Vitjie Mentor Lies Again About Identity Of “The Black Man” Introduced To Her

Months after her flip-flop evidence about the Black man to whom she was introduced, it turns out it isnt even Fana Hlongwane

GIVING evidence at the State Capture Commission, Vitjie Mentor said on her flight to Dubai, former President Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane, knocked at her cubicle and introduced himself. She recognised him from media reports. He introduced himself and he was with two other people. He later introduced her to a Black man: “He said to me can I introduce you to my chairman?..That person he introduced me to was Mr Fana Hlongwane. I must say that I make a mistake of Hlongwa and Hlongwane.”

In her book “No Holy Cows” Mentor at page 137 writes that “The Black man that the son of the president was introducing me to was Brian Hlongwa. I already knew his name and his face from various newspaper reports previously”.

In her statement to the State Capture Commission she said that the Black Man Duduzane introduced her to was Fana Hlongwane. Explaining the discrepancy during her testimony she said: “There is an inaccuracy in the book about Brian Hlongwa, it comes from a matter of confusing Hlongwa for Hlongwane….”.

Two days ago lawyers acting on behalf of Mentor sent a letter dated 14 November 2018 to the Zondo Commission stating that their client, having viewed pictures of Fana Hlongwane, now realises she made a mistake. The Black man to whom she was introduced by Duduzane is not Fana Hlongwane.

“We have received instructions from our client that she has unfortunately erroneously referred to a party in the Commission’s proceedings. In both her statements to the Commission, as well as in her oral evidence, our client testified that she was introduced to Mr Fana Hlongwane by Mr Duduzane Zuma on an Emirates flight to Dubai. After our client’s appearance before the Commission she decided to view images of Mr Fana Hlongwane on the internet. After reflection on those images she has come to realise that they are not of the person she was introduced to by Mr Duduzane Zuma on the Emirates flight as “Chairman”. Our client persists in her version that she was introduced to a black man by Duduzane Zuma, who referred to him as “Chairman”.

Read the full letter from Mentor’s lawyers here: Finalised letter to DCJ re Fana Hlongwane

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