The Dossier Of Alleged Corruption In Judiciary

A WEEK ago Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng held a press conference to address allegations that the judiciary has been captured – “not only that judges have received money from CR17 or Bidvest but also that the judiciary is corrupt”. These allegations have been circulating on social media recently with several judges named as having received monies in the millions, from the CR17 campaign, which ran President Cyril Ramaphosa’s campaign in the contestation of the ANC presidency. The judges have refuted the allegations. In the absence of evidence, Mogoeng said he believed his colleagues and challenged those with evidence to provide it. Take a listen

Businessman Motsile Rahube, who attended the briefing, told the Chief Justice he had evidence. He handed over a dossier of what he said was evidence of judicial wrong-doing. Mogoeng urged journalists to get a copy of the dossier to examine it for themselves. 

There has been much speculation on social media that the media are hiding the dossier and protecting corrupt judges. We have the dossier and publish it here in its entirety for everyone to peruse and make up their minds. Judges

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