State Capture Commission Violated My Constitutional Right To A Fair Hearing

By Pinky Khoabane

The Chairperson of Commission

Deputy Chief Justice Zondo

Judicial Commission of Inquity into State Capture

17 Empire Rd

Park Town

Dear Deputy-Chief Justice

Commission’s Breach of My Constitutional Right to Procedural Fairness

  1. I am Pinky Khoabane, an adult female residing in Johannesburg. I’m a writer and publisher of a blog UnCensored
  2. On 28 January 2019, I heard through social media that Angelo Agrizzi had named me as one of three journalists who were on the payroll of Bosasa.
  3. I was never informed by the Commission prior to this testimony that I would be implicated in his testimony.
  4. Angelo Agrizzi had on the Friday 25 January 2019 testified that journalists were paid by Bosasa. The evidence leader did not ask him to name these journalists but he then mentioned them four days later he mentions my name. This is defamatory, untrue and very damaging to my reputation especially since it is not true and Angelo Agrizzi knows it is not true. My view is that his mentioning of my name is revenge for me publishing the audio tape wherein he uses racist language including the k word against his former African colleagues and his relationship with certain journalists.
  5. The Commission has breached my Constitutional Right to procedural fairness.
  6. I request as a matter of urgency that the Commission questions him on the audio tapes and his mentioning of me and that I have an opportunity now to cross-examine him on his defamatory allegation about me.
  7. I did not know the Watsons or had anything to do with Bosasa prior to the audio which was circulated including to media and at least one Sunday paper dealt with it on their front page.  I contacted the spokesperson of the company in my capacity as a journalist in October  2018 to establish the authenticity of the audio. That is the first and only contact I have had with anyone at bosasa. I have never met Angelo Agrizzi and have never spoken to him prior to the audio tape.
  8. I am seeking legal advice but due to the fact that I understand he is completing his evidence today and there is no guarantee that he will be recalled to the witness stand for cross examination, I want to have the opportunity to cross examine him today.

Yours sincerely,

Pinky Khoabane

NB: I enclose the recordings mentioned above.


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  1. Armed with insight sourced from this invaluable platform Uncensored a few months ago on the nature and character of this racist Agrizzi.
    I was able posit a view with a friend as the Zondo Commission unfolded.
    The demeanour he wore at his presentations, and continues to wear is quite curios to me, I told.

    Bordering on sainthood and redemption, what tons of hogwash!

    I forcefully enlisted my great suspicion and found him a man with artistic abilities which given a chance would with the quickness make him a household name at the Market Theatre.

    An agenda and score-settler kind-a-fellow.

    As he named names and figures, the roundness of these figures spoken averaging R300 000 I found troubling.
    I could suffer these names, until he mentioned a name of a journalist one Pinky Khoabane and the alleging, then I undoubtedly knew his is just a campaign inspired by more than just a quest to wash off sin.
    But a sign of a man whose devious power grab plans were thwarted by the revealed truth by the ink of the pen of this journalist.

    And that the Commission stage provided a chance to rescue and quarantine the image of his aides, the real paid and embedded sudo-journalists.

    That Pinky features, yet, nothing is said of a one very public figure who had close range discussions with another paid figure, punches gaping holes in this man’s tales.

    The truth shall prevail not all of us are clever-black!

    Stay strong!

    1. Thank you Senzangakhona for your wonderful words. I wish you could write for us at times.

      Im thoroughly strengthened by your words and those of many others who have shown such love and support, Im immensely appreciative.

      Contrary to what many think, Im really feeling great about life. For a moment I was shaken but I always know my enemy and how to respond.

      I stormed the State Capture Commission and demanded that the recordings of Agrizzi naming journalists he has formed alliances with (which do not include any of the journalists he finally named with my name being the only full name) be played in front of him. Only one of those recordings was played. It’s better than nothing.

      I was able to shatter the hero-status that Agrizzi had managed to pull over our country and that is enough for now. I will be able to prove he is a liar in my case if he does indeed return to this country after being granted leave by this country to go on “holiday” to Italy.

      I am the only journalist in this country who would publish, long before he took the stand, that he is corrupt, a racist who will use alliances with media, DA and willing to bribe the NPA to drop the case if he were to be reinstated in Bosasa as CEO. His terms were that the kaffirs must leave so too Gavin Watson.

      Agrizzi was willing to be the CEO of Bosasa last year August/September. And so this notion he was sick and tired of a corrupt company is a lie. When he didnt get his way he decided to go to State Capture Commission and for those involved in the corruption there, I say expose them and let them be prosecuted.

      Im well and good.

      Keep well and all the best.



  2. In view of the fact that I am a regular contributer of articles to Uncensored Opinion and that I am a close comrade of Cde Pinky Khoabane , I have also been deeply offended by Agrizzi,s attempt to defame , intimidate and silence her . Within a few minutes of Agrizzi’s utterance on national television I got a barrage of telephone calls from people who were trying to insinuate that Cde Pinky ( and by extension myself ) is the recipient of cash from Bosasa and is therefore corrupt or politically compromised. In view of the fact that both Cde Pinky and myself struggle to survive on our hand to mouth life-style, I felt and still personally feel deeply insulted by Agrizzi’s foul utterances.
    No attempts by racists , running boys of capitalists and imperialists will sow fear and terror in our hearts. On the contrary , I enjoy and relish taking on the same.
    To you Cde PK , lets take the fight to our detractors!

    1. Cde Greg, when I think about how much we struggle and to hear this nonsense from Agrizzi just fuelled such anger.

      Im terribly sorry that your name has also been tainted by this but you have been through the struggle to liberate us – it’s just a different battle ground.

      Aluta Continua my Comrade.

    1. It’s a lie my sister. As everybody on Twitter knows, I have to raise funds to get security to look after me and my children when white men come to my home threatening to “fuck” me for “writing shit about white people”.
      I couldnt raise money for a lawyer to look into Adriaan Basson trying to silence me with a law suit. And until I had managed to do that was I able to re-publish the blog.
      Thanks for the support but this one was too blatant I must say.
      Agrizzi thought he could taint my name shortly before he leaves.
      At the rate at which this state capture is going, he will not be cross examined. He will leave the country as I hear he’s leaving today or tomorrow on “holiday” in Italy.
      Im the only journalist who wrote about his racist rants, alliances with media, DA & Hawks/NPA.

      THanks for your unwavering support.



      1. Cde Pinky, you dont know how angry I am with these racists. What makes me even more angrier is that we have a Black Government run by us, but they just continue with their racism like the National Party era. How long must this nonsense continue?

        1. Eish, askies my Cde Emjay.

          I have a suggestion which if all goes well I shall put before the nation and see if it flies.

          Keep well

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