South Africa Is Still A Racist (White Supremacist) Country

By Sam Ditshego

Writing in his 1952 book Black Skin White Masks, Psychiatrist Frantz Fanon described South Africa as a racist country. Has it changed? Is it no longer a racist country? Is there any person who honestly believes that the white apartheid government handed over power to the ANC purportedly agreed upon at Codesa?

What is racism (white supremacy)? White supremacy has been described as an historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations and peoples of colour by white peoples and nations of the European continent; for the purpose of maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power and privilege.

I would like to draw the reader’s attention to the sentence, a “system of exploitation and oppression for the purpose of maintaining and defending a system of wealth, power and privilege”.

If it is true that white supremacy (racism) is a system that is about the maintenance and defence of a system of wealth, power and privilege then Robert Sobukwe was right in his 1949 seminal Fort Hare graduation speech when he said, “History has taught us that a group in power has never voluntarily relinquished its position. It has always been forced to do so. And we do not expect miracles to happen in Africa. It is necessary for human progress that African be fully developed and only the African can do so.”

South Africa is a white supremacist state and the ANC is ruling on behalf of the white supremacists. That is why they killed 34 miners without blinking in defence of white mine owners of Lonmin but will never kill even one white person and not a single white person has been killed since 1994 even those who belong to terrorist groups who deserve to be killed. White people marched and blocked roads, a march called “Black Monday”, the South African government didn’t even raise a finger. But a few weeks earlier, Africans who marched peacefully were charged with all sorts of anti-riot equipment and were fired at with rubber bullets. An unarmed Andries Tatane was killed a few years back. There is not a single white person who has been shot and killed since the ANC came into office.


This quote by Sobukwe shows his foresightedness, “History has taught us that a group in power has never voluntarily relinquished its position. It has always been forced to do so. And we do not expect miracles to happen in Africa. It is necessary for human progress that Africa be fully developed and only the African can do so,”

One wonders what the people of South Africa want since Sobukwe gave them all the answers to this country’s problems. Steve Biko tried to give them direction when he regarded Sobukwe as a God.

There must have been a time when the white elite realised that apartheid was untenable and no longer sustainable; they could allow their African puppets to run South Africa without changing the status quo. As Sobukwe said in his 1949 speech, “People do not like to see the even tenor of their lives disturbed”. The white elite didn’t want the even tenor of the lives of the white population disturbed. Consequently, they devised a way of ruling by remote control and putting their stooges as mannequins at the Union Building while they are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

The white elite realised that the jackboot approach was overt and that they needed a covert and subtle approach, a situation aptly described as handing over a crown without the jewels. This is the situation that obtains now in South Africa. Africans have a crown without the pearls.

The flawed logic behind secret talks and the exclusion of the PAC and Black Consciousness Movement was for the apartheid government to sail smoothly without resistance as they were well aware the PAC and BCM were going to see through their charade as they have always done. They knew quite well that the ANC was easy meat. The exclusion of the PAC and BCM was therefore calculated and deliberate. Anybody who doesn’t view this as a sell-out or betrayal must be naive.

As I have argued in my previous articles, agreements clinched at the secret meetings the ANC held with apartheid government officials and captains of industry were a fait accompli. Codesa just rubber stamped those secret deals. In the initial negotiations between the PAC and apartheid government officials in Botswana, the PAC was represented by Willie Seriti and Dikgang Moseneke. Azapo refused to buy a pig in a poke.

Power relations in South Africa have not changed. If they had African people would not be living in shacks and RDP houses. Where have you seen white people in shacks and RDP houses? African people would not be killed the way miners were killed in Marikana. In Europe, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand when two white people can be killed they declare it a national disaster.


Former spies and agents of the apartheid government and other western powers are used or were used to run the “new” South African government without any possibility of subversion because they are compromised. It is a similar situation that Marimba Ani describes in her book Yurugu: An African Centred Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behaviour in which she writes, “to say that Europe’s political imperialistic success can be accredited not so much to superior military might, as to the weapon of culture. The former ensures more immediate control but requires continual physical force for the maintenance of power, while the latter succeeds in long-lasting dominance that enlists the cooperation of its victims (i.e. pacification of the will). The compromised position of these spies and agents enlist their cooperation in ruling on behalf of white supremacists.

F W De Klerk says he gave Nelson Mandela a list of ANC leaders and members who spied for the apartheid government. But Mandela refused to make it public. Mandela was obviously compromised that is why he capitulated and made so many unacceptable concessions.

Quite a few in the ANC are compromised. Some of them like Thabo Mbeki, Aziz Pahad, Mac Maharaj, Frene Ginwala and Barney Pityana, as Jonathan Ancer revealed in his book Spy: Uncovering Craig Williamson protected Craig Williamson before his cover was blown. Ancer further reveals in the same book that Robert McBride told him Craig Williamson gave him a list of ANC members who were informers for the apartheid government but gave their descriptions by ethnic group. He forwarded it to the ANC government. McBride says he can figure out who they are even when their names have been concealed.

There must be some in the PAC and BCM who also spied for the apartheid government. There is a document that gives away one such top Azanla member.

The problem with having been a spy or agent is that such a person is compromised because they fear exposure. As a result they are subjected to blackmail should they not cooperate and continue to do their handlers’ dirty job.

Neil Barnard’s book inadvertently reveals that whites are still in charge in South Africa. About five years ago a former exile left the Secret Service because he said whites are in control there.

Last week Thursday at 1 Mil Hospital I overheard a Ukraine trained pilot telling a gentleman who was recruiting him to the private sector that whites are still in control in the military. He said he had twelve years’ experience and 2300 hours of flying experience but young white boys with 200 hours of flying experience overtake them and are given priority over experienced African pilots. He said Msimang was useless because there is nothing he can do about the control whites have in the military. Maybe Msimang is the token head of the Air Force at the SANDF.

So why should anybody delude themselves that power has changed hands? Let us face reality and stop living in cloud cuckoo land.

The fight for the establishment of an Africanist Socialist Democratic Azania must continue.

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  1. What about all the white farmers that have been killed on farms including there black workers, no mention of this why?

    The country is in trouble, no proper infrastructure, no power in certain areas, employment at its highest, white and black living in shanty towns, this man obviously is still living in 1949

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