We Are Not Afraid Of Wits University’s Threats #KhayaSitholeFiles

By Pinky Khoabane

Khaya Sithole (right) Adam Habib (left)

We have seen emails including those from Wits Vice Chancellor Adam Habib “demanding” a student who didnt qualify (a refugee)  and a son’s friend to be funded through the Thuthuka Fund. These are not allegations we have emails. 

A FEW minutes ago I received a post on Twitter from what’s called Wits News rejecting “the allegations in recent days made by a former employee”. The employee is not named for some not-so-bizarre reason. There are specific details levelled at the university which are not being addressed but we also know the reasons – what we published yesterday can hardly be debunked 

Then the statement which is purportedly from the university goes on the usual wishy washy PR stunt: “The University is of the view that the SAICA disciplinary hearing should run its course without interference. The University reserves its right to comment at a later stage…” But this is where they irk me: the attempt to silence us: “The University reserves its right to comment at a later stage and to take appropriate action against any person or body who makes false allegations or brings the University’s name into disrepute”.

What this Wits News may not know, that a lot of people are privy to including Wits Vice Chancellor Adam Habib, Deputy VIce Chancellor Tawana Kupe, journalist Fiona Forde, and others, including UnCensored, is that there exists emails which will point to everything we published yesterday.

In simple terms: Habib intervened to have a refugee who didnt qualify, at the insistence of journalist Forde, and later instructed Kupe to work on it. Despite communication from Sithole that the student didnt qualify and his concern that NSFAS wouldnt pay, he was forced to break the rules. This student didnt even pass the first year accounting despite Sithole being pushed into breaking the law. This brings us to a serious matter of corruption wherein those in power use it for their social benefit and later use their corrupt deeds and misuse of power to punish juniors who abided by their corrupt instructions.

We would disclose email files if we didnt think the already farcical SAICA hearing would not prejudice Khaya Sithole further, who we believe is the former employee mentioned in Wits News.

These are tactics of bullying and obfuscation – we know them well and dont entertain them.

Ours is simple. We stand by our article because we have the emails. Let SAICA CEO Chantal Mulder, Habib, Kupe, Nxasana, Luhabe and all those mentioned in those emails tell us they didnt use their power to advance students whom they preferred and in the process break the rules of the Fund prejudicing the Black children for whom the Fund was meant for. We will apologise and retract.

We at UnCensored look forward to the disciplinary hearing.

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  1. Habib thinks he represent the Blacks with his buddies. The wits community must hold Habib and his cronies accountable.

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