Ultra-Leftism And Petty-Bourgeoisie (Two Sides Of The Same Coin): A Critical Look At The Eff-Da Axis

By Dr Lehlohonolo Kennedy Mahlatsi


Graphic: BlackOpinion. 

The recent developments in municipalities where the alliance between the EFF and DA has ensured that the latter remains in power warrants a theoretical exposition. In different corners of the world, Trotskyites are notorious for being troublemakers, saboteurs and splitters. They like to style themselves as more leftist that the Left to cover up and make excuses for the worst cases of collaboration and conspiracy with imperialism and reaction, against the genuine proletarian revolution.

Lenin referred to ‘opportunism’ when he was thinking of reformism or revisionism of the

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  1. The article by the SACP PEC member from Free State has nothing much.

    It speaks about philosophy being first rooted in the masses, thereafter advancing towards the intended goal. But the SACP has all this time before the anc and yet has failed to do what this man is suggesting is the proper way to fight the revolution…mind you, they had all this time without any impediments from other parties, which can only suggest scapegoating of the EFF and shading their own failures.

    He also fails to accept the fact that the foundation of the Sacp is racist, as per their 1922 slogan “Workers of the world unite and fight for a white South Africa” and this can not be pardoned as a merely blip in the historics of this white controlled communist party, communist in form and not in substance.

    He also fails to give and argue the reasons the EFF stated as to why it voted for the DA in the municipalities…all of which points to the failings of their alliance partner in governing and giving our people good service delivery.

    …also, the corruption endemic within the ANC government is omitted, which is what has led to our people growing impatient and tired of the ANC.

    If we were to go into the SACP,we would leave it in pieces. We would go into how upon his death, Mr mandela was revealed as a secret sacp committee member and yet he married WMC and made many compromises which we are fighting against today.

  2. Brilliant article Cde Lehlohonolo. Only this past Sunday I was struggling to take my two nieces, both of whom are students at Wits University, on an exposition of the political nexus linking the DA and the EFF. Your well-written thesis on this issue will certainly make my task much less complex.
    I personally got to understand the true nature of “ultra-leftism” through my observation of the Socialist Workers Party ( the “SWP” ) when I was based in London in late 1980s. They maintained a strong presence on all campuses and proved, very much like the EFF, very divisive and counter-revolutionary. While claiming to be revolutionaries, they were in in fact very hostile to us in the national liberation movement led by the ANC and the Communist Party. They were also opposed to our understanding of the concept of revolutionary internationalism. They were in particular very hostile to the socialist block which was led by the Soviet Union. Thanks to articles like yours Cde Lehlohonolo , we can commence the task of exposing them for what they truly are, namely counter-revolutionaries and agents of imperialism.

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