South African Media proves to be Biased on Ramaphosa Leaks


Here’s an article sourced from CorruptJournalists.org in response to the article I wrote on Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa’s claims that allegations of infidelity were a smear campaign. The website says: “The article by Pinky Khoabane quoted below has been sourced from Uncensored Opinion. It is an excellent analysis of the recent #RamaphosaLeaks by the Sunday Independent newspaper.

“The analysis establishes the fact beyond doubt that #WhiteMedia is indeed biased and wants to safeguard Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa and his bid for Presidency. The White Media is guilty of obfuscating reality and diverting attention from a critical issue, that of the depravity of character of a person aspiring for Presidency of South Africa….”

Read the rest of the article below but I thought we should establish who Corrupt.Journalists are and ascertain their credibility before we waste our time reading what might be a Gupta channel or Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s campaigners or the many labels used to silence those who, like me, refuse to tow the narrative of white monopoly capitalist controlled media.

Corrupt.Journalists “is a website established and managed by a handful of senior investigative journalists with an aim to be the unofficial watchdog of journalism around the world. We track corruption in media across 27 countries, as of today.

The concept was initiated in 2004 and registered as a non-profit organisaton in Netherlands, to safeguard the interests of citizens and/or governments in the face of the challenges posed by the ever growing influence of private entities and individuals in media establishments leading to conflicts of interest and corruption.

Our aim is to identify and unmask corrupt journalists and their organisations and ensure fair and free media everywhere. To this end, we keep track of journalists working in all sectors of the media across North America, Europe, Asia and a few African countries. We keep track of their works, allegations, legal disputes, and convictions, if any and report the same on our website regularly”.

Based on the above we certainly cant claim it is a Gupta machinery.

“The article by Pinky Khoabane quoted below has been sourced from Uncensored Opinion. It is an excellent analysis of the recent #RamaphosaLeaks by the Sunday Independent newspaper.

The analysis establishes the fact beyond doubt that #WhiteMedia is indeed biased and wants to safeguard Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa and his bid for Presidency. The White Media is guilty of obfuscating reality and diverting attention from a critical issue, that of the depravity of character of a person aspiring for Presidency of South Africa.

On one hand, the White Monopoly Capital funded Media has zealously pursued the Gupta family with #GuptaLeaks campaign based on several emails that they claimed as “authentic”. The fact remains that the authenticity and veracity of the emails still stand unverified and not beyond questionable.Had it not been the case, there are several individuals and organisations in South Africa who would happily press charge against the Guptas, which hasn’t been done even today.

On the other hand, the same White Monopoly Capital funded Media dismissed #RamaphosaLeaks as merely a smear campaign, which by definition is “a plan to discredit a public figure by making false or dubious accusations,” something they themselves stand proven to be guilty of!

It is well known that being a businessman himself, Ramaphosa is viewed as sympathetic to White Monopoly Capital interests and there is no reason to doubt that the popular media in South Africa is certainly biased towards him.

Please read below the complete analysis of the current situation on Ramaphosa Leaks by Pinky Khoabane and decide for yourself.

FOLLOWING the article by Sunday Independent that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa was involved in extra-marital affairs with eight women, and his confession that he did have an affair with the doctor mentioned in the Sunday Independent’s story, I had to look up the meaning of Smear Campaign http://://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times/news/2017-09-02-ramaphosa-speaks-out-im-not-a-blesser-but-i-did-have-an-affair/

The definition is this: “a plan to discredit a public figure by making false or dubious accusations”.

The Sunday Independent mentions eight women and the deputy president has confessed that indeed he’s had a relationship with one of them but that is only after he had tried to gag the publication and failed. In a statement released on Saturday, he said the women were students he and his wife were assisting financially. Why didn’t he just include the confession in that statement instead of going to court?

The Sunday Independent said Ramaphosa was using email accounts with fake names to communicate with the women. It said the deputy president confirmed his email addresses prior to sending him questions and they were the same ones he used to communicate with the women.

In emails purported to be between the deputy president and one of the women, Sebendzile Mdhluli, she speaks of a decade’s heartbreak of being in a relationship with Singo Maberemisa who is said to be Ramaphosa. “I have been thinking about a lot of things in my life including our relationship. As far as our relationship is concerned I cant lie about the fact that I miss you but at the same time angry and heartbroken,” she writes on Saturday June 6 2015. “I’m trying to move on, I need you to answer a few questions for me. I feel you at least owe me that much…I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions honestly:

“1. What was your intention when you gave me your card at that fuel station?
2. Why did you pursue a relationship with me and what was you end game….
7. When I lost the baby was it a sad moment for you or relief….”

Maberemisa asks to rather deal with the matter face-to-face. It may well be that this is not in response to her email because of the times on the emails. His email is earlier than hers. http://weeklyxpose.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/unnamed-file-3.pdf

Other emails show that he had given her a ring which she had refused to wear and that they were trying to conceive a child through a fertility programme. On 1 August 2012 he asks her to wear the ring: “I would now like you to wear the ring. Or at least tell me why you would not like to (to) do so or why you’re not able to do so….”

On July 25 2013 Mdhluli writes: “Would you please remind me what is the resemblance to the ring to our relationship? Perhaps when I have a clear meaning I will start wearing it….”

Although in June 2015 she writes the email of “trying to move on” and he speaks of their bad breakup, they are reunited and are planning a baby a year later. In October 2016, they speak of a fertility clinic which she says will probably accommodate her this year. http://weeklyxpose.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/unnamed-file.pdf

The deputy president said his private emails were hacked and the content doctored. This suggests to me that the email addresses the Sunday Independent reported on are his. If they are not, he has not as yet disputed this information.

So we know that part of the Sunday Independent’s story is true.
He had an affair with the doctor
The email addresses are true
He is sending money into young women’s accounts for tuition.
What is in dispute is whether the young women are girlfriends or students as he claims. Also in dispute will be the contents of the Mdhluli email conversation. The deputy president will have to provide full details of the students he says he’s supporting. As early as Saturday when the story was unravelling, I imagined this to be an easy case to explain and one that didn’t need the interference by a court. If you say they are students, simply show the educational institutions they attend and if they are being supported from your Foundation say so and if not, explain why they are being paid from your personal account or even why you are communicating with them from private emails.

The Sunday Independent has promised more emails in the coming days. We wait and see…

Supporters of Ramaphosa have accused Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s camp of using dirty tricks in sabotaging the former’s presidential campaign. Without proof this itself is a smear campaign.

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  1. Cyril Ramaphose should not even be eligible to stand up for the elections. Such an adulterous man remaining in power would only be a poor indication for the status of women in our society.

  2. Unless the media pulls itself out of the paid hole it has got itself into, we the citizens will forever be led to believe things that are often only conjecture.

  3. Agree with most of the comments I read above.. As soon as the #RamaphosaLeaks were authenticated, strong action should have been put in place for both the leader and his corrupt supporters.

  4. It’s time we deviated our attention from the cock and bull stories conjured by the media and use our own senses and brains to form unbiased opinions and work towards the development of our great-but-fast-deteriorating country.

  5. This cannot be our future leader or be allowed to represent a nation as glorious as ours. The power of the country is going to the pro-white camp who are vehemently supporting the vile Ramaphosa.

    1. And the white-backed media is constantly taking their side. With such blatant abuse of power, the majority blacks find ourselves at a grave disadvantage in the coming years.

      1. I share the same concerns. If we are still kept in the dark as people who do not matter, how will we or the country progress?

  6. #RamaphosaLeaks not only reveals the despicable nature of our elected leaders but also the hypocrisy of supporters who seemed to have turned a blind eye to all wrongdoings. How long do we have to take this?

  7. The Ramaphosa leaks are now being proven true and most of the supporters seem to have disappeared. We should be ashamed to elect leaders like this. It’s time we got ourselves out of the the distractions the wmc media has created to confuse us and decide for ourselves what is and has been good for the country and a peaceful life.

    1. The wmc paid media have reported such leaks elaborately for other parties like Guptas, which were not even authenticated. Now that their own candidate have been exposed, the coverage is hardly as impactful.

  8. Once again it has just become another case of blames and accusations. No one seems to be concerned about where the country is headed while all this mess transpires. The white-backed media, if it is indeed so, seems only concerned about spreading news that may not have a bearing in any person’s life but at the same time divert the attention of the citizens from the genuine problems plaguing the country. Keep up the mud-slinging and watch the nation go to the dogs.

    1. This is what the pro-white camp wants. Plunder the wealth while the country burns and the citizens watch helplessly.

  9. Do they give a toss sisPinky?? They will say this organization is funded by the Guptas knowing well that the “clever blacks” will go along with whatever they write without researching…concerning the Ramaphosa leaks its amazing the spin the WMCmedia is trying to pull

  10. Ramaphose must account for his mistakes, his abuse of power and come out it in the open if he still believes himself to be innocent. People must realise the duplicity of the mainstream media. Kudos to the writer for writing such an important article. The truth remains what it is despite the chaos around it.

    1. Thanks Morongwa. I dont know how many times I’ve said his sex life should not change anything in the presidential race. Our voices are discredited as a smear campaign. No one even journalists have asked the hard questions and pressed the DP to respond. Fortunately he said in Parly today that he would respond in time. As you say he needs to apologise and move on

  11. Where is Dr Iqbal Surve in this regard to ensure those who are not in line with the values of journalism are charged. His swiftness is needed as there was no proper reporting of facts as the journalist in this perpetuated certain views and distorting some.

    1. Hi Tokelo, please see the article written by Motale on the matter – how it all unfolded and how Dr Surve got to be involved in the entire process.

  12. Ramaphose Leaks are very shameful. The fact that the entire WMC media – yes, I’ll use the term without the fear of being called a paid Gupta bot or other worse things – has ignored the scandal is worse. I hope people try to understand the gravity of this situation and what questions it poses regarding our country’s future.
    The lack of action in this matter will not only not bring justice but also prove to be a bad example for the citizens. Sure, why would anyone take patriarchal oppression manifested in hideous forms against women seriously when the leaders of the country find themselves embroiled in such shameful acts? What kind of a South Africa are we going to live in? It is like going back in time. What will this country have to offer for women like me who truly love belonging to it but are ashamed of such acts by its leaders?

    1. Hahaha, Gloria, you really have a handle on all the insults. Hahaha, Gupta bot, etc.

      All your points are valid. If you dont mind, write an article on why it’s important that action be taken.



      1. “Hahaha, Gloria, you really have a handle on all the insults. Hahaha, Gupta bot, etc.”

        Well, you can’t really comment anything against WMC controlled media without inviting the wrath of the public! Rage when misdirected only does more damage.

        Thanks a lot Pinky for the suggestion! I’m humbled and would gladly try to do so, but I’m merely a student without any published pieces. If it has any merit, would this site be open to guest contributions? 🙂

        1. Hi Gloria

          Yes, I meant you writing it for this platform. It wouldn’t be carried anywhere else – you Gupta bot. LOL.

          I hope you will write.



    2. The #RamaphosaLeaks is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no limit to how low the pro-white camp and the conniving media will stoop to in order to slander and blame others, while the citizens remain confused as to the real state of affairs in the country. No one seems to care about the progress of the black citizens in this personal fight.

      1. As a black citizen, I think you have hit the nail on the head. National matters of great importance have taken a backseat while the power hungry wmc and the opposition fights to slander each other.

  13. Amidst the complete chaos in media, this is a very sound article. The WMC influence over the mainstream media is terrible. What is distressing is that you have to prove that you’re not affiliated with the Guptas or ANC before making such an obvious remark already shows how much of power media abuses. The entire issue can be well summed in these lines:

    “The White Media is guilty of obfuscating reality and diverting attention from a critical issue, that of the depravity of character of a person aspiring for Presidency of South Africa….”

    It’s high time people focus on issues that matter gravely to the future of the country.

    1. Dear Selona

      You make a very valid point. You are guilty until proven innocent if you dont align yourself with the narrative of WMC media. In fact they can distract you from doing your job – addressing issues of grave importance to our country.



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