Stay the Course, As We Head Towards the New Paradigm

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

I have waited until now to comment on the inauguration of Cyril Ramaphosa as our new President.

Whether or not our future is to be a bright one, will depend upon whether our leaders have the courage to focus on securing that future, rather than making accommodations in present policy, bending to the will of the evil British imperial oligarchy, which desires our continued enslavement. I have little confidence that, left to his own devices, Mr. Ramaphosa would do anything but play the faithful toadie of London, and sell out our future.

South Africa’s future lies not with the British imperialists and their collapsing global monetarist financial system, but with the emerging new paradigm coming from the East, based not on exploitation of nations and their citizens, and on competition within an oligarchical caste of the Brutish system, but on cooperation among nations for the purpose of improving the lives of all people—a new era of peace, progress and development being championed by our fellow BRICS members, China and Russia.

South Africa must play a crucial role in bringing that future into focus, especially as it develops all of Africa. We are the only full set economy on the continent, capable of producing the machines of industry required for that development. We have the most advanced scientific cadre on the continent. We also have the most advanced nuclear industry, which is capable of producing the reactors needed to power the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Thus, our policy for the present must take advantage of our unique capabilities and expand upon them. This will in turn make our nation prosperous and strong, as envisioned by the founder of our movement, the greatest man of the last century, the American political leader and economist, Lyndon LaRouche.

Eskom, Our Jewel

Therefore, we must reject—from whatever quarters they come—any efforts to dismantle Eskom through privatisation.

Instead, we must integrate this jewel of our national economy into the overall development plans for Africa, gearing it up for expanded development of our national energy sector, and for electricity export to the rest of Africa. The Empire has effectively demanded its privatisation in the form of a Chatham House statement on 23 May, arrogantly discussing Eskom’s problems. S&P Global Ratings has now followed suit, and the IMF is on the same page. We must not let Ramaphosa do London’s bidding!

Again, I say, the issue is not with Ramaphosa per se, but whether our so-called political establishment has the guts to stand up to the demand of the evil Queen and her minions. And that should be determined by the will of our people to finally be free of the chains of Empire. We are not subjects of the Brutish Commonwealth, but citizens of our own sovereign republic, whose future only we have the power to determine. But this will require the kind of vision that can see that future in the way that the greatest American President, Abraham Lincoln, meant when he warned, quoting Scripture, that ‘without vision, the People perish’.

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