If you thought 2016 was bloody… wait for 2017

pinky-khoabanePinky Khoabane

Three or so months ago I decided to start a publication – I had for years been disgruntled with what I read in commercial media and had for the past six years or so attempted to start a publication which gave an alternative view to the current anti-black narrative in South Africa’s commercial media.

I identified two Twitter friends whose views I thought could make for a different take of the world. The Maytrix and Mxolisi Ka Nkomonde. And without much resources, we got it going. And UnCensored was born.

We’ve had other contributors in the time – Thanks to Redge Nkosi, Sean Goss, Khotso Molekane. The support we’ve received from readers, some of whom whisper in our ears and give us stories, is simply overwhelming.

I think of the Advocate who whispered in my ear that Thuli Madonsela wasnt an advocate at the time of being appointed the public protector even though the PPs website and some journalists had pronounced her as such. He provided the evidence and the Justice Department, who are the custodians of the advocates roll, has failed or refused to verify the advocates roll.

Then there was the reader who told us about “Zuma’s kitchen cabinet” which had some years ago been said to appoint President Zuma’s cabinet. His view was that there must have been a terrible fallout between Zuma and Madonsela as she had been appointed by the kitchen cabinet.

Then there are the whisperers on the Remgro and First Rand shenanigans including the FNB racial discrimination story which we have carried for weeks now.

But we cant forget Jeff Koorbonally, a man whose email conversations with people I dont even know suddenly appeared in my email. UnCensored had published a string of articles on the Ciex report and our focus had been on the R26bn stolen by ABSA, Sanlam and DaimlerChrysler. Koorbonally brought new information to the Ciex – the ABSA bonds mentioned in the report. He had investigated the bonds, knew from where they originated and implicated several cabinet ministers from both the apartheid and current dispensations.

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was being contacted by a team that compiled the Ciex report. That is an issue we will pursue vigorously next year. We have allowed the new public protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane, time to settle into office before we begin our campaign. Johann Rupert and his gang must pay back the R26bn they stole. We could immediately sort out the fees issue with this money. We could build hospitals and speed-up the building of classrooms so that our kids no longer have to learn under trees.

Despite a media campaign waged by Rupert’s media houses, we managed to open the narrative of state capture to include white monopoly capital. It even has an acronym now – WMC.

Going into 2017, we shall dedicate our focus on corporate thuggery, an area which commercial media ignore. We’ve already made inroads as many of our readers send us leads which due to a lack of resources, we have not been able to pursue. But rest assured, we will. We will build partnerships with other alternative media outlets in order to build investigative units that can expose the rot in the corporate world.

2017 will be a bloodbath as the ANC heads towards the elective conference to choose the next president. There will be more ANC factions draped in titles such as “Save SA”, “stalwarts”, “MK Generals”, etc, that will attempt to counter the democratic processes of the ANC. They will be assisted by the opposition parties and an already hostile media that will campaign for a candidate that best protects the current and unacceptable levels of economic disparities and landlessness.

The two ANC presidential candidates, in Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, will not have it easy. The media have already begun using its scare-mongering tactic – Dlamini-Zuma in the presidency is to be feared. EFF will constantly hurl the issue of Marikana at the deputy president.

What the ANC ought to have done by now is prepare a communication strategy that counters what we know is to come. But it cant, for it is divided itself and perhaps more importantly, it’s communication machinery has been extremely stretched having had to deal with an unrelenting media, opposition and enemies within.




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  1. I had the previlige to read the CEIX report, a report on pre-1994 corruption and few other interesting reseach on how SA was stripped of her riches pre-1994. Also how the corruption continued with the white imperialists still stealing and benefit from the land. Keep exposing them. Uncensored is the best.

  2. Well done UnCensored, such a short space of time but you have amazing overwhelming following… I wish you PK and all your colleagues a very successful year (2017)… Mhhh, I love the acronym (WMC)… it suits the devils best.

    God bless you all, Uncensored followers inclusive.

    #WMC.MustFall #101JudasIscariotsMustFall

    1. You’ve made all worth while KM. We love your robustness and radical views.

      Kindest and much love going into 2017


  3. Thank you for your well researched and enlightening stories. Most importantly, your stories have sharpened my ability to argue issues with facts and evidence. Keep up the good work. Your publication might be small but the wealth of information makes it a giant.

  4. I would like to thank you for your informative article’s. I am ready to take on wmc and set black nation free.i am behind you all the way

    1. Am so grateful. Thank you for reading and believing in our stories. Hahaha, you dont understand how many think you are a lunatic when you go against the grain.

      Thank you so much.



  5. Well done my sister and team in the job well done. I always enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work on keeping us informed. Thanks for the bravery..

    1. Do you guys want me to cry on New Year’s Eve? LOL.

      THank you and thank you for reading us and supporting us.

      Kindest and much much love


  6. Good afternoon sis Pinky.

    Thank you and others for this platform. It happened just when some of us had prepared to go all out and publish local news letters, with little resources we have, to try enlighten our people about matters not told in the main stream media. I sure will mobilize as wide as possible and provide details about another battle am struggling with-LAND- and have been since 2006. Watch when RUSSIA & CHINA bury the BRITISH EMPIRE for good; All details coming up next year: all the best, God bless.

    Looking forward to an interesting 2017
    Happy 2017
    Mosala Moleli

    1. My dear brother, I have been extremely encouraged.

      Please do write and submit stories. That is what we want to do going forward. UnCensored is not mine or the few people that contribute. We want all of us to contribute to enlightening our communities about what is going on.



  7. wishing you all the best. the information you sharing with ordinary south african like me has helped me to understand politics better than before. you have my support all way.

    1. Hi John

      A case has been made in a report Ciex and commissions of enquiry by Heath & Davies. These are judges hey John. Rupert & Co stole the money. The only remaining issue is the bravery of the current government to call on the loot.
      As we’ve reported before, Trevor Manuel, before his then girlfriend & now wife, Maria Ramos sat on Rupert’s boards, wanted the money. He called for it.
      I now have enough evidence that many of Thabo Mbeki’s cabinet wanted the money back. Even those who today besmirch the CIEX report, in letters to owner of CIEX, acknowledged the money was stolen.
      The New Year will expose all of those.

      Have a HAPPPY NEW YEAr and thanks for your continued support.



    1. Thanks my dearest Sean. What a quarter of a year we’ve had.

      I know simunye even in 2017 going forward. Got in touch with the source from your story on how Nestle, Standard Bank, shoved you out of a deal you brought. It will be interesting….

      Much love and respect




  8. good morning

    Yes, let’s do it my sister. We are together in this and we will be with you forever to expose the evil that is swallowing our beloved country for the benefit of the WMC. We will make sure that they fail like the failure of regime change in Syria. This is just the beginning of their exposure and interestingly, when they think they are deceiving the blind and the ignorant mass, they happen to expose themselves in the process. Look at how the Americans decided to vote for Trump, interesting indeed . Look how Obama has been played by Putin lately, extremely interesting. The same is going to happen to SA WMC with people like you Pinky . Happy New Year! !!!!

    1. My dear Deborah, thanks for the encouragement.

      Putin has simply outplayed the West and its media.

      Supporting Trump may well be good for BRICS. He has managed to get an ally who would otherwise sabotage BRICS. So we see what unfolds – you know what they say – a day in politics is long.

      What we need going ahead is more voices. Please consider putting 300 or so words together for publication.




  9. You’ve done very well within the short space of time. The mainstream media practitioners can write what they like but are fighting an already lost battle. Your publication will succeed in offering a balanced view of all the happenings arounds us

    1. Thank you Sandile for reading and supporting us. The words of encouragement also greatly appreciated.

      All hands on deck as we face one of the most brutal years in post apartheid SA.




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