Treasury’s Fall from Grace

Written by Colin Arendse on his Facebook Page


On Friday, 26 May 2017, ANN7 dropped a bombshell when it revealed the contents of an INTERNAL audit report into our Treasury under former Finance Ministers, Nene and Gordhan. It appears that some R4 billion rand in wasteful expenditure was incurred but that the report had gathered dust under the watch of both Nene and Gordhan.

Some of the comments of the studio guests on Friday last week and again last night points to what can only be described as the looting of our State coffers (a criminal offence) ….

Judge for yourself –

It is the nature of the South African economy to only benefit a handful of people;
People doing business with Treasury do as they please – pay as much as you like;
The Courts cannot replace the function of Parliament;
The company that benefited from apartheid won the IT tender in Treasury. Why was the competitor who runs 80% of the rest of the world’s government IT programmes excluded?;
This is looting and corruption at the highest level;

Everyone is jumping up and down about Eskom and Tegeta. But why is nobody asking questions about Bitz Tech and their contract with Treasury?;

There was dereliction of fiduciary duty on the part of Pravin Gordhan and his DG;
They must face the Nation and the law!;
Treasury was captured by Bitz Tech (not the Guptas);
Why is a minister Gordhan so bitter and what is he hiding?;
No system in place for the billing of hours at Treasury;
Incomplete payment register;
A service level agreement is a standard requirement per the internal auditor’s recommendations – yet KPMG were handed a R59m tender without any form of contract in place!;
Absolute corrupt activity!;
Wasteful expenditure on a grand scale;
KPMG just do as they please;
This is a corrupt relationship (between KPMG and Treasury);
KPMG have captured Treasury!;

Repeat offenders have been extending the scope of their business;

So DA’s Mmusi Maimane, eNCA’s Annika Larsen, SaveSA, our Clergy and others, let us pause to join the dots:
Civil society has rightly expressed concern about State Capture.
But who defines state capture? Thuli Madonsela? – but she failed to even finalise the Filcon/DA corruption matter involving Jewish businessman, Saul Loggenberg after three very long years.

Or do you allow the Stellenbosch Mafia and their media surrogates to define what you can watch (by excluding ALL news on this internal Treasury audit report on grand scale corruption – like eNCA).

Let me give you a simple example (without being derogatory or racist):
Every Tom Dick, Harry and his dog have been captured into hating the Guptas. Now, the Guptas are an Indian family and some of our pale faces have wasted little time in poking fun at this fact (see how sensitive you become when I call you a pale face – now imagine how the Guptas must feel?)

The interesting thing is that at least three very senior treasury public servants who have been fingered in this exposé are – Indian. So, I’m like wondering; what makes these Indians different from the Guptas? Why is it only the Gupta family that’s being fingered? Or is it because those “other Indians” are perhaps connected to Pravin Gordhan (who became famous amongst our captured minds for showing his middle finger to the Hawks?)

You see, my fellow citizens, you need to keep an open mind cos there are much bigger forces at play here.

Certain people and all captured companies (not black owned) who have been living off the fat of our land are repositioning themselves cos their cosy nest egg is suddenly under threat from RET (write it down somewhere – it stands for Radical Economic Transformation – PS. join your nearest ANC branch to find out more).

My point being – it is patently wrong and criminal to investigate the Guptas only!!!
And that is why I am so proud of my ANC for pushing for a Commission of Enquiry into State Capture which will investigate EVERY captured deal that has gone down with our State since democracy in 1994.
If you don’t speak up about this grand corruption at Treasury involving YOUR taxpayers money, or even take off from work to march against this, are you not also corrupt by doing nothing?
Be brave and share my post to your wall !
Now – where are all those captured pale faces who hide behind BEE front companies to score lucrative State tenders? ….

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  1. black sheeples..nxa..where is Maimane and these Soros funded so called NGO’s and foundations…

  2. A little overwhelmed to have my very simple thoughts and concerns published in this hallowed space. Many thanks and strength forward for the battle of the minds …..

  3. Hi Pinky I note with dismay that credit based black middle class don’t even mention this in their indignation to corruption. It’s a shame that black people are being used in this manner to drive white monopoly capital forever. It seems white people doing corruption is an acceptable standard in this country

    1. We are in a terrible place in our public discourse Dumisani. It is actually pretty distressing.

      What to do. We can only hope that the little platforms like UnCensored can help drive the campaign to Awaken our brothers and sisters. Let’s spread the word. Let’s write.



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