Washington/British financial lending hegemony Vs BRICS=Gordhan/HAWKS spat

In response to our article, Gordhan & Manuel willing to wreck economy than answer for Rogue Unit, one of UnCensored readers says The forces of the Crown (British Imperialism) and the BRICS agenda are goin head to head, in the saga of the Hawks versus Pravin Gordhan. That is what this boils down to. Very few can grasp the sheer manipulation and evil, that goes on behind the scenes. The currency speculators under the behest of Soros, Rothchild, etc, want to assert their hegemony by bullying nations that do not toe the line. In their arsenal, they have, EFF’s Julius Malema, a revived DA, Ruperts, Oppenheimers and bankers that are pushing a colonialist agenda in our country. SARS is fighting back, and investigating the Rogue Unit launched by Pravin and others. Innocent or guilty, we’re very keen to find out what went down. The more s@@t is stirred, the better..love the intrigue. More beans will invariably be spilled on bankers funding EFF, why the “lame stream media” is silent on embezzlement and tax evasion by crooks in high places, and stolen taxpayers money…(Corrupt businessmen calling the shots in the biggest corporations)..let the games begin..

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