The Lost Boys Of Bird Island

THE Lost Boys of Bird Island was withdrawn a week or so ago by its publishers. It is the book about apartheid ministers who raped boys, mostly Coloured boys on an island off Port Elizabeth. 

Once the book was published, Jaques Pauw – who has had allegations of child molestation levelled against him – questioned the veracity of the book. I do not wish to delve deep into the matter as this issue will now be vented in a court of law between Pauw and journalist Piet Rampedi. 

Among other issues, Pauw criticised the investigation by both authors of the book, Mark Minnie and Chris Steyn. He questioned Minnie’s integrity and called his investigation “sloppy”. Pauw wrote: “I have serious problems with the integrity of especially Minnie. Judged on his account of his investigation, Minnie is no hero. He was a sloppy, negligent and careless policeman that botched his own investigation.”

Minnie died in what the police called suicide but many have questioned the suicide story. Pauw cites a report by forensic scientist Dr David Klatzow that Minnie’s death was likely suicide. 

The Foreword of the book is written by Marianne Thamm. She describes Chris Steyn as “a meticulous, dogged and professional journalist”. 

So who to believe? 

The reviewers of the book post its launch, many who spoke glowingly about it, have since disappeared since Pauw’s criticism. The silence of establishment media on the book’s recall, deafening. 

Here’s the copy of the book. Read and make up your mind. The Lost Boys of Bird Island A shocking exposé from within the heart of the NP government_nodrm

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