There’s Nothing Automatic About Being President of ANC: Mbeki


Here’s a video clip by former President Thabo Mbeki on the ANC tradition that the deputy president of the ANC automatically becomes the president of the ANC.

“There’s nothing automatic about being the president of the ANC. There’s no such tradition. And indeed Im saying that I dont believe that we could have established something we could call a tradition in thirteen years”.

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Thabo Mbeki


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  1. ANC is no differ with African countries, they are liars and looters and contradicting themselves. And we AFricans will be difficult to own ourselves due to loyalties to ancestors

  2. I think we as members of the ANC should allign our thinking and shift it to reality then try and point out fingers and blames.
    The culture of the organisation is basically simple, when Mandela took as president of SA the same culture was relevant to Thabo Mbeki, why?
    As he was dp he was being trained on how the country should ran and at the same time come up with ways to better it.
    And he dd, he lead us and freed our economy the way he could, same applied to JZ. He also learned and came up with ways that saved millions of lives through ARV’s and so forth.
    So why is it now not relevant that CR does the same?
    Yes we need female leaders but they shouldnt come through the window but they should come through the door.
    If we honestly feel that a woman deserves to lead and she is ready let us go and elect her as the dp so we know that when her time comes she is familiar with how the country is led she can come up with ways and strategies that can take us forward as a nation. Its not rocket science but its just common sense

    1. Dear Linda

      You finished me with this line: “Yes we need female leaders but they shouldnt come through the window but they should come through the door” Hahaha.



  3. I beg to differ with honourable former president TM ,I think the purpose of having deputies is because we want to have someone who is prepared by the Anc and the gorvenment led by the Anc to continue with the work of the Anc in the movement and in Gorvenment although it is not in our constitution, someone who has to take over has to be familiar with the business of leading in gorvenment, but I do understand that Anc is a contested terrain and any member is allowed to contest any position.

    1. Yes you quite correct in terms what would be the need for DP which is exactly what they do: Assist the President in both Anc & Government structures.

      What Cde Mbeki is disputing is the belief that the DP automaticallyqaulifies without contesting the position to be President when the position becomes vacant. That’s what he’s refering to as non tradition.

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