Time to Bank Black

Pinky Khoabane

In a country where every industry is owned by whites, VBS Mutual Bank, which gave President Jacob Zuma the loan to pay for the non-security features on Nkandla, offers Black South Africans the opportunity to BANK BLACK.

Ruperts et al

It is black-owned and it is the answer to breaking the monopoly stranglehold of the four big banks; ABSA, NEDBANK, Standard Bank and First National Bank.

Banking BLACK means the money circulates among Blacks and builds wealth for Blacks, for a change.

In a country where the liberal media and self-hating Blacks associate Black with corruption, daggers are already out for this bank. At issue for now, is the Public Investment Corporation’s (PIC) stake in VBS. What these liberals conveniently forget is that PIC invests in all the banks through the Treasury. This bank can expect vicious attacks from the South African media  hence it’s important for Blacks to give this financial institution support by banking with it.

There’s a movement in the US encouraging African Americans to put their money in black-owned banks following the numerous high profile police killings in that country. The Black Dollar Matters follows the theme of Blacks Lives Matter.

And the financial institutions in the US say they’ve seen a surge in deposits.

VBS Bank could the saviour we’ve been waiting for.

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  1. We looking forward to doing business with this bank,please give us more information on how to access it.

  2. Hi Pinky

    Bravo to President Zuma,We must definitely bank black.U bank is another black owned bank, it is owned by mineworkers.

      1. Hi PK
        What is a link between FW de Klerk and arms deal – is it not his current wife’ alimony from her ex husband

        1. Hi Sipho

          I have no idea. I don’t read mainstream media on the main so Im often completely in the dark.

          If you have information let us know.



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