Tiger Brands – From Bread Fixing To Gassing Pigs To Listeriosis

By Pinky Khoabane


Tiger Brands CEO Lawrence MacDougall 

WHEN ethics and profits collide you have the kind of headlines that keep companies like Tiger Brands in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Tiger Brands owns Enterprise Foods which is currently embroiled in the listeriosis outbreak which has killed 180 people. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Sunday named two Tiger Brands Enterprise factories as having produced contaminated products.

In 2007, Tiger Brands was fined R99m for stealing from the poor in the bread price-fixing scandal.

In 2015, The Pork Packers’ Abattoir in eastern Johannesburg, which supplies meat to Enterprise Foods was slammed for gassing pigs with carbon dioxide before slaughtering them. At the time, it was claimed that alternative methods were presented to Tiger Brands, which the company rejected on the basis that they would be more costly.

In 2016, it recalled some of its cooking sauces and rice products after tests found traces of potentially carcinogenic ingredients. It recalled 17 000 packs of its “Tastic Simply Delicious” line of instant rice and curry sauces.

Tiger Brands is Africa’s largest food manufacturer. It has denied any links between the deaths from listeriosis to its products but have you had any loud calls for an enquiry from our commercial media? The answer is in who controls the food and their advertisers.

Who controls your food? We ran this article in July last year!

South Africa’s banking cartel and control of food

Many South Africans are not aware that the banking cartel of 5 big banks which control 91% of banking also control the food value chain thus the land and our health [3].

Major food producers and manufacturers controlled by banks and other financial service providers:

Astral Foods Ltd(poultry and poultry feed mills) – Standard Bank, First Rand, Nedcor and JP Morgan Securities control 71.16% of this major poultry player which applied for immunity for corrupt practices in 2010 with Competition Commission[4] AVI Ltd (Five Roses, Freshpak, Bakers, Frisco) – Standard Bank, First Rand, Nedcor, Investec control 66.73%
Clover Industries Ltd (Clover Fresh Milk, Milk Powder, Tropika, Ultra Mel) – Standard Bank, First Rand, Nedcor, Investec control 72.22%
Crookes Brothers Ltd (sugar cane, bananas, deciduous fruit, grain and sheep) – Standard Bank, Investec and First Rand control 76.74%
Quantum Foods Ltd (animal feeds, broiler,eggs and layer livestock) – PSG, Standard Bank, First Rand and Nedcor control 77.02%
RCL Foods Ltd (Rainbow Chickens, Sunbake, Mageu Number 1, Monati Mabele) – Remgro 72%
Rhodes Food Group (Bull Brand,fresh deciduous fruit, canned fruit and jams) – RMB Morgan Stanley, Standard Bank control 77.52%
Premier Foods Ltd (Blue Ribbon, Iwisa, Lil-Lets, Dove) – Brait 90%
The most striking feature in South Africa’s food production is the presence of three White males with significant stakes across the value chain and they are Johann Rupert (Remgro/FirstRand), Jannie Mouton(PSG) and Christo Wiese (Brait/Shoprite).

The banks and other financial services managed to capture South Africa’s food production after the dawn of deregulation when a policy called GEAR was adopted in 1996 so those who claim that White Mononopoly Capital doesn’t exist need to explain to the public how the brief picture drawn above can be explained.

South Africa’s banking cartel and control of food


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  1. Oh I see why food is so expensive in South Africa. These banks use the same method they are using in banking operations to steal from the poor. Price fixng is the order of the day.

    1. It is incredible Raphael. Everything goes through the banks – they own everything. And this is the danger of privatisation – that basic needs are all commercialised – from water to education to housing. Someone told me the other day that a bus she was using has gone triple the price since the Democratic Alliance took over – they are all for privatising everything.

  2. This simply means that the banks are our masters. From the Federal Reserve downwards. The question is how donwe break up these monster monopolies?

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