Umkhonto We Sizwe & ANCWL Condemn Sunday Times’ “Fake News” & Say “Hands-Off NDZ”


The Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) and the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) issued scathing statements in response to a Sunday Times article published this past Sunday in which among others, ANC presidential candidate Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is said to have a close relationship with alleged smuggler and money launderer Adriano Mazzotti.

A statement by Umkhoto We Sizwe released on Sunday reads in part: “A careful read of today’s Sunday Slimes article reveals not a single fact or verification of the wild allegations that are being made. The sole verifiable piece of ‘evidence’ that is presented is a photograph of Adriano Mazzotti with Dr. Dlamini Zuma. This photograph is disingenuously presented as ‘evidence’ of Dr. Dlamini Zuma’s ‘close relationship’ with Mazzotti, while the photograph actually proves absolutely nothing beyond that it had been taken. Similarly to hundreds (if not thousands) of photos that Dr. Dlamini Zuma takes, as a public figure, with the many people who approach her on a daily basis to be photographed with. In the era of social media these photographs often get posted, re-posted and tweeted and re-tweeted numerous times with Dr. Dlamini Zuma not having any control over how they are used. All reasonable persons know that such photographs are not evidence of any relationship/association (not even to talk of a perverse flight of the imagination that it proves a ‘close relationship’!). The reality is that beyond this photo this smear article is not based on a single verifiable fact, it is solely conjured up out of corridor gossip and cheap propagandistic conjecture.

In the inside pages of the Sunday Slimes they proceed with the very same smear campaign, claiming that the Gedleyihlekisa ANC Branch, where Dr. Dlamini Zuma is a member, had rejected her as presidential candidate, and of course they do not fail to emphasise that the branch supposedly favours Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. This despite of the fact that the ANC Ethekweni Regional Executive Council had dissolved the branch (a decision which was upheld by the ANC KZN Provincial Working Committee [PWC]), and that it does not even qualify to hold a Branch General Meeting (BGM), nor to send any delegate to the ANC National Elective Conference in December”.  Here’s the full statement Sunday Times Smear Campaign – MKMVA response

Hands-Off Nkosazana – ANCWL Warns

The ANCWL statement read in part: “Dr. Dlamini-Zuma has nothing to hide. Her discipline and dedication to Radical Economic Transformation has, therefore, attracted millions of well-wishers who have volunteered their time, resources and energy to making sure that she becomes victorious in December. Consequently, Dr. Dlamini-Zuma has limited knowledge on all the contributors to the campaign, which are coordinated by the ANCWL with the support of the ANC Military Veterans and the ANC Youth League as well as the structures of the African National Congress. Our efforts are people oriented. Our campaign is, therefore, a people’s campaign.

Finally, we wish to warn Sunday Times and other counter revolutionary media houses to keep their hands off Dr. Dlamini Zuma”.

Mazzotti Denies Funding NDZ Campaign

In media reports published in various newspapers yesterday, Mazzotti denied having funded the NDZ Campaign.

”Carnilinx [his tobacco firm] does not support any political campaign… Neither Carnilinx nor myself have contributed cash to the NDZ campaign,” Mazzotti told News24 in an WhatsApp message.

He said that a photograph of himself with Dlamini-Zuma which is now circulating publicly, was taken when “I met NDZ and a photo was taken which was placed on social media by a 3rd party.”

He and self-confessed drug smuggler Glen Agliotti are said to be consulting lawyers on allegations contained in a book by Jacques Pauw on which the Sunday Times story was based. Pauw is reportedly standing by his claims that Mazzotti confessed in affidavit in 2014 to being a smuggler and money launder. Agliotti is said have been boasting to other gangsters about setting up a cigarette smuggling operation with the knowledge of President Jacob Zuma.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who allegedly received funding from Mazzotti, are reported to have refused to enter the fray saying they didn’t want to get involved.


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  1. But I’m still worried about Government’s inability to respond permanently to these kind of Acts by the Media Houses.

    Government itself is forever defending.

    In soccer, when your opponents are pressing your defence, in other words playing you HALF GROUND, they are more likely to score because you can’t defend forever, sooner or later something will give.

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