OPINION: The Racist “Whistleblower” & His Ferraris

By Pinky Khoabane

ANGELO AGRIZZI is the racist recorded calling his former colleagues kaffirs. He was the Chief Operating Officer at Bosasa, now African Global Operations (AGO). An exit agreement, in the region of R40m, was reached with him when internal records showed he had been siphoning the company’s funds to enrich himself and pay influential people including politicians, without the company’s authorisation.

Here’s Agrizzi’s full racist rant including how he can help AGO from the negative media coverage and having the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) drop the case against the company.

He has leaked stories to the media, News24 in particular, about the workings of the organisation. He’s behind leaks of recent stories of security systems which have been installed in a number of ANC politicians’ homes. His name features on every transaction and yet News24 doesn’t hold him accountable. He’s a whistleblower we are meant to believe (See below what constitutes whistleblowing. Thieves lose the privilege). Further questions come to mind: Where does an employee get money to own three Ferraris? Why does News24 never tell us how he made his money? City Press published a picture of him with his Ferraris behind him but didnt bother to ask how he made his money! He’s white I suppose and doesn’t steal.

And so this man is not only corrupt but he’s also a racist and we are supposed to sit and take his word that the company for which he worked for 17years has been corrupt without his knowledge and where he’s fingered, he had nothing to do with it but his bosses. Look, if Bosasa is corrupt, lynch them but please save us from the narrative that says one of the people pivotal in the organisation is squeaky clean despite having been the one who paid for many of the transactions which are purportedly corrupt.

There’s one thing about being corrupt and then there’s another about being to the people who helped make the business what it is. Love or hate the Black people who make BEE companies work but for goodness sake, don’t disrespect them and call them “kaffirs and lazy” simply because you as a white person “scrubbed the toilets, worked tirelessly” as Agrizzi confesses in the audio recording. He had nothing to bring to the party more than his skills to clean the toilets, and the Blacks brought their connections. That is how business works.

In an audio recording whose authenticity UnCensored verified, Agrizzi refers to his former colleagues Johannes Gumede and Papa Leshabane as Kaffirs, on several occasions. The opening of the recording, which is allegedly at Agrizzi’s home with CEO Gavin Watson’s children and a nephew, opens with them listening to a recording of someone talking about the barbarism of Black men…”in  a time of tragedy…in Katrina and Haiti…they were looting, raping..”….”Black men cant do anything but….”.

“This is true, they steal, loot, they wreck…” a voice which is allegedly Agrizzi’s comes on. From then on, they discuss other racists in whose company Agrizzi has been in and then the strategy of undoing the negative publicity which the company has been facing. In that discussion, there’s reference to the “darkies” who have become “gatekeepers” and shoot down Gavin Watson’s decisions. Agrizzi assures the children he will go into the office and sort out the kaffirs. Again and again he constantly refers to his former colleagues, Black yes, as kaffirs.

It is tragic and sad to hear white people who have been with Black colleagues for years and those whose dad is supposedly an ANC stalwart speak of “the Darkies”.

I will post the recording later as I get into the reasons why News24 was primarily the platform which Agrizzi chose for his campaign.

African Global Operations has been mired in controversy over government tenders it has received and the latest set of articles of alleged corruption, are supplied by Agrizzi the “whistleblower”.

Two recent cases tell us that a thief turned whistleblower loses their whistleblowing status. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/does-a-thief-turned-whistleblower-deserve-immunity-from-prosecution/

Advocate Nazir Cassim, who headed a disciplinary hearing into the conduct of former Eskom Head of Legal Suzanne Daniels, found there was enough collusion on her part to warrant a summary dismissal. Daniels was lauded as the “whistleblower” who blew the lid on allegations of Eskom’s state capture involving the Gupta family. The Advocate found she was not a trustworthy witness and had not made full disclosure of her role in the transactions which were being investigated and had not provided any new material to the enquiry.

He said her disclosures were “too little too late” “opportunistic” and of someone “trying to save herself” when she was already caught out. A cyber forensic audit of Eskom executives exposed Daniels’s emails to Salim Essa, dubbed “Gupta kingpin” by the media. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/eskom-state-capture-whistleblower-an-opportunist-who-tried-to-save-herself-adv-cassim/

A week later, the South Gauteng High Court provisionally sequestrated the assets of the men who allegedly stole from the shareholders of VBS Mutual Bank despite protestations by whistleblower Phophi Londolani Mukhodobwane, VBS’ former treasurer, that he had disclosed the shenanigans that led to the bank’s liquidity problems in return for protection from prosecution. In the affidavit he gave to forensic investigators he had incriminated himself and other executives at the bank. He supposedly blew the lid on an elaborate scheme through which Vele Investment (VBS main shareholder) and VBS executives used suspense accounts to defraud VBS of R1.5bn. It is alleged the affidavit reveals how he took a helicopter ride with R5m stashed in a suitcase as a bribe in return for business from Public Investment Corporation. The executives paid themselves hefty sums in bonuses with which they maintained a lavish lifestyle involving helicopters and expensive cars and property, and Mukhodobwane got R10m part of which he used to buy himself a ferrari.

Agrizzi cannot be removed from the alleged corruption he is disseminating. This is an ongoing story. What will emerge is a bigger story of how he and others want to collapse the organisation to build their own.

Watch this space.

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