The Ciex Report

WE’ve had many requests for the Ciex Report.

Here it is, read for yourself the extent of apartheid’s economic plunder. And Ciex is just the tip of the iceberg.



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  1. Reads like a comedy – good luck with this one Pinky, Seems like the chief looter is trying to deflect the media from his thievery and other nefarious activities.
    A pile of drivel – I will have a good laugh if this ever manages to reach the courts.

    1. Dear Marty

      I wonder if you’re still having a good laugh now that it has emerged former governor, looter of note, Afrikaner broderbonder of note, has confirmed ABSA stole the money. By so doing he’s basically accepting he’s the thief who gave his fellow broderbonders money when they were in trouble. Keep watching the case Marty

      Im laughing already….

      Pinky Khoabane

  2. Our modern world has been constructed as such by psychopaths and anti-spiritual forces. They used networking, deception, manipulation, force, demagoguery, and all kinds of cunning tricks to allow the corrupt to secure their power. They have control over much of mainstream media, entertainment, music, finance, education, medicine, science, universities, military, and industry.
    So it’s a very hostile environment for good people. Good forces and good people still have a presence in politics, media, entertainment, music, and the other fields mentioned above, but they will always be the minority. The real reason for this is that the human species at the moment is relatively dumb, and so there are too many dumb or naive people who keep voting these politicians into power, who keep supporting war, who keep ridiculing the truth researchers and freedom fighters. So it’s basically a big population of sheep that are feeding a bunch of wolves, and so the good shepherd can neither manage the herd no take down all the wolves because there are too many sheep and the wolves are too strong.

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