Of Secret Ballot, Sweet Victory & DA’s Continued Attempted Coups

By Pinky Khoabane


Jubilation from ANC supporters on news the motion to oust President Jacob Zuma had failed

THERE are fewer gratifications in life that beat a public victory. I know this from having initially been part of the National U-20 football club some years ago and later in life when I had a son who plays football and has contributed to the success of the various clubs at which he played. He’s victimised today not for his contribution but for who his mother is – he’s victorious in overcoming that prejudice and tries his best to have his football skills speak on his behalf.

I’ve also been part of the management of the National U-20 side and the team lost on many occasions but when we won, it was glorious. I have also undertaken cases as a writer –  oil retail employees, highly exploited; the newspaper vendors exploited by the printing companies; Nkosana Makate whose idea was stolen by Vodacom; Mercedes Benz which exploited ABI truck drivers and other Black entrepreneurs; Milling companies who stole from Black entrepreneurs; FNB which cheated Black clients on interest rates; and many others. Every time some of these cases were won, either in a court of law or when the aggressors retracted their threats to take me to court, it was hugely gratifying.

The motion of confidence in the continuation of a democratically elected president  was one of those events. It was the eighth attempt that the Democratic Alliance and oppositions parties have tried to remove from office a president elected by the people – 11 million of them. By the time they sat in Parliament yesterday, the opposition couldn’t quite decide who, between President Jacob Zuma and the ANC, they were trying to topple – this against a barrage of criticims that they were trying to take political power without facing the test of democracy in the will of the people.

In a letter I penned to President Zuma before the attempted coup yesterday, I mentioned the ferocious attacks that would be waged by his enemies once they lost the motion of no confidence vote more so that it was secret. They would emerge completely bruised and would want to fight harder and dirtier. The DA has emerged today seeking a dissolution of parliament. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/open-letter-dear-mr-president-bring-youth-side-push-pro-poor-education-funding/

We have seen how soft coups have been used to threaten and destroy democracies of Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela and here in South Africa.

Brazil’ Coup of 2016


Dilma Rouseff was impeached on trumped up charges ignoring the wishes of the 54million Brazilians who voted her in power. She was replaced with a politician, Michel Temer, who at the time of the impeachment procedures against Rouseff had a 1% approval rating. In fact the BBC reported that until his presidency, most Brazilians would have struggled to identify him. After being in politics for over two decades and simply being a kingmaker and not the king, Temer finally made it through on a ticket of neo-liberal reforms which were backed by multi-national corporations and the United States.

In October 2015, Temer and his coalition of parties launched a manifesto Bridge to the Future (reminds me of the latest regime change agent established here two or so weeks ago – Future SA or something to that effect). The manifesto would change the gains by Brazil under former Presidents Luiz Lula da Silva and Rouseff.

US Covert Wars and Coups to Destabilise Brazil and Latin America

William Blum’s book “Killing Hope” records the coups and covert wars the United States has carried out since 1945. The modus operandi is repeating itself here and in the countries where leaders attempt to make reforms which would shift economic power from multi-nationals and the financial hegemony of Washington and Britain, the IMF and World Bank.

Brazil’s Coup of April 1 1964

Jose Goulart succeeded Janio da Silva Quadros after the latter was forced to resign or face a coup. He was considered conservative but had aligned himself with the Non-Aligned-Movement and the USSR. Goulart, a moderate reformist, could not enter office and right-wing military forces tried to stop him. Once he had set foot in the office, the CIA, Pentagon and US Department started plotting a coup. The CIA had their man in the military by way of undercover CIA officer Vernon Walters. The coup was waged through economic warfare, political destabilisation and media war.

The CIA sponsored opposition campaigns, demonstrations and political opposition parties and their campaigns.

Goulart’s sin was attempting to trade with the Eastern Bloc and refusing to fire ministers labeled Communist. Having destabilised the country economically and with with their man in the military and vilifying the president through the press, the US was ready to topple Goulart.

Resistance by the military loyal to Goulart was met with US military artillery. Goulart fled and a US backed man took over the reigns.

Venezuela – Will Nicolas Maduro Survive – By Aneela Shahzad @aneelashahzad


Nicolas Maduro, Hugo Chavez’s successor in Venezuela, has been facing increasing street protests since last year. More recently on 17 July, the opposition held an unofficial referendum, wherein it boosts that over 7 Million voters have rejected Maduro’s bid to change the constitution of the country. Maduro, in contrast has planned a July 30 vote to create a legislative body that will have the power to rewrite the constitution and dissolve state institutions.

Right after the referendum results, US president Donald Trump warned that the United States would impose “strong and swift economic sanctions” if Venezuelan president Maduro establishes a National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on 30 July to rewrite the constitution.

Before Maduro, Dilma Rouseff, another champion of South America’s socialist revolution has been ousted last year through impeachment for a crime she hadn’t committed. Renowned intellectual and activist, Noam Chomsky has said of Dilma, “we have the one leading politician who hasn’t stolen to enrich herself, who’s being impeached by a gang of thieves, who have done so. That does count as a kind of soft coup”. Is it Maduro’s turn now and is there another soft coup in the making?

Here’s a little history; Post WW2, many states that gained independence or were striving to, turned to the Socialist ideal. This move was not because they were to completely convert to the idea, but because Socialism was the one working option against the Capitalists they were fighting with to get their freedoms from.

No two countries have the same model for Socialism except for the attractive slogans of ‘grass-root ownership’ and ‘people’s power’. Rather the popular indicators that a state is up for Socialism are: its ousting of West-owned Capitalist multinational companies, aligning of its foreign policy with Russia or China and poverty alleviation reforms at the grass root level. And since the 1990s, Venezuela has shown all three.

In the 1990s Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, Lula da Silva of Brazil & Evo Morales of Bolivia rejected the “Washington Consensus” and threw out US interests from their countries, creating a revolution in South America, called the Pink Tide. This Tide meant the end of over a century and a half of US extortion of South America that had begun with the Monroe Doctrine. By 2008, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Paraguay all came under Chavismo, with new, leftist and center-left leaders winning the high office.

The truth about Chavez’s Socialism, which he specifically terms as 21st Century Socialism as opposed to the 20th Century one that was rife with failures, is not gloomy at all. By 2009 poverty fell from 55% to 26% in Venezuela and millions were lifted out of abject poverty and misery. Chavez’s democratic values were exemplary, he made workers’ councils, student councils and campesino rural workers councils, creating a participatory process at the communal level.

A similar revolutionary process was going on in Brazil, where at the end of Lula’s two terms, income inequality had declined sharply, household per capita income had increased by 27% from 2003 to 2011 and unemployment rates had fallen from 9.1% in 2002 to 6.8% in 2011. Lula’s successor Dilma Rousseff, vouched to eliminate extreme poverty in just five years. 2.5 million Brazilians living below the poverty line were given monthly stipend to balance the enormous income gaps between rich and poor in the country. According to the UNDP, Brazil has successfully raised living standards through its anti-poverty programs.

But mainstream media has been poisoning the images of these leaders, as ones who have brought misery and death to their people with their ‘failed socialism’. This Miami Herald report presents a typical example, it says, ‘tragic story of the totalitarian, Communist government of Hugo Chávez and his handpicked successor, Nicolás Maduro, is one of rampant crime, astronomical inflation, and an accelerating level of hunger and despair’.

There is a somewhat degree of truth to such allegation, the socialism pursued by these ambitious new-comers lacked full-spectrum. Though they implemented attractive grass root social programs, they could not address the real cause of inequality –the rich private sector that controlled 71% of the economic activity in Venezuela as of 2011. Many of these elite businessmen had ties with foreign companies that been ousted by Chavez and were waiting for the opportunity to revive their lost profits.

Between 2004 and 2010, Chavez diverted $61.4 billion funds from Venezuelan Oil Company PDVSA to the government’s social development projects. Critics say that this pouring in of free funds to the poor caused what is called the Dutch Disease and eventually destroyed the economy. Meaning that social programs, subsidies on food and basic goods and excessive spending on health and education caused decline in manufacturing or agriculture. Or, it may be said that all this social spending relied excessively on oil revenues from PDVSA, and once the oil prices dropped in the international market, Venezuela had nothing to spend and the economy went into ruins, to the point that people have come to starving and daily protests. This shows that Chavismo was unprepared for unpredictable global economics and immature in its spending and planning.

But how did the oil prices drop?

Looking at the bigger canvas, if we look at the Cold War politics that ensued as the aftermaths of the wave of independence-struggles after WW2, we see the world becoming bi-polar by aligning with either the USSR or the USA. Most of South America however was already aligned to USA since the 1850 Monroe Doctrine, which foresaw end of European imperialism in both North and South America, rendering them completely as US domains. The US had, by setting puppet regimes in South American states, kept most of them economically enslaved and crippled in poverty for a century and a half.

Now, in the 1990s, Chavez broke the spell of US hegemony in South America, by literally arraying the whole of South America, except Columbia, with him and against the US. As the only alternative against the US, Chavez and other South Americans cultured trade and security relations with the Russian and Chinese camp. This brought great loss to US extraction companies and industries that depended on cheap raw material from the South – one of the reason for US economic recession. In the same decade, the USSR after losing in Afghanistan, had broken down into just Russia, and the long-awaited unipolar moment was embraced by the US. But this superpower status was venerable from the day it was beholden, and the US necessarily needed to regain South America, both for economic survival and for power display.

The same decade in the Asian spectra was just as intriguing, the Russians had retreated from Afghanistan and the US could think of advancing in this front now, but Iran was left just as staunch after the Iran-Iraq War, out rightly rejecting any cooperation with the US. Nevertheless the Iran-Iraq War had left Sunni unity in aggression against Israel, lately been displayed by Iraq, Syria and Egypt, practically impossible – the Yom Kippur War, 1973, was the last Arab coalition against Israel.

Yet to US dilemma, the long-awaited unipolar era was not to last for more than a decade or two. Taken together, political and economic maneuvering by China, Russia and Iran were enough to leave much of US interest in Asia dry. Obama’s failure in his 8 years long endeavor to launch the Trans Pacific Treaty, stalemate in Ukraine and embarrassing situation in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq are symbolic indicators of a US retreat from its unilateral hegemony.

At such a time, a prolonged decline in oil prices in the global market would mean loss for all oil-producers, but would direly hit those whose revenues depended largely or solely on oil-sale and who did not have much saved reserves that could be used in times of crisis. These were especially Russia, Iran and Venezuela, whereas states like Saudi Arabia, US, China and the Gulf States have plenty of reserves.

With the fall in oil prices the socio-economic structure, begotten with much zeal and resolution, has started falling. However, it is to be seen if the turn of events that might favor the socialist nations against the West in the on-going reignited Cold War, would find for Maduro means of survival against the underground coup being carried out by the US and its rich collaborates in Venezuela!

Author is a geopolitical analyst. She tweets at @aneelashahzad.

Difference between today’s Soft Coup’s and those of previous coups around the world are simply that the US does not bring in the military. 

In the South African scenario, we see this strategy of economic, political destabilisation and media warfare unfold right before our eyes. The pattern in Honduras, Paraguay, Brazil, South Africa is repeating itself in Venezuela.

Who Funds SAVESA, Julius Malema’s EFF, Helen Suzman Foundation, FutureSA, De Klerk Foundation, et cetera. Here at UnCensored, we’ve unveiled some of the corporate funders of these institutions.

This is what Eric Draitser of Minitpress News says about Western Backed DA and Its front Mmusi Maimane http://www.mintpressnews.com/brics-attack-empires-destabilizing-hand-reaches-south-africa/215126/

The DA, a center-right liberal political party now fronted by “South Africa’s Obama,” Mmusi Maimane, is lauded by Western financial interests. The American Chamber of Commerce, for example, has consistently heaped praise on DA as the way forward for South Africa.

When Maimane delivered a widely publicized speech at a May 2015 business breakfast hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce, he stated:

“While China may have overtaken the US as South Africa’s largest trade partner in volume, the US remains an incredibly important partner for our future growth and development.

I refer to ‘future growth and development’ for under the lacklustre and confused leadership of the ANC, our economy has failed to reach its true potential.”

A careful reading of the subtext offers a clearer understanding of what Maimane is implying. By noting that China has overtaken the U.S. as South Africa’s largest trade partner, he is directly tying the ANC and its “lackluster and confused leadership” to the close relationship with China.

In other words, the DA represents “the future” — that is, a future in which the U.S. is able to reclaim its status as South Africa’s dominant trade partner. This certainly would not have been lost on the attendees at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast. (It should be recalled that the Chamber of Commerce is traditionally seen as the main arm of U.S. economic power projection in the Global South — just ask any leader in South and Central America.)



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  1. Glad that one of the top 6 of the ANC has spoken out..DR Zweli Mkhize has said the “CONSCIENCE” brigade must face disciplinary measures..Lindiwe Sisulu tried justifying their action of voting for the motion..

  2. Ahh but Sis Pinky we know them – people like Pravin, Mondli, Makhosi, Cyril and the others…when the MPs were singing asiyifuni imidlwembe you could tell the Judas Iscariots of the ANC – it was written on their faces…the sum of 2 billions is being mentioned as a price for selling out

    1. It will remain as speculation and nothing else….unless they are guided by their conscience to expose themselves

  3. The ANC must deal harshly with the “CONSCIENCE” brigade..and I just wish the ANC government can grow some balls and deal with the foreign funders of these so called NGOs, enact a law like in Russia and the US to treat them as foreign agents that can give the government an excuse to kick them out of the country..Putin has kicked all Soros foundations out of Russia

    1. It was a Secret Ballot Sipho. How will the ANC find out….Lie Detector Test maybe – go the DA route

  4. We have been trying to educate the majority of the south african that the current political propaganda is not about corruption or so called state capture, but a “REGIME CHANGE”

    The DA has a total disrespect for our hard fought democracy!.

    The DA has a total direspect for the wish/will of the majority of people of this country!

    Any black person that continues to support such a party has to be bewitched.

    Therefore we call on all people of color to unite and put an end to this evil attempt to take back to slavery!

    We call for true religious & faith leaders to preach against this evil,that’s going to drive our beloved country to a racial war.
    “God help us all”

    1. Dear Jeff

      I agree with you completely. We must come out in numbers and defend our democracy. The DA must go to the polls and usurp power there – not in Parliament. They are now calling for the dissolution of Parliament and we must fight that tooth and nail. We must go to the streets if needs be which sadly is exactly what they want – complete political turmoil which will lead to a coup.

      We must call the DA’s campaign what it is – attempted coup.



    2. Amen, to the sire, what we need even more is to educate the masses about this current situation. People are misled here but now guys – what about the black educated ones, the journalists, the analysts, the professors, the businensman and woman. Why cant they see this? What is it that a nobody like me can tell someone and believe it while those who are regarded as know better in the public are telling something different?

  5. This article just describes everything about Mzansi now and future beyond 2019. I must also mention that media remains a very critical component


    The Wild Coast – home of the Cobuqua people, a Khoi-San nation in the Eastern Cape
    There has been a long history in Southern Africa of the issues of Khoi-San people being deliberately erased by successive political regimes in the country. This is despite the extensive archaeological evidence of the existence of the “strandlopers”. the ancestors of today’s Khoi San people, who have been genetically identified in the African Genome Project as bearers of the oldest DNA in the world.

    1. Dear Chief Joseph Wade

      Thank you for joining the UnCensored Community. I shall post the full comment as an article shortly.

      Kindest regards


  7. The ANC people who voted with the opposition parties in a vote to commit coup d’etat yesterday are stupid sellouts.
    And it will be very foolhardy for Cyril Ramaphosa to believe that by selling out and removing the democratic government, he will win the 2019 general elections.
    In fact if the opposition parties succeeded in their coup yesterday, that would have indicated that, there is no party called ANC.
    Because you cannot have a party where everyone got his/her own policies/rules or conscience if you like.
    And when the motion to overthrow the government is brought forward by the DA, then a member will say “oh my conscience resonates with that of the DA therefore I am voting with the DA” and if brought by IFP another member will say “I am voting with IFP because I like them” so on and so on.
    What that means is, that party exist in a name only but in reality it doesn’t exist because it can sell it’s constituency anytime to the highest bidder any time their members feel like doing so.
    If Ramaphosa’s faction won yesterday, the ANC was surely going to lose elections in 2019.
    People are not stupid. Even now, people know that the WMC is pumping a lot of money into this Regime Change Agenda.

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