The First Sound

By Vuyi Qubeka

The first sound we hear as embryos in our mothers’ wombs, incredibly forming into humans, is the sound of the drum.

The vigour of spirit as it sings at the walls of our mothers’ heart chambers – Go-goom. Ga-goom. Ga-goom.

The first drumbeat we ever hear is the drum from our mothers’ hearts, as it cultivates the rhythm of our own, as it comforts and teaches us in the language of the other side. Praying on our wisdom. Chanting to us the alchemy of evolution. All the while preparing us for the journey of the flesh.

The drum is our first language.The language we understand. The sacred ancient semantics encased between the skin of the beasts, the timber of the earth, and within the unseen and unknown spaces that harken its command.

The drumbeat is the language of home, the original kingdom.

For nine months, we will take one of our greatest voyages within the womb: a delicate and sacred science of becoming. Later we will arise into the physical realm where we’ll scream from our transition.

We will bellow from the loud silence and the noise, we will roar at the loss of the words, the loss of meditative song…

Others of us will be lucky enough to be born into homes that still uphold our customs and rituals as we continue to find grounding in the language of the mystics. Many others will never truly hear again. The drum will never teach them to remember, to transcend… to see. The drum will never teach them to let their bodies go and fall into the reverberations from stomping of feet on the earth. Transcedental prayers that shake at aching chakras, that sing songs to the restless serpent inside our centres.

Those of us chosen, after much pain and melee, will defend the principles of the drum, the decrees of the magik.

The first drummer is our breath.

The breath of God, the carrier of light, drums everything into existence. Our breath, the drummer, is the channel to accessing vibrational frequencies through the passages of time and space.

The first sound we hear, as embryos in our mothers’ wombs, incredibly forming into humans, is the sound of the drum. The same song will call us back home.

Vuyi Qubeka is a multidimensional storyteller, healer and creator. Witness her creations on Instagram and Twitter @vuyiroamsfree 
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