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Dear Readers

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Greg Mashaba

It just so happens that this weekend, Comrade Greg Mashaba’s computer was hacked. Cyber attacks, as previously said, have become the quickest way of silencing us.

I say ‘it just so happened’ because the day after it collapsed, we received the threat to shut us down.

We therefore need help with a computer – notebook – whatever the language used is. We need to be able to type in Word and for him to be able to submit his articles.

Thanking you in advance.

Kindest regards


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  1. Dear Pinky we can give you help in legal matter for free please contact me for more information with your problems
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  2. If I was staying around Gauteng maybe I was going to help a little bit more with IT support support in terms of providing more security with things like improved firewall systems. Computer hardware and software upgrade. Very sad that I can’t help when this is my field of expertise but at this stage I don’t have resources to remotely assist you guys. Hope you come right very soon Uncle Creg!!!

    1. Thanks very much for the offer Nkosi. I have been offered support in this area. Yes I too hope we can get assistance for Greg.

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