“Stunned & Dazed” Jacques Pauw Is Just A Drunk & A Liar

AWARD winning investigative journalist, Jacques Pauw lied again this past Friday, but the crux of his behaviour is how he manipulated the media, again, for his own agenda.

Well, lied again because apart from his lie of the past week, published in the Daily Maverick, he, according to an article by Noseweek in 2019, lied: “In a number of abusive interventions on Twitter, Jacques Pauw has dismissed as lies Noseweek’s report that shortly before the release of the Sikhakhane Report he had intervened with City Press on behalf of SARS to stop publication of a story deemed hostile to Pravin Gordhan, Ivan Pillay and the so-called “rogue” spy unit at SARS”. The publication then released a series of emails showing how Pauw had intervened on behalf of SARS on stories relating to the so-called rogue unit.

But back to the latest lie. This one is a confession and so cannot be contested. 

In an opinion piece published in the Daily Maverick last Friday, Pauw recounted the tale of fine dining gone rogue. It all started at a Capetown restaurant where he and another person blew R1600 and when his credit card couldn’t handle the hefty sum, he walked to a nearby ATM to get cash and was then accosted by police who bundled him up in their van for no real reason, stole his R1000 and locked him up in a dingy and stinking cell for a day or two and released him upon realising he “was that journalist”.

Lucky him! But the privileged one did’t quite see this at the time when he was writing the piece and I doubt he sees it today as he made his apology. In his blinkered eyes of a privileged white South African, he was just another victim of the social morass that had beset our country – a lying restaurant manager who called the police to arrest him for an “unpaid” bill and later a victim of rogue policemen who unlawfully arrested and stole from him. 

The story never made sense from the onset but hey, this is Jacques Pauw telling it and the Daily Maverick bought it hook, line and sinker. He’s their own – part of a media cabal that controls the narrative of what we read and ultimately how we must think about the world. They collaborate on stories across all establishment media platforms.

So too were many on Twitter who were ready to boycott both the said restaurant and the V&A Waterfront.

Pauw after all, is the man who pointed out the “holes” in the “The Lost Boys of Bird Island”, the story of the paedophilia ring operated by some of the key players in the National Party and was removed from the shelves as a result  He also wrote several award winning books. Funny that he too faces similar allegations – thankfully he has promised to clear himself in a court of law. 

In true Pauw style, his latest personal episode was interwoven into the broader morass of the country. He went into overdrive citing big guns like “Constitutional law expert Professor Pierre de Vos says: ‘The problem of wrongful arrest by the police is widespread. In fact, endemic”. LOL (as we say on social media, it may be the case but you were dead drunk and have not even in your apology, explained what you have now come to know as your behaviour on that day.

Then he went to the files from General Commissioner: “General Khehla John Sitole issued a circular with the headline “Instructions Relating To Arrest And Detention Of Suspects” to each and every policeman and woman in South Africa.

“He said: “Arrest is never an obligation, irrespective of the offence. The decision to arrest must be rational, taking all relevant circumstances into account.'”

Quickly Pauw’s Twitter minions were on his side…even though it must be said some did see through the BS. They wanted him to name the restaurant but he wasn’t quite forthcoming with the details. 

The ultimate result is a flimsy apology from both Pauw and Daily Maverick. But what has ultimately been exposed is how establishment media operate. It is laid bare in the emails by Noseweek and again here. 

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  1. According to Daily Maverick, the money Pauw thought had been stolen by the police had actually been taken by his dining-companion-an aspiring writer from Angola- who also took possession of his keys and cell-phones. This turns a story that allows blacks to point fingers at whites into a story that allows whites to point fingers at blacks and is likely to result in the media dropping the story. In war, truth is always one of the first casualties

    1. I wonder how you knew the Angolan writer was black! In other African states, people are not described by the colour of their skin but nationality.

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