IMG_0900The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has noted with dismay false allegations that the British PR company, Bell Pottinger, has been involved in formulating media statements for MKMVA.

We dismiss with contempt the lies that Bell Pottinger assisted us with any political analyses of the socio-political situation in South Africa, nor wrote or edited any media statements that we issued. MKMVA has never met with any employee of Bell Pottinger nor ever received any ‘coaching’ whatsoever about how to analyse/understand the South African political reality. We live this reality every day, and we do not need to be told anything about our own experiences by a foreign PR company.

Allegations of this nature are deeply insulting, they are patronising and downright racist. This is a malicious attempt to undermine the analytical and intellectual capabilities of our MKMVA cadres by trying to imply that we do not have the capacity to think and speak for ourselves!

We are appalled by the underlying racism contained in this appalling propaganda. Umkhonto we Sizwe has a proud history of politically well-schooled cadres, led by ideologically sound political commanders and commissars. We do not need any foreigners to tell us what to think and what to do!

Our business relationships with companies associated with the Gupta family is known, and above board. We have always maintained that these are of a purely commercial nature and that we have nothing to hide.

However, we are not an extension of the Gupta family or for that matter any other business associates that we have. We are an independent organisation in our own right, with proud freedom fighters as our members who have dedicated their lives to the liberation of our beloved country. Many of us have sacrificed decades of our lives for the liberation of South Africa and we are not for sale, nor to be ‘captured’ by anyone. Baseless allegations to that effect are downright racist, and an unforgivable insult to the huge struggle contribution that we have made. It is especially an insult to those of our members who have made the ultimate sacrifice of having laid down their lives for the liberation of South Africa.

We have noted with utter dismay the false propaganda narrative that Bell Pottinger developed the socio-political concepts of White Monopoly Capital and Radical Socio-economic Transformation. This is a blatant lie!

As far as our analysis is concerned that the South African economy is dominated by White Monopoly Capital who relentlessly exploit black people (especially Africans), we do not need to be told by some foreigners from London that this is the case – we live and experience that reality every day right-here in South Africa. The use of the definition White Monopoly Capital in the language and writings of the ANC and SACP stretches back over many decades, long before Bell Pottinger even existed, or got involved in whatever they have been doing here in South Africa. Those who are actually interested in the truth, rather than fake news and propaganda we refer to the academic paper by Professor Chris Malikane, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Witwatersrand, titled: “Some notes on white monopoly capital: Definition, use and denial”. Professor Malikane’s paper is 17 pages long, mainly containing quotes from ANC and SACP documents and speeches stretching back as far as four decades showing that White Monopoly Capital was an often used definition for the exploitative economic reality of South Africa. Similarly Radical Economic Transformation/Radical Socio-economic Transformation can be found in the lexicon of the ANC and SACP over decades. It was formally adopted in the ANC’s Strategy and Tactics document in 2012 at the National Elective Conference in Mangaung.

We note that Bell Pottinger felt it necessary to write a so-called letter of apology that they “supported and aided campaigns to stir up racial division in South Africa”. If they had abused our historically very legitimate definitions of White Monopoly Capital and Radical Economic Transformation for nefarious purposes they should fully pay the reputational price, as well as whatever further damages come their way. However, any such behaviour cannot and should not detract from the harsh white racist exploitative reality of the South African economy and society in general. It is shameful that some comrades such as Joel Netshitenze, Paul Mashatile, David Makhura, Blade Nzimande and Trevor Manuel, to name a few, abuse this false narrative for their own factional purposes. Their behaviour is disingenuous and expedient in the extreme. They should be ashamed of themselves and deserve to be censored in the strongest possible manner.

As for Bell Pottinger, we do not take kindly to their foreign interference on our shores. We do not need their so-called analysis of the South African reality that we live in and know. It brims with arrogant ignorance!

We do not need PR mercenaries who serve whoever the highest paymaster is (at one point they even worked for an arch-reactionary like Margaret Thatcher!), and who evidently have no ideological or moral compass. Our advise to them is to stay put in London where they belong, among the White Monopoly Capitalists who have moved so much of our country’s wealth off-shore there – right under the nose of Trevor Manuel when he was Minster of Finance.

We do not need white colonial charlatans, we will analyse and define our own reality and liberate ourselves through Radical Socio-economic Transformation from the White Monopoly Capitalists.

 Issued by the President of MKMVA, Comrade Kebby Maphatsoe

 All media enquiries to be directed to Carl Niehaus, MKMVA National Executive Committee member and it’s National Spokesperson. Mobile number: +27 82 796 2626

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  1. If some in our country can demand the Guptas to leave our shores what stop us from demanding that this PR company leaves our shores…if you look at its history it is besiege by scandals from working with Thatcher,,campaign about WMD’s in Iraq to promoting those White Helmets head choppers in Syria

  2. We are not naive “House Niggers” who believe that WMC is good no matter what, and if you say it is bad, someone might have told you so.
    That is an insult. We don’t need Bell Portinger to tell us that greedy White Males are Monopolising economy in our country.

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