Is It Still A Smear Campaign Even When True?


FOLLOWING the article by Sunday Independent that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa was involved in extra-marital affairs with eight women, and his confession that he did have an affair with the doctor mentioned in the Sunday Independent’s story, I had to look up the meaning of Smear Campaign http://://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times/news/2017-09-02-ramaphosa-speaks-out-im-not-a-blesser-but-i-did-have-an-affair/

The definition is this: “a plan to discredit a public figure by making false or dubious accusations”.

The Sunday Independent mentions eight women and the deputy president has confessed that indeed he’s had a relationship with one of them but that is only after he had tried to gag the publication and failed. In a statement released on Saturday, he said the women were students he and his wife were assisting financially. Why didn’t he just include the confession in that statement instead of going to court?

The Sunday Independent said Ramaphosa was using email accounts with fake names to communicate with the women. It said the deputy president confirmed his email addresses prior to sending him questions and they were the same ones he used to communicate with the women.

In emails purported to be between the deputy president and one of the women, Sebendzile Mdhluli, she speaks of a decade’s heartbreak of being in a relationship with Singo Maberemisa who is said to be Ramaphosa. “I have been thinking about a lot of things in my life including our relationship. As far as our relationship is concerned I cant lie about the fact that I miss you but at the same time angry and heartbroken,” she writes on Saturday June 6 2015. “I’m trying to move on, I need you to answer a few questions for me. I feel you at least owe me that much…I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions honestly:

“1. What was your intention when you gave me your card at that fuel station?

2. Why did you pursue a relationship with me and what was you end game….

7. When I lost the baby was it a sad moment for you or relief….”

Maberemisa asks to rather deal with the matter face-to-face. It may well be that this is not in response to her email because of the times on the emails.  His email is earlier than hers.  http://weeklyxpose.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/unnamed-file-3.pdf

Other emails show that he had given her a ring which she had refused to wear  and that they were trying to conceive a child through a fertility programme. On 1 August 2012 he asks her to wear the ring: “I would now like you to wear the ring. Or at least tell me why you would not like to (to) do so or why you’re not able to do so….”

On July 25 2013 Mdhluli writes: “Would you please remind me what is the resemblance to the ring to our relationship? Perhaps when I have a clear meaning I will start wearing it….”

Although in June 2015 she writes the email of “trying to move on” and he speaks of their bad breakup, they are reunited and are planning a baby a year later. In October 2016, they speak of a fertility clinic which she says will probably accommodate her this year. http://weeklyxpose.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/unnamed-file.pdf

The deputy president said his private emails were hacked and the content doctored. This suggests to me that the email addresses the Sunday Independent reported on are his. If they are not, he has not as yet disputed this information.

So we know that part of the Sunday Independent’s story is true.

  • He had an affair with the doctor
  • The email addresses are true
  • He is sending money into young women’s accounts for tuition.

What is in dispute is whether the young women are girlfriends or students as he claims. Also in dispute will be the contents of the Mdhluli email conversation. The deputy president will have to provide full details of the students he says he’s supporting. As early as Saturday when the story was unravelling, I imagined this to be an easy case to explain and one that didn’t need the interference by a court. If you say they are students, simply show the educational institutions they attend and if they are being supported from your Foundation say so and if not, explain why they are being paid from your personal  account or even why you are communicating with them from private emails.

The Sunday Independent has promised more emails in the coming days. We wait and see…

Supporters of Ramaphosa have accused Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s camp of using dirty tricks in sabotaging the former’s presidential campaign. Without proof this itself is a smear campaign.

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  1. It’s high time we saw truth for what it is and not loose track from what media has to say. For too long, we the blacks have suffered under the monopolists.

  2. It is time we took a stand against such irresponsible representers of our great nation. Let not the economic power go into the hands of the corrupt whites and their devious methods.

  3. Now that the #RamaphosaLeaks have been authenticated, it exposes the hypocrisy of the white owned media.The same media that promotes other leaks with gusto and exaggeration are backing away from this one as it is one of their own.

  4. Busted – there is no smear campaign. It was guptas emails now DP emails. Which one must we believe?
    Remember it is good for politicians to lie that was what the former Mpumalanga premier said.
    The more democratic the system, the more lying there will be. In a democracy a leader has to make difficult maneuvers in a politically competitive environment. That is what democracy is about.

    In a democracy in order to get power or to stay in power a politician needs to lie about his or her intentions, needs to maneuver and disorient enemies from the opposition and frequently from his own party or has to keep his or her mouth shut and keep a straight face although there is much to say.

    Politicians have a personality that allows them to be evasive, to live with lies and keep a straight face. Not all people can do that. That is why many people are not willing to serve in a political role. They detest the process they will have to follow, a process I believe is an inevitable byproduct of the political system we chose to have

  5. Smear campaign or not it does not matter anymore, what matters is that the content is factual in some way or other.

    Therefore Cde Ramaphosa needs to do three things:

    # Shut down these secret accounts.

    A Deputy President operating with secret email accounts is more damaging than the actual infidelity scandal.

    These three mentioned accounts are in addition to Cyril Ramaphosa personal email account, which is outside govt & owned business email addresses.

    Why does he need to have three others?

    This act of having multiple email addresses is commonly used by cyber criminals, con man.

    1. Totally agree with you, Jeff. These are the signs of a con man indeed and we’d better be without such people at important positions in the government.

  6. I suspect the FSB(KGB) the Russian intelligence agency of hacking the DP’s e-mails..caught with your pants down blame the bloody Russians its seems to work from Clinton,,Merkel,,May and Macron,,,hire me DP and get rid of Sexwale…hahaha

    1. Who’s Sexwale? His campaign management is all white unless the reports are wrong. Even branches are complaining….

    1. The approach has been terrible – from the start to these smear campaign claims. To leak those questions which then went viral was the dumbest thing to do. Then they released a statement of Friday that they would deal with the allegations. On Saturday, they turned around and said he doesn’t believe in addressing questions of a personal nature in public but would only address the issue of the young women. By even, he was in complete panic and went to court. Then he confesses to having had an affair with the doctor but it is still a smear campaign. Aowa, let’s be serious

      1. If Ramaphosa has nothing to hide, why would he use three email IDs in the first place? Discussing what is leaked or not diverts the attention from the topic in focus. The article raises a prominent question in asking whether it’s still a smear campaign if the facts revealed are true. This campaign only reflects the truth. A shameful truth that must be accepted by one and all. Once that acceptance is reached among the masses, he should be brought to justice. He should admit to his wrongdoings while sitting on such a high seat.

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