We Remember Dr Chancellor Williams

Author of: The Destruction of Black Civilization

Born in 1898 in Bennettsville, South Carolina. He was an Afrocentric scholar, historian, and author. He attended Howard University and earned his first degree in education and later enrolled for a M.S degree in history. He taught various colleges throughout his career. He studied about the Ancient Nile Valley Civilization, with a goal of stumping out the provoking racial myths about the inceptions that started there.

Williams book, The Destruction of Black Civilization achieved a huge acclamation as the publication that addressed African racialism issues genuinely from 4500 B.C to 2000 A.D. His efforts to change the Europeans’ perception about the Sub-Saharan Africans were very influential. He pointed out the achievements of the Blacks in contribution to the world’s civilization. He successfully shifted the illusion that civilizations in Africa were pioneered by Arabs and Europeans to Africans themselves. His work was based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe; a novelist. Williams believed that the current underdevelopment in Africa was as a result of a constant attack by the Eurasians.

All through, Dr. Williams challenged African historians to conduct independent research and investigations and record what they found without distorting information.  He asserted that, for Africa to solve her problem, it was important to understand history from their perspective and not from the Whites’ because it did not address their challenges; instead it ridiculed their status. “As long as we rely on white historians to write Black History for us, we should keep silent about what they produce.” Dr. Chancellor Williams died in 1992 of respiratory failure.

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