implicated. Her views on the Guptas are very clear and public and notions that she was planted by the Guptas as a board member on a state owned entity, are just false. I’m unable to mention the name as the matter between the SACC and the person concerned is now with lawyers. It is unfortunate that men of the cloth, bishops, are so enmeshed in the politics of today that they have opted to use lies and character assassination to make their case. The Progressive Professional Forum has also been named in this report despite having recently and publicly distanced itself from the Guptas. Greg Mashaba wrote here last week on the sad state of the clergy today – a far cry from the days when they were beacon of morality.

The SACC report was then followed by another report on state capture by so-called academics. These reports were of course, backed by other regime-change campaigners, giving the calls for the president to step down impetus.

By the time ANC Member Joel Netshitenzhe called for the vote of no confidence in Zuma, the stage had been set. The Sunday Times article on purported emails between Guptas and state organs which were supposed to prove state capture were meant to convince even the Zuma faithful that he had to go. The said emails have now become an issue of much scrutiny with many asking that the real emails be published.

Trust in SA Media in Question

Despite many stories which would ordinarily have massive ramifications for the country, many of the citizens are divided on the integrity of the media. The Gupta emails are but one of the stories which readers do not trust.

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  1. Most newspapers are part of huge conglomerates, and the policy that comes down is that you don’t rock any boats. You can’t make the government upset because the value of the company is the broadcast licenses, and the government will not renew them, and we can’t make our corporate owners mad because they will fire us, and we can’t make the advertisers mad or they will pull their advertising. So the media can’t say anything that will upset the power structure. And that’s what has happened to the press.

    1. Dear Rex
      The media in SA haste become part of the opposition. The commercial media have always protected the interests of shareholders and advertisers.
      They certainly don’t protect the government.



  2. Hi
    This has really reached a point of insanity and my biggest problem are the captured blacks who masquerade as saviours of our nation. Whatever the white controlled media is trying to achieve has been successful in convincing pseudo black liberals who purport to fight for the black masses. These people are full of self hate…a hate that is directed towards everything black and African

    1. Dear Dumisani

      I may be wrong in thinking you are a first time writer but I think you are. Welcome to UnCensored.

      We must never brush-off the lived experience of our Black so-called middle-class fellow citizens – they have to pay bonds, education and so forth. Their lifestyles are such that they must appease their masters. They are the lone black in the boardroom of institutions built by the broedebond just so they can tap-into government tenders.

      Is it self-preservation, self-hate or both?



  3. We are sick and tired of being fed lies and South African Mainstream media has once again been exposed.

    1. Mainstream media tells us lies everyday. But they have such an extensive network that one lie told my one quickly spreads. Read the story about cartels I posted a couple of days ago to see extent of reach of media cartels.

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