“Shut Up and Be Banged For Sex Sales. We Need The Money, You Have The Body” Human Traffickers

Dr Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala

WE published a story about Dineo Tlale who was abducted, forced into prostitution, escaped & inspired young artists to use their craft to raise awareness for what is modern day slavery – human trafficking, prostitution and sex exploitation. Here’s her full story.

Dr Khanyisile Litchfield-Tshabalala responds:

The rate and extent of human trafficking is indicative of the lawlessness and chaos that the ANC government has plunged the country into. If you cannot control your borders, you cannot control the streets. If you cannot control the streets, you have plunged us all into a Rikers Island Cell after the day’s lock-up for the night. Rikers Island is a notorious, violence-plagued prison in New York City. Nobody says seal borders and prevent immigration, but law and order should govern this process.

Truth is the ANC has failed South Africans in the areas of safety, defence and protection. During apartheid we slept with one eye open, scared of the Special Branch’s racist police barging in at 03:00 AM. Now we sleep with one eye open scared of the criminal cartels that run and rule our streets, localities and towns. Abductions for human sex trafficking are no longer conducted in ploys and secret luring, no! Adductions like the one Dineo is describing, are becoming the norm. Imagine that? The criminals are telling us that your own police minister thinks we don’t exist, so “shut up and be banged for sex sales. We need the money, and you have the body”.

Do you think if this happens to daughters of those who run this country, life would continue as normal? And yet, all girls’ and women’s lives SHOULD matter. How many should be abducted, lured, and deceived into sex slavery before we declare a national disaster? Is one not enough?

I have been to over 20 Afrikan countries. How is it that when I have travelled outside SA, I feel safer as a woman, in some of these countries than in my own? It is a shame!

Sorry Dineo……. I hope you heal. It is going to be a journey. And the typical misogynistic, patriarchal and gender-violent society that we have become, will interfere in your healing. 

I salute you though! Thank you for sharing your innermost pain. Thank you Uncensored for carrying her story.

We need to shut down the country as women. We need a day or two even – why not?A day when women stay in their bedrooms or rooms as a protest. No going to work (all women, including police and defence), no cooking, no wife duties including sex, no vending, nothing….. Let the country that has gone and declared us ‘unimportant to protect’, miss us. We can start in a province like Gauteng if the national endeavour is too big to bite at the moment. But we must get the country talking about this.

We cannot solve it at petty, small levels. It is a regional cry because even women from other Afrikan countries continue to be trafficked here.

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