UPDATE: Legal Cases UnCensored Publishes

Revised Version with Jeff's Update

WE receive a lot of queries from people closely connected to the legal cases we publish; be it clients of Emerald van Zyl for the FNB Equality Court Case, people who’ve lost their homes through dubious bank repossessions, or the Surtie family over the Surtie inheritance

In many cases, readers demand we give them updates of the cases. As I explained when we received a barrage of queries about the Illungelo Lethu call for people who’ve had their houses repossessed to contact them, we dont run these cases, we simply publish the story.

We’ve in the past received correspondence from readers who I suspect are members of the Surtie family demanding we publish updates of the case on the basis that some deal was being brokered behind their backs. This is not our place to get involved in the family feuds. We’ve asked Jeff Korbanally who’s handling this case for an update and he’s explained that it is at a sensitive stage and he would update when the time is right.

Jeff responds to earlier version of the article:

“There is no resolution nor settlement deal reached yet on the Surtie matter.

The matter is likely to end up in lengthy litigations ,international intervention has been seeked. This may result in RSA being struckoff the bond market trading platform,due to the seriousness of the violations which constituted to money laundering.
Jeff Koorbanally”

Yesterday we received through Twitter complaints related to the FNB Equality Court case. Like all the other cases we publish we have nothing to do with the administration of that case but here too, we’ve requested updates from van Zyl who promised he would.

Anyone who wishes to query these cases needs to confront the relevant people involved but if they want to bring to our attention to any wrong-doing on those handling these cases, they must provide proof and we shall publish it.

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