Sign The Petition For Recognition of The African New Year & African Calendar

In line with our age old indigenous practices and observances, we need to return to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors by reverting to the correct alignment with respect to time and space insofar as the African months are concerned. The indigenous people of southern Africa have always had their New Year at this time of the year when the vegetation starts growing and greening. The month of September is explained in numerous indigenous languages of Southern Africa as follows:

  • Twa / Khoi – Tara / Khumu / Khâb;
  • Sesotho – Loetse;
  • Setswana – Lwetse;
  • Tshivenda – Khubvumedzi;
  • Tsonga  – Ndzhati;
  • Pedi – Lewed;
  • IsiXhosa – EyoMsintsi;
  • IsiSiswati – Inyoni;
  • isiNdebele – uKhukhulamungu;
  • isiZulu – uMandulo.

They all describe the beginnings; a start of a new cycle as evident in nature. The vegetation starts to green again after the latent period of winter. In terms of the movement of the sun in accordance with the Solar calendar, on the 23rd of September the sun moves 1 degree to the south of the equator, thereby commencing the period of Spring in the southern hemisphere. In observance of this movement of the sun across the equator and the fact that Africans need to align with the correct time as dictated by nature, it is imperative that our African New Year be celebrated on the 23rd of September each year. Furthermore, we petition that this should be lawfully recognised as a PAID PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

Sign the petition: https://bit.ly/3hDMgH7

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