UnCensored & Real African Books Team Up To Publish African Books

UnCensored and Real African Books have teamed up to establish an entity – Real African Foundation –  that will publish and distribute a series of books and other merchandise which will focus on Ancient Civilisations of Africa, Its Queens & Kings and Dynasties, Its Traditions & Culture, It’s People, Historical Sites, and Its Food.

Marcus Garvey once said “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”. Our goal is therefore to have as many of these books in the hands of the public so they can know how great this continent and its people are. We can print from as little as 50 books to 1000 or more. Contact us on for prices and corporate packages.

The first in the series of books is The Seven Amazing African Queens and Dynasties. As queen mothers of empires, warrior queens and mothers of humanity, African women have largely shaped the history and civilisation of mankind. 

Yaa Asantewaa

From the story of the Kandakes of Nubia who confronted and repelled the Greek and Roman Empire (Alexander the Great and Augustus Caesar), to the indomitable Nzinga of Matamba’s campaign against the Portuguese, these amazing women should every government in the world rethink the content of education.

The Seven Amazing African Queens and Dynasties is a great revelation of what is often unsung, and will help change the way we see the world. It features the Rain Queens of South Africa, Yaa Asantewaa – the Ashanti Warrior Queen, Nzinga of Matamba, Amina of Zazzua, Cleopatra V11, The Kandakes of Nubia, Makeda Queen of Sheba

The book is written by Ghanaian born James Pusch Commey, an advocate based in Johannesburg.


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  1. I am fully aware that I have been “absent” from this platform for an extra-ordinarily long period. However news of this great project has galvanized me back to life. Congratulations to you Cde PK and to you too Cde Adv Commey for all the hard work , effort and determination displayed in your untiring quest to build and maintain an alternative and progressive platform. The resilience and determination displayed by yourselves in the face of apparently overwhelming odds will certainly pay off.
    I have noted with great joy that Cde Commey is originally from Ghana . It was in Ghana sometime in the early 1970s where a great Afro-jazz band , Osibisa , emerged . One of their greatest hits ( which was composed by Sol Amarfio )was “Woyaya” . Today as I reflect on the amazing growth of this beautiful blog , I am playing in the background “Woyaya”. Yes it will be hard but we will get there!

    1. Ahh just seeing your name & writing gives me much joy Cde Greg. I know life has been extremely tough for all of us but those little leaps forward say we will get there.
      Indeed this is an exciting project from which Im absolutely certain you will partake and enjoy.

      Keep well My Leader.

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