Was Tsafendas A Revolutionary Or A Programmed Assassin?

Intellectual Honesty Is Imperative: By Sam Ditshego

Niren Tolsi’s article was published in Sunday Independent in 2018 under the headline, “Revolutionary not a Murderer” in which he/she wrote that Harris Dousemetzis received a doctorate at Durham University in the UK for his thesis that Dimitrio Tsafendas was a revolutionary and not a murderer. He portrayed Tsafendas as anti-imperialist and anti-fascist. This was probably what motivated Tsefendas to assassinate Dr HF Verwoerd.

George Bizos, Dumisa Ntsebeza, Kris Govender, Zak Yacoob and John Dugard submitted a petition to the Department of Constitutional Development in support of Dousemetzis’s thesis in which they motivated that history books be changed to portray Tsafendas as revolutionary and a hero, not a murderer.

What are the facts? If Tsafendas were anti imperialist and anti-fascist why did he come to a fascist and racist country like apartheid South Africa and ended up working in its lily white parliament as a messenger? His mother was an African from Mozambique and his father a Greek. According to apartheid laws he should have been classified as ‘Coloured’ but was classified as white. Apparently, he was teased as ‘blackie’ when he grew up and hated it. He had questionable status in South Africa. The notorious South African Security Branch Police kept a file on him and he was supposed to be deported.

Let me go back 52 years ago when Dr Verwoerd was assassinated. Verwoerd had realised that the Anglo American Empire, Oppenheimers, Ruperts and Wieses had a stranglehold on the South Africa economy through their monopolies and wanted to put a stop to their monopolies. He then appointed a one man commission of inquiry by Dr Piet Hoek. After completion of his inquiry, Dr Hoek presented his damning findings to Verwoerd. Verwoerd spoke once about the commission which had been circulating among white MP’s in Parliament in late 1965 early 1966. The Hoek Report disappeared to this day.

It was the same white families and the Anglo-American empire that were responsible for the assassination of Verwoerd. Dimitri Tsafendas was subjected to the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control to kill Verwoerd. Prior to his assassination of Verwoerd, Tsafendas was seen visiting a foreign ship The Eleni that had docked in Cape Town harbour where he received his mind altering indoctrination through drugs and other methods.

Why was Verwoerd killed? He was killed because he had set up a one man commission of inquiry to probe the stranglehold the Anglo-American empire and these white families had on the South African economy through their monopolies. Fifty years later the Anglo-American empire and the same white families are still controlling this country’s economy and ordering their African puppets around.

Tsafendas survived the noose by reason of insanity but he wasn’t insane. Those who sent him to kill Verwoerd were so powerful that they probably instructed the Broederbond judge who heard Tsafendas’ case to declare him insane. Verwoerd’s successor, John Balthasar Vorster was also bought off to quash an inquiry into his predecessor’s assassination. Tsafendas died at Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital outside Krugersdorp in the late 1990’s when the ANC was in power.

The ANC leadership never cared to investigate Tsafendas’s case. The same way they never cared to probe the presence of Colonel Charles Huyghé who killed Patrice Lumumba in 1961. Huyghe, a Belgian national lived in this country for more than fifty years after killing Lumumba and was exposed by the Mail & Guardian about ten years ago.

Tsafendas told police that he received orders from a giant tapeworm inside him. The orders from a giant tapeworm is evidence of mind control. If this case was pursued the way it should have been, the apartheid authorities could have gotten to the bottom of Verwoerd’s assassination. However, they were up against a powerful cabal that had also captured the judiciary the same way the judiciary is captured to date.

Intellectual honesty is called for in this matter. We should never endorse falsification and distortion of history simply because Dr Verwoerd was one of the architects of apartheid and a man who said we should to be taught inferior education. Tsafendas was a programmed assassin and a victim of circumstances. He was expendable and was used by the Oppenheimers, Ruperts, Wieses and the Anglo American empire to assassinate Dr Verwoerd.

Ditshego is a researcher 

The article was published in UnCensored in 2018. It has been republished as the on Tsafendas the revolutionary is taking hold. 

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