Today in History: Karl Marx, SS Mendi, Jackson 5s, Multi Party Forum

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February 21, 1848 Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is published in London http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/marx-publishes-manifesto

February 21 1917. SS Mendi collided with the Darro near the Isle of Wright near the English Channel. The Mendi sank with a contingent of Black South African troops on their way to France to fight on the British side http://v1.sahistory.org.za/pages/chronology/thisday/1917-02-21.htm

February 21, 1970 The Jackson 5 make their TV debut on American Bandstand

February 21, 1994, Multiparty Negotiating Forum meets for the first time since December 1993, to hear the ANCs proposals on the inclusion of a constitutional principle on self-determination.





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