The Lie Of “White Genocide” At All Time High

By Akuba Mokoena

WHITE South African farmers have managed to convince some governments, alt-right-wing groups and media outlets abroad that 47 or so farmers killed on farms every year – against the 49 people of all races killed in South Africa every day – are part of a racially motivated campaign that seeks to exterminate them. The advocacy against the so-called white genocide has reached such levels that white farmers are now openly arming themselves for what is purported to be an onslaught of violence against them.

The lie by the racist Afriforum that white farmers have been the target of racially motivated murders has steadily grown over the years but has spiked with the announcement that government would review the constitution to allow for expropriating of land without compensation.

In the latest of a series of television programmes clearly meant to whip up emotions and justify the decisions by Afrikaner farmers to take up arms, an newsreader of what is called I24 says dozens and hundreds of farmers are being murdered and attacked as they await the outcome of the constitutional review of land expropriation. She paints a false picture of a blood bath that has forced farmers to enlist the services of a former Israel special forces commando to fight back “gangs” and “save the white farmer”.

In justifying the number of 47 farmers killed in 2017/18 oagainst the 49 people killed nationally, the journalist covering the story says while it may the case, “it must be terrifying being on a farm” as if faced with death anywhere else is any easier.

The 47 is a decrease from 66 in the previous one-year period. The most recent statistic is also less than a third of the record high between 1997 and 1998, when 153 murders were recorded.

Research findings on the crime rate in South Africa shows that a person living in the township is more likely to be murdered than anyone living elsewhere

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