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Trump Win. The folly of a media that takes sides

By Pinky Khoabane


The Donald Trump win is a lesson for liberal media around the world. It is not the job of the media to project its wishes on the reader and viewers but for it to project the events of the world without bias to the reader.

The liberal media, backed by Wall Street, which has for years captured the US government, through massive sums in donations to presidential candidates, pushed for Trumps’s demise. Trump is vile, racist, bigoted, and we should never for a minute espouse the values for which he stands.

But Hillary

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  1. The ‘normal’ people are literally sick of being nothing more than fodder for the beast that the ‘elites’ are straddling upon while they gorge themselves and direct it towards their selfish, destructive goals. Despite everything that Donald Trump quite openly reveals himself to be including being a wealthy man himself, he is seen as the ultimate ‘Anti-them’. That is the message that was sent loud and clear. Was it heard? listening to mainstream media today, I doubt. Either that or there just was no script for this one. However people should be cautious about expectations as there are bonds that even he cannot break, I think.

  2. To rebuke your quickly turning against earlier stance you took of pushing down on this narrative of the cultural marxism,you were advocating for all these nasty beliefs of feminism and all strange ism,on the 08/11 article of yours you were for that women power and all oft repeated languages from left and I knew you are wrong as I was following david duke who had a greater and credible knowledge and all his forecast were right.to divert a bit all your forecst are off at tangent first lge were anc you said it was set to win,alas all major metro gone to da next time leave emotions apart and come with coherent credible forecast move out from that cultural marxism world is changing to right

    1. Themba, You may have been in a hurry to post. Please repost with proper punctuation so we can understand your point.

      Thanks for reading.


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