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emerald-van-zyl Emerald van Zyl

Every now and again, we look at some of the comments to the articles we publish and try and respond to them.

Here are some which came from the article on the FNB interest rates article and the response from Emerald van Zyl, who’s the financial investigative consultant working on the matter. http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/fnb-cheated-magdalena-pietersen-interest-rates-decreases/

Mike Jansen says:

You go Mr. Van Zyl. This was a hard 22 years of trying to make a gap in my bond capital but it stays the same even when you hear about interest rate cuts, the bond repayment stays the same but if interest rate goes up the repayment also goes up. I am battling to stay up-to-date and even pay an extra R200.00 on Bond capital but I see no difference. I am about to retire and still sit with a bond account.
Mr. Van Zyl you are send by GOD to fight for us, to loosen us from this shackles we have been keeping us back for too long.

Comment from Emerald

I have not investigated the statements of the complainant. The fact that he is still paying of his bond after 22 years is the fact that Saambou calculated illegally interest in advance. This means that in the first month there is a double interest charged, which means that the account is in arrears from the first month. The effect is that the loan can never be paid off over the estimated period of 20 years , but more likely 30 years
Lemarty says:

There are other financial institutions “bond originators etc..’ who are still ripping people off and the govt is always looking the other way. To you PK, Van Zyl, and all those brave warriors of our beloved country, God bless you abundantly so. To you Tannie Magdalena Pietersen, God always answers.

Comment from Emerald

I cannot comment on “bond -originators” ripping off people as they are the mediator between the client and the bank. If client are charged more, the bank is to be blamed and not the originator.

Jan Swarts says:

Just investigate the matter of FNB freezing 4Th Power Investments account. They conspire with the Hexvallei Tafeldruif vereniging and Hawks. Apparently there is family links. They do not want 4Th Power Investments to pay out investors. They want to keep our non -whites poor and serve whites.
Comment from Emerald

I do not have enough knowledge on this matter. There is an article in today’s Rapport. To me it seems like a pyramid scheme.
Michael Harris says:

Mr. van Zyl has been put through ‘h…’ by Mr. Rupert and his “Afrikaner Mafia gang”.

What Mr. van Zyl has been ‘put through’ by “these people” is nothing short of ‘h… on Earth’.

Mr. van Zyl deserves the FULL SUPPORT of every single so-called ‘black; so-called ‘coloured’ and Indian Person in the-whole-of-South Africa. In fact he actually deserves the SUPPORT of Every Single South African. Simple.

That is why I APPEAL to you PK to get Mr. Julius Malema and others who fight for the ‘poor’ so-called ‘black’, ‘coloured’ and Indian People of South Africa to attend at the Equality Court in March 2017 to SUPPORT Mr. van Zyl.

After all PK, you have given out some details about Mrs. Magdalena Pietersen – and what a Story it is; a SAD SAD Story indeed. BUT how many other “Magdalena Pietersen’s” are there that must also be refunded based on the outcome of this one Court Case in Cape Town ?
Many many THOUSANDS !

Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).
Comment from Emerald:-

Pinky, what Michael said is true.

The black communities are no longer going to allow FNB to delay the matter in the Equality Court in Western Cape. We all know that the files of the complainants in the Northern & Southern Gauteng High Court disappeared. What FNB are now trying to do is, to argue that the Equality Court in the Western Cape do not have the jurisdiction and trying to have the matter removed from the court roll.

If that happens again , the people are going to mobilise and march to the head office of First Rand in Sandton. All what the black people want FNB to do, is to pay back the money the bank illegally recovered from them.

There are no excuses any more. FNB acknowledge on their website that the principle of racism is not only immoral but also illegal.

Internal documentation confirmed discrimination. So there are no excuses.

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  1. PK; Emerald,

    Thank You that You try SO HARD.

    It is ‘small wonder’ that South Africa is in a state of’Anarchy’.

    We, the People, are ‘GAT VOL’ Mr. “JR” Rupert; Mr. “GT” Ferreira; Mr. “LL” Dippenaar; Mr. “Viv” Bartlett and your other Billionaire “friends” “JR”.

    We are ‘GAT VOL’ of you Mr. “JR” Rupert and your “Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang’s” RACIST bank FirstRand Limited/FirstRand bank Limited/First National bank with your Billionaire Directors who are at the same time Billionaire Shareholders.

    You “JR” “GT” “LL” “Viv” – and your other “friends” “JR” – have ROBBED the so-called ‘black’ People of South Africa. Mr. Emerald van Zyl has the PROOF – face him in the Equality Court in Cape Town in March 2017.

    You “JR” “GT” “LL” “Viv” – and your other “friends” “JR” – have DISCRIMINATED against the so-called ‘poor’ ‘black’ People of South Africa. Mr. Emerald van Zyl has the PROOF – face him in the Equality Court in Cape Town in March 2017.

    In my own personal ‘case’ with you “JR” “GT” “LL” “Viv” – and your other “friends” “JR” and your CROOKED CHEATING THIEVING RACIST bank FirstRand Limited/FirstRand bank Limited/First National bank with your Billionaire Directors who are at the same time Billionaire Shareholders working together with your CROOKED CHEATING THIEVING Auditors DTT and PWCI – in the ‘case’ of my and my family’s trust – the Mazlen Scandal – YOU HAVE EVEN ROBBED GOD (ref. is the 3rd ‘leg’ of the Agreement that you “GT” tricked me in to signing and which Agreement you “LL” chose to RENEGE on. Right). You will ALL face GOD ‘one fine day’. Serious hey; You Will. You can count on it. It says so in the Bible you see.

    Pay back the MONEY you “Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang Members” “JR” “GT” “LL” “Viv” – and your other “friends” “JR”; ALL of you are Billionaires at the expense of your Very Own ‘poor’ so-called ‘black’ CLIENTS that you have ALL CROOKED CHEATED THIEVED from; and also at the expense of many many other ‘suckers’ that you have ‘hustled’, which includes me and my family and The Mazlen Trust. PAY BACK THE MONEY.

    Then go to Jail; with your Auditors DTT and PWCI. It is where you ALL belong “JR” “GT” “LL” “Viv” with your other “friends” “JR” and together with your Auditors. Please GOD your lawyers Robert Driman and Andre de Lange join you all in JAIL as well. I can but only Pray; Please GOD.

    Emerald and PK, you remain in Meriel’s and in my Prayers.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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