Shame on You Gwede Mantashe

Leaking ANC internal and confidential discussions is tantamount to organisational treason argues Khotso Molekane

gwede-mantasheANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe

The capture of the ANC and the attendant rot knows no depths. I never thought I would live to see the day when the Secretary General of the ANC would be the “Leaker” in chief of confidential ANC discussions. It is tantamount to organisational treason. This is the same SG that tells Andile Lungisa to resign his chairmanship of Nelson Mandela Bay ANC region because of ANC policies and resolutions.

I have tried to look back and recall any SG who displayed such immaturity and anarchist tendencies. Seeing that the cat is out of the bag, will Mr Mantashe hold a press conference and tell us about the shenanigans that followed the relieve from duty of Mr Nhlanhla Nene from the portfolio of treasury? Did he participate in the meetings that took place at the behest of business leaders, especially those from Somerset West and Stellenbosch to reverse the appointment of Mr Des van Rooyen? What was his incentive to be involved if at all? I am asking myself whether the ANC will be like National Union of Mine Workers once he is done with it.

ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, in response to the question about the changes that President Jacob Zuma has introduced at the national treasury, is quoted as saying that former Finance Minister  Pravin Gordhan has served the country faithfully and should therefore never have been recalled. Did he consider former President Thabo Mbeki’s service to the ANC when he and his cohort that included former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, now EFF leader Julius Malema, and Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande – when they recklessly recalled Mbeki? Are Ramaphosa’s concerns about the ANC or the potential personal losses that he might incur should the economic trajectory move away from the narrow financial economy to a manufacturing driven economy that serves the interests of the majority? What lessons can we draw from his conduct at Lonmin before the Marikana tragedy?

The former minister of finance has allowed the captured classes to present him as indispensable. He has continuously behaved like he is doing this country a favour. He worked by his own rules. He treated the commissioner of SARS like he was his “garden boy” simply because he was not his appointment. He is now free to expose corruption that he claims he was protecting the treasury from. What I know is that in a free country like ours, everyone’s dealings will be exposed – including those of Pravin Gordhan. When there’s a cloud over his head, it is dismissed as a conspiracy because, the “Pravin is a saint brigade” cannot afford to have him seen as a complete human with the flaws of a normal being. Looking at this brigade, it might be too much to expect them to accept that they might learn some valuable lessons from the African continent. All the same, I advice them to read “The beautiful ones are not yet born” by the renowned Ghanian writer Ayi kwei Armah.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) put up a hell of a performance in the person of Solly Mapaila. He accused the president and everyone they don’t like of factionalism. Let’s go back to pre-Polokwane. Was it not the SACP that was active in the faction that wanted Mbeki out of government at any cost? I have heard rumours of external state agents who provided financial and other material resources for that venture. This is over and above the black plastic bag that allegedly had R500 000, if Madisha is to be believed. I would have expected the Secretary General of the SACP to lead the charge if the SACP was going to rubbish the president of its alliance partner. It is called having the courage of your convictions, not trying to keep the perks of office given by the president you despise. Disingenuously, the SACP claimed that they would resign en-masse if now MP Brian Molefe was appointed minister of finance. That was a pathetic stunt because the President had already, by their own admission, told them of the changes he sought to introduce to the cabinet. Shouldn’t the SACP make good the threats that they have been making to go solo and leave the alliance? My suspicion is that it’s too uncertain out there, especially if we might lose chauffer driven BMW 7 series. What is the difference between ANC ministers and SACP ministers?  Didn’t Thulas Nxesi as public works minister support Nkandla upgrades? Incidentally, when the SACP was hostile to the Mbeki administration, the ANC mustered more than 67% national support.

What we have here is a frenzy to promote a self-serving agenda under the guise of protecting national interest. They do this by pointing a figure at others as corrupt to hide their own corruption and greed. It’s like a child pointing a finger at another child for not close their eyes during prayer. The question, always, is, how did you see them?

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  1. Pravin Gordhan is a mean, cruel, and dishonest bully who because of the WMC controlled media which portrays him as god, thinks he is indispensable. His cruelty and hypocrisy was clearly laid bare when he attacked an ANN7 journalist.
    Pravin Gordhan is protecting his WMC handlers interests and he is very conflicted as he has shares in all the big banks which he is supposed to be monitoring. He never said a word after the Competitions Commission has revealed that the banks were fixing the rand/dollar exchange rate.
    Is that the kind of person we want as our finance minister? NO! Remember the currency strength has a huge impact in our day to day livelihood. It impacts our mortgage bonds, food budgets, clothing and the poor are the most negatively hit by the weak currency.
    Did Gordhan think about this when he chose to keep quite about these Corrupt Banks activities?
    Gordhan hates the Guptas so much, not because they have done anything wrong (they would have been long arrested given the publicity these false narrative gets from WMC media) but because they dared to encroach in his masters (in Stellenbosch) territory which is mining and media.
    He hates ANN7 because it reports without fear or favour and it criticizes him when necessary.
    The holy-cows of Polokwane and all other gullible ‘educated’ people (or may I say certificated) are giving a conflicted and captured Gordhan a Saint Status, which he totally does not deserve because of his self-serving attitude.
    Gordhan was never going to be a Finance Minister forever, so why is he throwing the tantrums when he is recalled?
    Those who have been brainwashed to believe that the president must always be a scapegoat for corruption committed by WMC no matter what, have a very big platform in WMC captured, fake news media where they can raise their silly theories.
    I think ANN7 must open a case of intimidation, Defamation and Inciting of Violence against Gordhan because after he attacked their (ANN7) journalist, she was later attacked by stupid Free South Africa rogues and her life was put in danger by what he (Gordhan) started. People must not get away with criminal activities no matter who they are.
    People like Gordhan and his ilk (Right2know, freedom under law, Helen Suzman Foundation, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation)are hypocrites because they preach freedom of speech while stifling criticism on the other hand.
    As for people who were speakers at Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, the less said about them the better because they hijacked that service and made a pathetic election campaign and you can gather that the speeches were drafted from the WMC capital in the Cape.
    SACP has no constituency and they have been talking this going it alone talk for years now but you wonder why they don’t have guts to do that.
    They know that, if they can get one seat in parliament they will consider themselves very lucky, so they have turned to WMC for publicity and electioneering.
    Pinky you have got it spot on but I am disappointed by other people, especially black people, who by the look of things, there more they get ‘educated’, is the more they become gullible and will sell out to imperialism.

  2. I strongly believe the commander in chief made a fantastic decision,what impressed my most profoundly
    Is the deployment of young men and women in his cabinet reshafle.this calculated move will prove
    Critics and real captures of our economy wrong

  3. Yet another Executive of the ruling party goes on public Media & utters nonsense!

    Mr “Bheki Cele” rubbished the Intelligent Report as nonsense, claiming knowlegde of intelligent reports due to having worked within the Security Cluster:

    Here is the fact:,while Mr Cele might have seen these similar reports which would have been from SAPS Intelligence of which I previously stated that this dept only deals with intelligence relatuing to criminal activities.

    Be as it may Mr cele has no expertise/understanding of intelligence gathering, processes and analysis that goes into this specialized field, hence his comment are nothing but an insult to the proffession, he needs to focus on his political duties and obligation that the voters mandated him & others with & stop proclaiming to be some form of an expert in things he has zero knowledge nor understanding thereof .

  4. Reality and the truth of the matter is: Comrade Ramaphosa comes from the business world if any CFO in one of his empires had to make such proclamations he would fire that person on the spot!
    That’s the reality behind Pravin firing,just that jusification should stop any further speculations on the subject….I rest my case.

  5. The question I ask is:

    What country in the World that have a “Deputy President of the country” to publicly proclaimed that Finance Ministry has excelled his duties, when the same Minister has openly and publicly proclaimed to the world that he’s failed to combat corruption and as a result the country has been loosing R30 billion every single year since the dawn of our democracy.

    “This part also, can be brought to the debate requested”.

    If there is a slight truth in this I unreservedly offer my free assistance to the new Hon Finance Minister to immediately cut this alleged loss to below R1billion & further recover all the alleged losses which equates to a whopping R660billion(R700bn per media)

    This alone will resolve the country`revenue constrains & revitalize the economy,

    If this was fake news then the question is why nobody challenged it! The Statement was released by Treasury in 2015, neither Mr Gordhan nor Mr Nene objected or even commented on it, meaning they both endorsed it.

    Can that be defined as a “Job Well Done” as defined by our Respectful Hon Deputy President his excellence Cyril Ramaphosa?.

  6. Lastly i commend Pravin Gordhan brave stunt and boldness in calling for an open debate with the independent Analyst on Guptas channel, the challenge was accepted,we look forward this debate, so that the public can judge whether this channel operates on Propaganda as alleged.

    I am one of the people who has viciously attacked Mr Gordhan on his numerous failures & bias ness & have challenged him to public debate.

    “Please Mr Gordhan allow me this opportunity” lets debate the matters I’ve raised, including but not limited to:
    # Surtie family inheritance theft covered by your ministry.
    #SARS sabotage by members of your rogue unit #Economic terrorism by WMC banks, which you condoned & protected in contrary to your constitutional mandate.

    # Economic terrorism sabotage you placed this country in with regards to allowing serious world markets violation to be committed thus compromising the country’s position in the trading platforms of sovereign bonds, with potential of huge penalties that could lead to bankruptcy of the country and further lead to suspension & sanctions.

    The public of this country deserve to know the truth ! And I believe its also in your interest to protect your name as currently there is a big shadow over your integrity as the former minister of finance,
    “let’s do it Sir”

  7. Gwede`articles deals with what was publicly uttered by Executive members of the ruling party;hence felt it would be biased to limit it to SG Mantashe, while the other mentioned did the exact thing. I carefully retained my comment of what was publicly said by this respective comrades,and took the opportunity to disagree!

    -I sincerely retract any word that may sound insultive in my comments,I just couldn’t find the right words to express & describe my disgust on false narration being painted by these comrades & media.

  8. Are you saying that if I am not scrutinizing Jacob Zuma’s conduct, i have no right to air my opinions? If you are captured by that narrative, it’s your right, but you cannot impose your choices on me.

  9. The bizarre utterances made by Pravin Gordhan on his media briefing,making ref to Jonas unfounded bulshit allegations against the Guptas.

    Firstly the narration of the alleged corruption is nothing more than a fairy tale, intended for reputation al damage of both Guptas & the President.

    Neither Pravin nor Jonas have any proof of this corruption, if they had would have long time given it to the Hawks and Guptas would have been long time prosecuted.

    If they didn’t produce this evidence due to fear of alleged bias ness from Hawks & NPA. Which is nothing more than propaganda anyway. Then they had a chance of giving it to Thuli Madonsela, which they didn’t as none assist.

    Now let’s deal with Jonas alleged offer of R600million in a black bag! by the Guptas, which Pravin again proclaimed in his media briefing.

    The mere utterance of this warrants both of them to be charged in term of Prevention & Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, in terms of their failure to have report this to the law-enforcement.

    Second point is that both of them know that its a fabricated story for the following reasons:

    Banking accounts are strictly monitored in this country, every movement of large sum of money is closely monitored and has trails. Hence if the Gupta were withdrawing large amount of money and keeping in bags Sars & Fic would have long time charged them. Pravin & Jonas knows this for a fact.

    If there was a slight chance of the truth of the alleged bag of money with R600million that should have raised alarms to Jonas to immediately inform the police that the Guptas were involved in printing fake money, because that’s what it should have been.

    So here it is to Pravin Gordhan & Mcebisi Jonas,go and tell your fairy tales story to your Grand Children and stop insulting our intelligence. You both in concert with WMC continue to treat us like we some kind monkeys species.

    1. In conclusion the FIC report with allged 72 (43 I think) suspicious transactions, was nothing but fabricated info intended to substantiate Jonas’ story. The Hon Court correctly discarded both, its now up to the Guptas to sue both Pravin & Jonas for reputational damage, if i was the Gupta I would teach them a lesson never to be forgotten!

      1. Dear Jeff

        I don’t know the relevance of your comment to the Gwede Mantashe article but can we please leave out the insults so that we can focus on the issues at hand.



  10. From us that are well informed we say without fear or favor:

    “Well done Mr President”
    As Commander and Chief of this country we “Salute You”

    you have uphold ed the constitution in your main obligation to protect the Republic of S.A.& its Citizen against terrorism attempts.

  11. Security Cluster is this country is made up from two Ministries SAPS & SSA.

    “SAPS” has an intelligence that deals with crime related intelligence gathering

    “SSA”. Has two main division:
    #NIA. (Deals with domestic national treats)
    #SASS (Deals with foreign national treats)

    Undemocratic regime change campaign has been the centre of the focus for the while… That’s is where the intelligent report Project Check Mate derived from.

    Let me make it crystal clear:

    The report is not the reason why Pravin & Jonas was fired, as been speculated.
    There are numerous reasons,main one being he miserably failed in his duties and cost this country billions in loss of revenue . It then became the prerogative of the President to keep him or remove him.

    What is correct is:
    The Intelligent report was the reason his road show was called short and ordered to return home.

    1. No evidence but speculation from the media it must be said. The same commercial media which at times we disagree with.

  12. #SG was out of line contridicting his own preaching.

    #Ramaphosa comment on PG is fake news.

    As for the SACP what they say is beyond fake news,they have no idea what they talk about, when they comment about trasury, and intelligent reports. Am an expert in both Financials and Intelligence, there is no such thing as fake intelligence if produced national intelligent, that goes thru a strict process of analysis, from codes to language. That’s how an intelligence report is produced.

  13. Dear Pinky

    Let me just cut to the chase!
    Its clear that all the respondents to this article are reading & understanding it totally out of context.

    The writer analysis on SG/Ramaphosa/ Sacp, and PG is based on public statements released by same respective comrades as members of the Anc in contrary to its internal policies.

    That’s what this article seek to question! The writer excellently put the narration in the correct context.

    The problem is this country is the fact Main Stream Media does not allow us to comment and give facts to the bullshit they publish.

    1. Dear Terry

      Would you care to elaborate further on your views? Let’s debate and not hurl labels – easier I know to do the latter but can you engage with the writer’s views?


      Pinky Khoabane

    2. Terry kindly give us your factual version of the narration on this article, as you seem to have contridictoryfacts to the narration that we don’t know.

  14. This a prevalent line of thought within a pro_ Zuma patronage network and this is not suprising.

    1. Dear Stembiso

      Are you suggesting that Gwede has not violated the constitution of the ANC? What does the ANC constitution say? Is it not Mantashe who is constantly at pains to say there are internal structures within the ANC within which to raise issues?
      What is your opinion regarding what the writer says about the conduct of the Cyril Ramaphosa, Gwede Mantashe, Blade Nzimande, Julius Malema, Zwelinzima Vavi, et in their treatment of Thabo Mbeki?
      Please expand on your views? It is cheap to respond to 600 words with one line! Hope to hear from you – will be disappointed if I don’t.


      Pinky Khoabane

  15. The Writer seems to know all the shenanigans and skeletons on the leaders that she mentioned in the colum termed Shame on you Gwede but stops short of Zuma and his allies rot. Be fair not biased.

    1. Dear Lungsta

      An opinion piece is exactly that. One’s opinion and not an analysis. In SA, we seemingly get confused by the two. The writer, a HE, has every right to be biased.


      Pinky Khoabane

    2. Read the article in its correct context,subject of Zuma and allies is not relevant to this article. Maybe you can write an article on that subject and allow us to comment.

  16. Maybe its time to repeat Cde Mantashe`s favorite quote:
    “ Cde SG Mantashe maybe to time has come for you to go sell some “ICE CREAM”on the bicycle.

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