A Visit From Craig Williamson


By Pinky Khoabane

I had it all set up last night – all written up. A little message to UnCensored readers saying I was taking time off to deal with pressing personal matters. I was going to wake up this morning and simply press the button “publish”.

As I always do, I start my morning with checking my email inbox.

And in there was an email from the name Craig Williamson. Immediately I thought, as the young ones say: It’s about to get Lit.

I stopped dead in my tracks and thought I might just press the email and my laptop would explode and blow me up with it. This is not a name you muck about with. Curiosity got the better of me as it always has in my career, without which I wouldn’t do the work that I do.

When I wrote a weekly column for the Sunday Times I used to get the most vile and racist letters, parcels, books. But I can never forget the reader that used to take time to cut out my picture and scribble in thick red cocky pen all over it and send me pages and pages of this…..continuously. I suppose he used red cocky to depict blood and the aim was to put fear in me.

Despite warnings not to open some of these letters and parcels for fear they could have been sent by the likes of Williamson – who blew-up political activists with letter bombs and the like – curiosity would get the better of me and I would open. One day I received a book from an elderly Afrikaaner woman who said she absolutely adored my work and gave me the book as a sign of appreciation. I was overwhelmed. It is not everybody whose heart is filled with hatred and the colour of their skin doesn’t always dictate their views on life. I never read the book.

And so when I received emails that looked like they could come from a 464 Scam like the one of a black man who had invented Please Call Me or Blacks who were milling corn into maize and were being ripped off by whites, I always allowed my curiosity to lead me…..and often I found the story to be factual.

I’m here writing this to you….Craig Williamson’s email didn’t blow me up. It was actually OKAY.

I do however have to take time off to attend to personal matters.

In that time, I will come to UnCensored once or twice a day to check on your comments and contributions and make the necessary posts. I will also attempt to write and source articles of mutual interest to ensure we keep the momentum going.

As the young ones say: peace out homies!

Aluta Continua


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  1. The Anc is a liberation movement led by human beings who were not immune to human mistakes, as they were not saints.

    OR Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, all of them made mistakes, hence these mistakes are not limited to Jacob Zuma.

    We have never gone to public platforms to throw these flaws.
    That’s the culture of the anc that Lindiwe may be talking about.

    Am speaking from a point of being born at pick of the Anc revolution era 1954

    Having associated myself to this movement at a tender age of 12, when my family was terrorized & raided by apartheid regime day in day out.

    We had to travel at midnight hours in 1968 to get my sister & her husband (Dr Modiselle) leaving their newly born child to escape from the country thru Lesotho to Zambia, & the inhuman conditions encountered in the Zambia Camp, which lead to us to further get my sister to move to Sweden.

    The real Heros of this liberation movement is the MK Cadres! It is so sad how they had been thrown in the back bench!

  2. My dear Cde Lindiwe is another one that contradicts herself.

    While she at it (being a new media queen) she must tell us she is one of those that voted with the DA in the failed motion, which was intended to remove the Anc from power, now she wants to be a presidential candidate.

    She must remember that the more we use social media, and the more we think we’re connecting, we are really disconnecting from each other.
    Social media is something of a double-edged sword At its best.

    Ask Makhosi Khoza with all her academic qualification, she left the movement a very confused woman.!

    “Am leaving the alien Anc! But will not stop the work of the Anc”.

    You can’t be more confused than the above especially if you claim to have been born in the Anc!

    I concur with MKMVA good riddance!

  3. Aluta Continua sis PK. You got us curious now with a master spy from the past – can’t wait to hear about your encounter with him…LoL ? ? I was thinking the same thing about the email he sent you going – poof… pls be careful and get a well deserved break. The likes of you are invaluable and rare.

    1. My dear Brother, Im moving in the big league now. Apartheid spies want to talk to me. LOL. On my Twitter Line, SARS officials tell me Im on the right track and must dig deeper. Hahaha. Same people who will lap up the Gupta state capture narrative in public but dismiss it on email

  4. Dear pk
    You are one of the bravest woman that I admire.

    Please take this time off to reflect on your life and your passion for journalism & the challenges & experiences you endured along the path.

    The current article of the trade in illicit cigarettes, this is a lucrative industry worth billions of rand every month, and is cash based distribution network.

    The dealers involved in illicit cigarette trade become associated in associated financial crimes, these include money laundering, tax evasion, racketeering, fraud

    They are also involved in other crimes such as:

    *buying, selling, dealing in illegal substances/narcotics ( cocaine & tik)

    * illegal trade/smuggling of diamonds & gold.

    *human trafficking & prostitution.

    *murder,assault and violent crimes.

    *Extortion, bribery & blackmail.

    * Corruption of government officials & politicians

    This industry is also rife with “underground network”snitches, snipers, informants, spin doctors and so on.

    The rogue unit worked with most of these people, some were protected and some were tipped off, that sars were investigating them.

    The rogue unit gave the underground network in cape town Confidential and secret taxpayers information, which were used to defraud Sars with illegal rebates, amounting to billions..

    One of Tom Moyane achievement was stopping this serious crime, resulting in the saving of R23bn

    Pravin Gordhan & oupa magashula ignored this crime when I reported it to both in 2011/12.
    They were fully aware also fully aware of the rogue unit that was illegally spying on S.A. Citizen & politicians & law-enforcements.

    Lastly the KPMG retraction of certain parts of the sars report is nothing more than an attempt to protect Trevor Manual & Pravin Gordhan & the rest of the rogue unit.

    Lastly the alleged relationship between. Belinda & JVL was a fabricated story by Jacques Pauw (journalist associated with JVl)

    Belinda is a respected associate of the “intelligence pool of expertise”, locally & international.

    1. A Sunday Times journalist, Malcolm Rees, recorded a conversation he had with Belinda Walter and in it she confesses to being in a relationship with JVL. He also confirmed the relationship. Ms Walter in my knowledge has never contested the relationship.

      1. Well Pk these things happen!

        Some of us when caught admit, and some just simply call these relationship family matters,for purpose of constitutional protection.

        1. By the way Jeff, have I missed the DPs “full disclosure” he promised Parliament? Usually the DA makes a lot of noise when an ANC MP misleads Parly!

          1. You missed nothing Pk!
            I still feel very insulted by DP playing all of us, making us believe he was a honourable men about to do what was right, but then remembered all the other contradictions he’s made, & concluded DP is nothing but one of those men on Playboy Magazine who consider themselves as god`s gift to ….., thats how he rolls.

            In terms of the DA and their double standards, I have no comment,maybe there is some hidden alliance which we will never know.

            No Anc member lies in parliament and gets away with it, the DA take you up to ConCourt for that.

          2. Comrade Jeff, this is unANC like. Apparently when Cde Lindiwe was asked why she never raised her voice against the leadership of the ANC, she said: It’s not done in the ANC.

  5. Aus PK, i know you have news to share with all of us re Graig W. I will wait to hear what that is. T know it is bound to be of importance. I wish you well.

  6. Black man really invented the “Please Call Me” so it is not a scam. I hope you followed the ConCourt ruling on this matter. It has been established beyond doubt that the Black man and African to boot invented the system which has yielded Vodafone group billions of rands. In fact, it will worth your while to investigate the developments between the Black man and Vodacom regarding the settlement negotiations as mandated by ConCourt. Vodacom has adopted the ‘Stalingrad strategy’ of negotiations hoping, as it always happens, the opponent will drop dead or give up the fight for lack of resources.

    1. I wrote a book on the matter. I know it more than anyone. I think you need to re-read what Im saying in that piece.

      1. I don’t doubt your mastery on the matter but found it arrogant to intimate you know the subject matter more than anyone. There is something called intellectual humility. I am a great fun of yours and so let’s rest this banter.

        1. I found you to be extremely arrogant to think you can lecture me on a topic I know more than everybody – sadly having not read the article properly. There’s such a thing as reading to understand and not to respond. There’s also such a thing as humility in realising you got something wrong – its usually followed by something called apology. “Sorry, I misinterpreted….” simple. But I’m not in the business of being liked or collecting fans – so I actually dont give a toss what you think of me as a person. Engage with my work and we can have as many disagreements as you like.

  7. Craig Williamson!!!!he must never come with his evil tricks again. If he tries anything on you PK I will find him and skin him alive.

    But,i am curious though to hear what he says. Take a break you deserve it.

  8. Well you PK. I can’t say that I am not curious about contents of Craig’s letter, but do enjoy your break madam.

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